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Her Fiancé’s Double Life – Review

Her Fiancé’s Double Life – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Darcy and her family will meet her sister’s fiancé, Thomas, for the first time this weekend. Kristina, the family housekeeper, sees Darcy sitting outside in her car. Kristina understands Darcy’s apprehension because Darcy’s father, Douglas, isn’t happy that Darcy did not come to work at his firm ten years ago. Instead, Darcy decided to work on the other side of the law and become an assistant district attorney. Kristina coaxes Darcy out of her car with a lollipop. Darcy walks up to the front door but hears the unfamiliar sound of laughing coming from the backyard. Her family is chatting with Thomas and having a good time. Everyone loves Thomas. However, something about Thomas doesn’t sit well with Darcy. So she searches for him on the Internet and can’t find anything. She asks her friend, Marta, to do an in-depth search. Marta couldn’t locate Thomas, but she found a man matching his description with two dead wives. The man disappeared after the life insurance paid him. Darcy worries this man is Thomas, but can she get her family to believe her before it’s too late?

First, Darcy’s family starts off toxic. They believe she is jealous of her sister, Brea, and Douglas snaps at her every chance he gets. This family comes together at the end thanks to a delivery and a duck call. Second, Thomas talks too much, especially during the killing. He is the quintessential narcissist. However, he does give Darcy his motive for coming after Brea and killing his other two wives. And Lindsay Hartley got the Drew Barrymore treatment for this movie. So, Lifetimers shouldn’t get too attached. While this movie feels like an old-school Lifetime drama, it falls short. Hopefully, part two will be better.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Somethings are more important than grudges – Darcy

I googled you – Thomas

I draw the line at plucking feathers – Brea

It’s a substantial amount of circumstantial – Marta

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Secrets on Greek Row – Review

Secrets on Greek Row – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Senior Kaylee is the president of her sorority and selected her little sister, Winter, for the year. Winter looks around Kayley’s room and sees an article about Kaylee’s mother, Vera. In 2007, Vera won a sexual harassment suit against her boss, Mr. Lancaster. Before security threw Mr. Lancaster out of his office, he committed suicide. Winter admires Vera because she stood against sexual harassment before it was a hashtag. Kaylee gives Winter a gift to bond them, and Kaylee’s best friend, Lori, enters with a present for Winter. Winter opens the baby items, and Kaylee explains that Lori is making fun of her for dating Wally. Wally is an 18-year-old frat student and three years younger than Kaylee. They plan to meet at the track after Kaylee has lunch with Vera.

Kaylee converses with Vera about sorority life and school. Vera isn’t happy that Kaylee is dating someone younger than her and doesn’t understand Greek life. Kaylee and Vera agree to change the subject before the discussion heats up. Kaylee meets with her friends at the track to exercise, and Wally and his frat big brother, Chase, join them. Wally gives Kaylee an anniversary present but gets surprised by Vera walking onto the field. Wally introduces himself as Wally Lancaster. Vera and Kaylee discover Wally is Mr. Lancaster’s son. Wally becomes overwhelmed with emotions and leaves.

Chase convinces Kaylee to attend a Toga Party thrown by his frat. Kaylee hopes Wally appears because he hasn’t spoken to her in a week. Kaylee brings Chase bourbon to celebrate his 21st birthday, and Chase offers it to Wally. Kaylee doesn’t want Wally to drink because he is underage, but Chase tells her to relax. Later, Wally and Chase argue and get into a tug-a-war over Kaylee. Wally knocks into electrical equipment, falls into the pool, and gets electrocuted. He dies instantly.

Kaylee and Lori meet the new house mother, Caroline, before attending Wally’s funeral. Vera goes to the gravesite to support Kaylee, and Wally’s mom, Sabrina, snaps. She gives Vera and Kaylee a few choice words and slaps Vera. Kaylee leaves the funeral in tears. Later, she picks flowers to put on Wally’s grave, and Chase startles her. Detectives question Chase because Wally had GHB in his system, and Chase wants them to get their stories straight. Kaylee believes it was an unfortunate accident and tells Chase she will inform the police of that too. Kaylee sees a message written on the bathroom mirror after taking a shower. It says, “We Know You Killed Wally.” With someone accusing her, Kaylee must discover what happened to Wally.

