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Black Girl Missing – Review

Black Girl Missing – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Widow Cheryl eats breakfast with her daughters, Marley and Lauren. Cheryl is the vice principal at Marley’s school, and Marley is an outcast that focuses on academic excellence. Lauren attends an ivy league school but tells Cheryl she wants to drop out. Cheryl makes Marley leave the dining room and asks Lauren what’s happening. Lauren tells her mom she feels depressed, and Cheryl says she doesn’t look depressed. Cheryl tells Lauren to keep her head down, press on, and stay in school as she did. Lauren gets angry at her mother’s lack of sympathy and leaves home for campus early. 

Two days later, Cheryl hears about missing blonde girl, Jessica, on the news. Jessica receives 24-hour news coverage, investigations, and search parties. Cheryl tries to call Lauren again but no answer. Cheryl doesn’t worry until she discovers that Lauren hasn’t texted Marley either. Cheryl calls Lauren’s friends, but no one has seen or heard from her recently. Cheryl decides to go to the police and report Lauren missing. They tell Detective Dean everything they know. They hope the news about Lauren will spread like Jessica, but Cheryl and Marley are in for a rude awakening that will make them and Lauren another sad statistic. 

This movie is an anthology of stories from families and friends of missing women of color. They get less news coverage and police attention than their counterparts. Families can plead for help, but money determines the amount of assistance they can buy. And, police report them as runaways instead of missing. While this disparity was the movie’s main focus, it covered many topics: depression in the black communitythe Struggle Olympics, and the discrepancy between schools punishing minorities versus their counterparts. Some are subtle, but others are loud and clear. Lauren and Marley have to leave themselves in the hands of internet sleuths to get justice because the police and the media can’t be bothered when a missing blonde girls gets the ratings. Cheryl has to contact the Black and Missing Foundation, Inc to find the terrible reality ahead of her. Most missing women of color go ignored and still missing. Once Lauren organizes a candlelight vigil, the police monitor the participants, not help the family. Finally, the film draws attention to cases by naming women that are still missing. And this list of little-known names will break your heart.

Relisha Rudd – Last Seen March 1st, 2014
Allyssa Jennings – Last Seen May 30th, 2022
Nia Glenn-Lopez – Last Seen October 1st, 2016
Mya Barnes – Last Seen May 18th, 2017
Keir Johnson – Last Seen April 30th, 2017
Jaya Allen – Last Seen July 15th, 2021
Starletta Henderson – Last Seen November 28th, 2012

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I’m just doing what you taught us. Grin and bare it – Marley

Maybe you are seeing whatever you want to see – Lauren

I don’t know how I raised these tender-headed children – Cheryl

I don’t like people like you – Josh

I really am sorry, Mrs. Baker. I wish I had better news – Alyssa

You know news isn’t news anymore. It’s ratings – Russ

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She Inherited Danger – Review

She Inherited Danger – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Carly drives to Clearview when she gets a call from Sam, wanting her to return to New York. She left after he went to Las Vegas with the wedding fund for six days without notice. Carly tells Sam he has a gambling addiction, and their engagement is over. Carly hangs up and drives. Carly drives to her grandfather’s old and closed theater, Ritz, and sees an old friend, Marina. Marina lets Carly into the theater and inquires about Carly’s intentions since Carly’s grandfather, Gramps, died recently. Carly doesn’t believe she knows how to run a theater and thinks she will sell it but keep her Gramps’s house.

Carly meets with her Gramps’s executor, Louis. Gramps left Carly his house, theater, all their contents, and a little money. Carly doesn’t expect much because ‘Gramps didn’t trust banks or lawyers.’ She tells Louis that she plans on selling the theater, and he thinks it’s a good idea because Gramps was behind on the property taxes. He tells her the faster she sells the Ritz, the better. She mentions finding a real estate agent, and Louis directs her to James.

