#FASTX – Movie Review

Fast X – Budget of $340 million – 2 hours and 21 minutes

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Ten years ago, Dominic Toretto and his team stole a vault from Hernan Reyes (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). They burned half the money and split the rest. Dominic thought his problems ended after Agent Luke Hobbs shot Reyes on the bridge after a destructive highway chase. However, Dominic didn’t see Reyes’s son, Dante, driving the car with the machine gun on the top. Dante’s body flew into the river, and he survived. Before Dominic stole Hernan’s vault, Hernan made Dante promise to make Dominic pay for what he did to their family. Dante vowed to kill Dominic, but Hernan told Dante to make Dominic suffer. 

Now, Dominic enjoys the simple life with his wife, Letty, and teaches his son, Little Brian, how to drive and fix cars. The Agency sent a new mission, and Roman took the lead. He asked Tej and Ramsey to accompany him to Rome with an RC car, 12 cans of laughing gas, and a gold Lamborghini. Dominic asks Han to go with them, just in case. After the quartet leaves, Dominic puts Brian to bed and discusses having a baby with Letty. Then, they get a bloody knock at the door. It’s Cipher with bruises, cuts, and stab wounds. Dominic questions his enemy while Letty puts a silencer on her gun. Cipher tells him that Dante took over her crew, got her technology, and left her for dead. Now, Dominic is next on Dante’s list. 

Little Nobody arrests Cipher after Dominic questions her. They catch up, and Dominic asks Little Nobody how Roman’s mission is going. Little Nobody can’t hide his confusion because the Agency didn’t set it up. Dominic knows the mission was a ruse created by Dante. Dominic and Letty leave Brian with Mia and head to Rome. After a Raiders-of-the-Lost-Arc-styled bomb rolls through Rome, the Agency list Dominic and his crew, now separated, at the top of the most wanted list (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Dominic has to protect his family with Dante and the Agency after him. Can Dominic save everyone?

The writers of Fast and the Furious understand what the critics think and make fun of themselves. Agent Aimes states that Dominic and his crew violate the laws of physics and God but somehow survive. Also, Aimes mentions that the group started with DVD and gas heists (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, they are the Agency’s most lucrative assets. It’s a quick chuckle for fans and naysayers. Of course, you get mind-bending situations, crazy car stunts, and an international plot. But, there is one blaring difference with this movie: Dante. He is a flamboyant, funny, and charismatic psychopath. He wants to pull Dominic’s family apart and make Dominic watch them all die, including Little Brian. After he makes Dominic suffer, Dante plans to kill Dominic. However, Dominic takes any moment to make the audience chuckle or gasp in awe. Sadly, the backing tracks and sound effects muffle a few of his quips. Unlike other Fast and The Furious movies, it doesn’t end on a family barbeque. It concludes with the ultimate cliffhanger for Dominic and his family. Don’t forget to stay for the mid-credit scene that gives viewers a glimpse into another spinoff. Dante is relentless and evil, but he is the bad guy this audience deserves and refreshes the franchise. So forget the logic and have fun with this latest installment.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I didn’t have it – Brian

Nobody starts at the finish line – Dominic

This disrespect is gonna have to stop. Now! – Rome

Will you marry me – Tej

That’s not gonna happen again – Letty

I’m as surprised as you are – Cipher

That’s right. I know stuff now – Ramsey

He was an underwear model – Jakob

I even swiped right on Han’s dating profile – Little Nobody

Never accept death with suffering is owed – Dante

You should have stayed dead – Shaw

My snacks – Han

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