This movie covers a lot in two hours. Viewers get a poolside fight, graveyard smackdown, and battling sisters. The petty squabbles between Kaylee and her sorority slow the film’s pace, but it picks up when Kaylee talks to Vera, Chase, or Sabrina. Sabrina doesn’t hold back on how she feels about Vera or Kaylee. She vows to destroy their lives. Sabrina blames Vera for the death of her husband and Kaylee for Wally’s passing. She sees Kaylee and Vera as the source of her pain and will take away everything they hold dear. Of course, Kaylee makes foreseen Lifetime mistakes, but you can cross those off on your bingo card. This movie is a soap opera with Greek life, GHB, and death. It’s fun to watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

We usually do that over breakfast – Vera

For the record, I’ll never make you fetch my water – Kaylee

Maybe turn your eyes to another prize – Lori

Get in here, you cheapskates – Chase

I love you – Wally

Is the goth look back in because y’all look like you’re dressed for a funeral – Caroline

Yeah, you gave me one, too – Winter

Good, I hope it hurts – Sabrina

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A View To Kill For – Review

A View To Kill For – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Molly and her husband, Charlie, meet with her lawyer because the lawyer has information about her father. Molly’s mother, Sarah, and her father, Lionel, ended their relationship before Molly was born. Sarah died when Molly was one, and someone adopted Molly. Molly started the search for Lionel and hoped to know him. Unfortunately, Lionel died six months ago but left Molly a substantial inheritance worth millions and a house. Molly and Charlie go home to their children, Heather and Finn. They update them on the news and get their opinion about moving. Heather looks up the area online and says yes.

Molly and her family arrive at the massive home and wave to their neighbor, Justine, but she doesn’t reciprocate. Their realtor, Rebecca, greets them. She shows them around the home and introduces them to their house manager, Grace. A warning scrawled on the wall frightens Molly and Charlie during their walk-through. Rebecca promises to look into it and have Grace clean it. Rebecca believes it was Lionel’s fiancé, Darla. Lionel wrote Darla out of the will and left everything to Molly without telling Darla.

Molly tries to befriend Justine, but Justine makes condescending comments and quips. Molly goes to the local café, and Theresa calls Molly over to her table. Theresa tells Molly that Molly is the talk of the neighborhood. Theresa explains that Justine wanted to buy Lionel’s home, but he wouldn’t sell it. Then, Theresa bamboozled Justine into inviting Molly to the country club. Later, Molly snags an invite for her and her family to attend the club’s gala.

Molly sticks out at the gala by wearing the wrong dress and Justine’s signature color. Then, Molly outs Justine’s affair to the town. As Molly walks away, Darla enters and angrily confronts Molly about acquiring the home. Theresa rescues Molly and admits she is Lionel’s former lawyer. Theresa confesses that Lionel was afraid of a woman after his money. She will give Molly more information later. Molly gathers herself in the hallway and hears a scream from the ballroom. Theresa is dead at her table. Molly loses her only friend in town but refuses to let that scare her away. Instead, it’s the fuel she needs to investigate who is threatening her family and why.

Molly and Charlie ignore the fake blood on the wall, break-ins, and leaking gas. However, Molly finally pays attention when Theresa dies. This movie gives the viewers plenty of suspects. But as the plot continues, you can cross each person off your list. Experienced Lifetimers will spot the suspect within the first half, but you won’t care because this film is full of drama. Molly is a fish out of water in high society. These prissy women’s attitudes rival that of Dallas (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). You will beg for Molly to slap someone’s smug face. Until you discover someone is spreading rumors to turn the town against Molly and vice versa. Viewers will come for the mystery, but stay for the tea.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I just wish I could talk to him. Thank him for changing our lives – Molly

Should we do this – Charlie

It’s not brave to steal – Heather

Aren’t you quaint – Jessica

You’re her? Aren’t you? – Theresa

What are you doing here – Darla

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Pretty Stoned – Review

Pretty Stoned – MTV – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Stella wakes up and dreads going to work because she wants to celebrate 4/20 the proper way. She got some product, Pink Hashmina, from her connect Layla. And Stella will sell it to Tick Tock after work. Tick Tock is dangerous and works for the most notorious drug queen pin in Atlanta, Madam X. Stella says goodbye to her roommate, Blaize, and goes to the salon to do makeup for a wedding. 