It takes a minute, but Carly remembers James from high school, but she used to call him Jimmy. She remembers Jimmy and his brother, Eric, as pranksters. James tells Carly that he and Eric cleaned up their act and Eric is a cop. She asks him to sell the Ritz, and James says yes. Carly goes to her newly acquired home and looks through old photos. In the back of a photo album, Carly finds a letter from Gramps. It’s his last scavenger hunt. She completes all the tasks and finds a box full of 100-dollar bills. She calls James, cancels the sale, and asks Marina to help her manage it. Marina warns Carly it needs repairs. A waitress, Diane, tells them a handyman, Blake, came into the restaurant the other day and left his card. They take Blake’s card and give him a call. Carly thinks she is on a path to a new life and career, but Sam is hot on her heels. He uncovered the death of Carly’s grandfather and that he left her the Ritz. He wants her to sell it to cover his gambling debts. She is steadfast in keeping the Ritz, but someone else wants her to sell it, and they will murder Carly to get it.

This movie is a mystery that unveils itself to the viewers before Carly. When movies take this path, it’s boring. However, this movie does it in such a fun and unique way. Like Gramps, this movie provides one massive scavenger hunt to a path of corruption with an intelligent cop. Carly is a strong character with an open mind but refuses to be naive. Blake isn’t perfect, but he doesn’t hide his issues from Carly. The script displaying each character’s flaws makes this wild story more grounded in reality. This film is a delightful watch with a less-preachy message.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, isn’t it mine to lose – Carly

The ones left behind get to do that – Marina

Look at you. You’re always playing the victim. It’s pathetic – Sam

Love is blind – Blake

Had, past tense – James

Because I’ve seen his bat. His baseball bat – Tammy

Just try not to disappoint us this time – Louis

I can’t – Eric

Well, well. Look what I started – Diane

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My Diary of Lies – Review

My Diary of Lies – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Natalie meets with the school guidance counselor, Mr. Monroe, before starting her first day of class. He wants to give her a haven because Natalie will begin a new school halfway into the term. Mr. Monroe looked at her transcripts and saw that she was cheer captain. He encourages her to cheer for her new school because the squad has a spot open. Before she leaves, Mr. Monroe hints that he can discuss her other issues. At home, Natalie is fuming. She thinks her mother, Caroline, told Mr. Mornoe about her suspension. Her last school suspended Natalie for using Adderall without a prescription, and the cops arrested her father for drug dealing. The new school and place was a fresh start for Caroline and Natalie. Caroline assures Natalie she didn’t tell the school because it’s on her permanent record. Anyone can see it. Natalie goes to her room to look up the cheer squad on the internet. She finds the video of Cassie’s overdose and death at a party.

Natalie goes to Mr. Rexford’s chemistry class. She thinks he is handsome, and he pairs her with Jake. Gina tells Natalie to be careful because Jake is Madison’s boyfriend. Madison is the cheer squad captain and the queen bee of the school. Madison’s best friend, Viv, is the co-captain. Gina wants to try out for the team like Natalie, so they go together. Coach Crawford gives the hopefuls a pep talk and an introduction to their potential cheer mates. Then, the girls audition. A few days later, they pick Natalie to replace Cassie, and Gina tries to be happy, but she’s hurt. Natalie runs to the bathroom to call her mother.

The team has their first party at Madison’s house and plans to create a new routine. But they take a drug called Fabulous before doing anything else. Natalie tries to resist but caves into peer pressure. She takes a few pills and kisses Jake. A few hours later, Natalie walks to the pool for fresh air and sees Viv arguing with someone, but Natalie is too high to determine who. Natalie goes inside and passes out. The team finds Viv dead in the pool. To cope with her feelings, Natalie writes about everything in her diary. Unfortunately, someone steals Natalie’s diary, alters its contents, and puts it online. Natalie’s world falls apart. She must find her diary and repair her life before someone blames her for Viv’s death.

This movie gives viewers more than they expected by misguiding them with clichés. You got a classic mean girl with loyal followers, an angsty unpopular girl, and a too-close teacher. We fall down the rabbit hole of usual suspects. However, the plot offers a lot of small twists followed by one exciting turn at the end. Now don’t give up so soon because the buildup takes time. But, the slow burn pays off and leaves the audience in shock. This movie has creative character development for a two-hour film. Don’t watch this movie unless you can dedicate 100% of your attention.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars 

I’m really trying to start a new life at Hartman. I don’t want my old one getting in the way – Natalie

You got screwed being paired with me – Jake

Making a bad first impression – Viv

You’re welcome – Madison

Did you even ask about me – Gina

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Royal Rendezvous – Review

Royal Rendezvous – E! – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Cat’s manager, Dee, comes to Cat’s food truck with great information. Her cookbook is flying off the shelves, and the publisher is ready for her next book but wants to see chapter 1 before they commit. And an Irish royal family wants Cat to fly to Ireland to cook for them and prepare a traditional royal banquet on her last day. And they want her to leave tomorrow. Cat says yes and heads to Ireland.