Darcy gives herself another daily affirmation. She lives life by the rules but suffers from performance anxiety. Darcy gives a pep talk to her car, Ladybug, after several attempts to start it. She comes to work and gets a demanding bride, but nothing compares to Stella’s criticism. After they argue, Stella pretends to feel faint, and their boss, Tamika, allows Stella to leave early. Darcy panics as she does the wedding party’s makeup. The wedding party hates her work, and Tamika fires Darcy. Darcy blames Stella and calls Stella to confront her. Stella hangs up on Darcy after calling her a nerd. So, she drives to Stella’s home and pushes past Blaize. She finds Stella’s stash, flushes it down the toilet, and goes to brunch with her friends.

Stella returns to her room and blows her high when she sees the Pink Hashmina is gone. She finds Darcy at brunch, and they fight in the middle of the restaurant. Stella informs Darcy that Tick Tock will kill her if she doesn’t deliver the drugs. Pink Hashmina is very potent and expensive. Stella must see Layla to get more drugs. And Stella wants Darcy to come and explain her actions to Layla. Darcy says no but succumbs to Stella’s threats. These two will embark on a wild adventure that includes hit-and-runs, sex dungeons, edibles, parkour, and a police chase.

The only way to describe this film is dumb-funny. It follows the rules of How High and Half-Baked (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The plot gets crazier and more elaborate with each step in Stella and Darcy’s journey. When the story settles down, you find they have insecurities and dreams. Darcy thinks Stella is a dead-end stoner, but Darcy wants more for her life. Stella calls Darcy a nerd, but she deals with anxiety and a secret relationship. They learn from each other and grow. Don’t watch this movie expecting Oscar-worthy performances. Viewers should expect swearing, smoking, and hallucinations.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

My anxiety is awful, but this ass is colossal – Darcy

Good luck job hunting, nerd – Stella

Well, good luck in there. Because my diarrhea – it’s explosive – Blaize

One thing you may not know about me, I struggle with anger management issues – Tick Tock

Parkour – Layla

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Chaos on the Farm – Review

Chaos on the Farm – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kathy meets Jessica at the grave of Jessica’s mother, Betty. Betty died over a year ago, leaving a substantial inheritance to Jessica and Betty’s sister, Susan. Kathy tried to call Susan several times to report the windfall, but no one answered. Kathy sees Jessica is deep in the grieving process. Kathy thinks Jessica needs family. She asks Jessica to drive to the country and deliver Susan’s check. Kathy doesn’t feel comfortable sending the inheritance through the mail.

Jessica goes home to her boyfriend, Sam, and updates him about the check. When he sees a physical cheque worth $250,000, he contemplates Jessica keeping it. Susan nor her husband, Lawrence, visited Betty in her dying days. Jessica wants to see her aunt and uncle but doesn’t want to give them the money first. She wants to connect and understand them before handing them their inheritance. So Sam chooses to go to Susan and Lawrence’s farm with Jessica and unplug. They have no idea about the chaos that awaits them.

In the opening scene, viewers see someone on a farm die, but few will know how it ties into the plot. Then, Sam and Jessica fall into the Lifetime traps. The farm has limited cell service, no WiFi, and is very remote. Lawrence has strict rules about unmarried couples cohabitating and constantly passes judgment on Sam and Jessica. It will make your skin crawl, and you will ask yourself, ‘Why don’t they go to a hotel?’ Later, they find an answering machine with dozens of messages from Kathy. Soon, the audience will put it together and see the dark cloud looming over the farm. The second half of the movie is Sam and Jessica’s escape. And wow, do they make several errors – GEICO-level horror film errors. So many the plot becomes unintentionally funny. This intriguing movie attempts to be scary, but it won’t keep you up at night.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t wanna see this door close neither – Lawrence

Well, every journey starts with a single step, right? – Susan

You two stop wandering off – Sam

Nothing to worry about except what you can see – Jessica

Yeah, I get that a lot – Sherriff

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The Wedding Cottage – Review

The Wedding Cottage – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Vanessa wrote a wedding guidebook and had a contest to promote it. Amy and Scott will get an all-expenses-paid dream wedding. Vanessa and her business partner, Jill, call the happy couple to learn more about them and what they desire. Scott and Amy want to get married at The Wedding Cottage in Vermont because her parents and grandparents wed there. Amy warns Vanessa that Scott has his deployment papers. So, they have to get married in 5 weeks. Vanessa smiles, accepts the terms, and panics after closing her laptop. Jill reminds Vanessa that she has done more for a wedding in less time. Vanessa agrees and travels to the cottage. 

Vanessa finds a rundown building and peaks through the windows. Evan walks up behind Vanessa and scares her. She inquires about the cottage, and he says it’s closed. His grandmother, Rose, ran the wedding cottage, but he didn’t want to keep it up. Evan assumes she is a real estate developer and tells her it isn’t for sale. She pleads her case, but he won’t reopen the cottage. Vanessa checks herself into the Stony Bridge B&B and devises a new game plan.

Evan’s manager, Roland, wants an update about Evan’s latest sculpture. Evan left New York to sculpt with a change of scenery in Vermont, but he hasn’t found inspiration yet. The Manhattan Collective wants Evan to unveil his next piece at their exhibit. So, Roland wants Evan to get inspired soon. Evan receives another visit from Vanessa with coffee and pastries. She convinces him to reopen the cottage for one more wedding, but she has to be quiet and cover the cost. Evan will find his muse by helping Vanessa bring Amy and Scott’s dream wedding to life.

Viewers must have tissues for this film because it’s an instant tear-jerker. Every character has an intricate backstory and room for growth, from Scott’s wounded leg to Vanessa’s broken heart. Amy has to plan a wedding without her parents as Scott struggles to make her happy. Vanessa and Evan find their passion while keeping Scott and Amy on the wedding march. You will root for both couples while falling in love with them. And you don’t have to wait for the end to see Vanessa and Evan kiss. They declare their feelings before the end of the movie and express them. This film will easily be a favorite that you will watch over again. So have your plate of maple pecan blondies next to your Kleenex. 

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’d be honored – Vanessa

I am considering calling the sheriff – Evan

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Dance for Me – Review

Dance for Me – BET Her – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Isis gives her son, Adam, and her sick father a kiss good night before going to work. Isis dances at a local strip club under her birth name. Her ex-boyfriend, Seth, walks in and places a camera on the waitress’s tray. The camera gets images of the patrons for Seth’s associate, Mike, to check their financial status. Seth finds a CEO, Arthur, in the crowd with friends. Arthur ignores all the dancers except Isis. After Isis’s dance, Seth comes backstage. He wants Isis to convince Arthur to leave the club and take her to his home. If she doesn’t, Seth will ruin her life. 

Isis gets Arthur and his friends to take her and the other dancers to his home. They drug the men and open the door for Seth and Mike. Seth, Mike, and the dancers rob Arthur and his buddies. Then they take incriminating photos of the men together. Isis refuses to participate and takes an Uber home. 

Isis visits her mother’s grave and cries. Then, she notices a man, Osiris, near her. She asks for privacy, but he points to his mother’s grave. Isis apologizes, but Osiris isn’t offended. He gives her half of the flowers he brought for his mother. Isis believes she recognizes him, but he sidesteps the questions. He requests her number, but she says no and walks away.

Osiris goes to the strip club to celebrate his brother’s upcoming nuptials. However, Osiris didn’t want to come because it could hurt his campaign for state representative. His brother guilted Osiris to attend and promised it wouldn’t be in the tabloids. Osiris spots Isis giving his brother a lap dance, and she runs backstage. He finds Isis outside the club and doesn’t judge her. His mother worked as a bartender at a strip club, and he considered the dancers his aunties. They go on dates and get to know each other better. 

After Osiris brings Isis home, Isis gets a knock at the door. She assumes it’s Osiris and opens it without checking. It’s Seth, and he wants to see his son. Isis refuses to do another job with him after a tense conversation. Seth leaves but not without a plan. Isis doesn’t know that Seth owes $78,000 to a bookie. Seth’s mark, Arthur, committed suicide to stop the blackmail scheme. He needs a new source of income. He found it after following Isis and spotting her new man. He wants Isis to help set Osiris up. Seth will use his leverage to put Isis away for life if she refuses. Will Isis lose her new beginning, or will Seth lose his life?

This sexy thriller fills like a book with a few chapters missing. The script reveals pivotal information in flashbacks and comments. Although Isis is part of the scam, the plot makes you sympathize with her situation. She was desperate for money after her mother died and her father fell ill. She started dancing to save their home. Seth came into her life and gave her confidence. But like most pimps, he built her up to knock her down. She didn’t see the signs until it was too late. Seth is a cobra in the grass with charm and looks. If you are a Hustlers or Player’s Club fan, this film is for you (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, the backtrack does drown out some of the dialogue. So have your remote in hand to turn up the volume.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You are the girl I got. The star attraction – Seth

I just have one of those faces – Osiris

I’m not that stupid anymore – Iris

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