The driver leaves Cat on the front steps of the 12-bedroom home. Rory, the house manager, opens the door and assumes she is there for Lord James. He tells her to use the back door and slams it in her face. Then, James answers the door, and Cat instantly recognizes him. He came to her truck often and said his name was Hawk. They had a one-night stand and agreed not to communicate again. James booked the job through Dee to keep his anonymity. Cat wants to leave, but James explains that he needs her. His grandmother, The Duchess, desires to sell the family’s home and have them move closer to her. James hopes Cat’s food will create a sense of warmth and home to persuade his grandmother to keep the property. Cat obliges, but she wants to use the opportunity for her new book. James is ok with the idea but says his grandmother has to approve the book too.

Rory walks Cat to the kitchen, and she falls in love. Rory introduces her to the sous chef, Finn, and Finn gives her the cold shoulder because he wants to be the head chef for the banquet. James instructs Rory to take Cat to a bedroom above her station. When Rory objects, James shoots him down. Rory takes Cat to the sleeping quarters, and she jumps on the bed. Cat tries to get Rory to join her, but he refuses with a smile, one Cat enjoys. Chef Cat will get caught in a love triangle between Rory and James as she cooks for the family. Who will she choose?

It’s strange for E Entertainment to get into the T.V. movie arena, but this film is perfect on this network. It’s too raunchy for Hallmark and too sweet for Lifetime. You don’t have to wait until the end to get a kiss because Cat and James have a steamy night together. Also, the movie doesn’t shy away from homosexuals kissing, calling out racism, and displaying classism. It’s all done with the proper amount of racy humor and charm. This film is not for the G.A.F. audience; it’s for M.T.V viewers. Don’t watch this and expect your grandmother’s rom-com. However, it adds jokes and originality to a typical storyline.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Ok, I’m not anybody’s girlfriend – Cat

It’s you – James

I’ll keep the knives locked up – Rory

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The Paramedic Who Stalked Me – Review

The Paramedic Who Stalked Me – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Chloe and her friends, Bryce, Lexi, and Todd, spend their last days together before they graduate. Chloe has distanced herself from her mother, Karen. Chloe can’t handle her parent’s separation. Karen checks on Chloe and finds Chloe’s bed empty with the window open. After texting, Karen calls Chloe to demand Chloe come home. As Chloe attempts to pacify Karen, a drunk driver, John, crashes into them. Karen calls the ambulance to Chloe’s last known location. 

The paramedics, Matt and Sharice, arrive on the scene to discover everyone alive but Todd. Matt uncovers Chloe has labored breathing, so he helps her with a bag valve mask and notices her necklace (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Matt helps her into the ambulance and takes everyone to the hospital. While Chloe visits Lexi’s hospital room, Matt goes into Chloe’s room and takes her keys and necklace. Then, Matt eavesdrops on Karen’s conversation with an officer. This accident is John’s 3rd DUI offense, and Todd died, and Karen is rightfully pissed. Matt goes into John’s room, handcuffs John to the hospital bed, and puts poison in John’s IV. 

After a few days, Chloe is ready to leave the hospital when she gets a surprise visit from Matt. Chloe tells Matt she can’t find her keys and necklace, and he pretends to assist in the search. He pulls the keys out of his pocket, acts like he’s taking the keys out of the drawer, and gives the keys to her. She thanks Matt for saving her life and holds no qualms about John’s death. She’s happy John died. Karen scolds Chloe for her comments because John is a human being. Later, Matt comes to Chloe’s door with her necklace wrapped around a teddy bear. Chloe loves the kind gesture and having her necklace back, but Karen worries. She believes that Matt overstepped his bounds. Karen thinks he will go away with a warning, but she is dead wrong. Matt will do anything to get Chloe.

Welcome back to old-school Lifetime. Matt is a delusional lovelorn man that kills to keep a teen that doesn’t think much of him. Chloe is happy that Matt saved her life, but she has a boyfriend. It doesn’t take long for Chloe to see that something isn’t right about Matt. Karen says to nudge him in the right direction, but Chloe decides to break into Matt’s home instead. This movie has the worst break-in moments because Matt and Chloe have no idea what they are doing. Also, the final fight scene is electrifying. Give this movie your full attention and enjoy.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You saved her life. Thank you so much – Karen

We were lucky to have someone brave like you – Chloe

I wish I could tell you this was going to be painless, but it won’t be – Matt

Who is she – Hayley

What happened to the nudge – Bryce

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Sweet on You – Review

Sweet on You – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Drew’s father, Brad, calls Drew. Brad has an update about Drew’s grandfather’s will. Drew’s grandfather left Drew his land in Cedar Creek. Drew, a real estate mogul, sees the financial opportunity for the land. Drew can’t handle the sale remotely. Brad says the will stipulates that Drew must go to Cedar Creek. 

Drew takes a flight and walks into a local merchant’s shop selling the best sweet tea and wonderful apple butter & pumpkin candles (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Drew makes a purchase and walks out of the door bumping into Kate. He apologizes and calls her ma’am. Shocked, she corrects him and walks to her pie shop. Kate owns and operates Pearl’s Pie Place and uses her mother’s old recipe book. She also owns The Wander Inn to make ends meet. 

Drew drives around town trying to find The Wander Inn and gets a flat tire. Drew fixed it, but the hotel closed before he got there. So Drew spends the night in his car. Drew sees a woman picking apples in the morning and asks for help. Kate turns around and laughs at the city slicker. He mentions the owner should keep better hours. Kate tells Drew she left the key in the box, as she said in the email earlier. Dumbfounded, Drew realizes Kate owns the Inn. She offers to make him breakfast once he settles into his room. Drew spends more time with Kate before meeting a potential developer. 

The developer tells Drew he wants to buy Cedar Creek and several small businesses, including Pearl’s Pie Place and The Wander Inn. He wants to turn the area into a shopping destination with malls and condos. Drew’s heart sinks at the idea, but he doesn’t approve or deny the developer. After meeting everyone, Drew knows the developer’s plan will ruin the town’s atmosphere. Although he is falling for Kate, he has no plans to stay in Cedar Creek. Can he tell Kate the truth without losing their new romance?

Inspired by a true story, this movie’s most entertaining conflict isn’t in the love story. It’s between Drew and the sheriff, Jake. Of course, it doesn’t take long for gossip to travel in the small town. And when Jake hears it, he doesn’t hold back. It offers viewers a spectacular pie recipe, but everything else is mediocre. Nothing about the movie’s plot will stick out, and it’s easily forgotten. Leave this on the back burner until you need 2 hours to kill. 

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I know you didn’t just call me ma’am – Kate

She seems nice – Drew

I mean, I’m honored that you thought I did – Marcus

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A Nashville Legacy – Review

A Nashville Legacy – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Naima returned to Nashville to attend TCU, write her dissertation, and volunteer at the music museum (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Naima is happy to return to her Gammy’s old stomping grounds. Her Gammy taught Naima the importance of music and its history. Naima is studying Ethnomusicology and walks around the museum. She overhears Damian giving a guided tour to school students and corrects him about Miles Davis (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). After a friendly wager, the students discover she is right. They laugh, and her new boss, Bianca, walks Naima to the archives. They need Naima to catalog items. The museum is having a gala and its biggest benefactor, Franklin Berryhall, founder of Berryhall Records, will attend. Naima’s eyes light up at the mention of his name. His music and label had an impact on her life and career. She asks Bianca if she can go to the gala, and Bianca says yes.

Naima discovers two red sequin gowns in the basement and points them out to Bianca. Bianca tells Naima to take a picture and reverse-search them. Naima wants to wear one of the dresses to the gala. Bianca says she can if they can’t find a historical dress reference. And Bianca wants Naima to write the catalog for the gala’s auction. Any duplicates that can fetch a fair price will be up for bid. Before the gala, Naima goes to Olivia’s restaurant for food. Olivia freezes when she sees Naima’s dress. She takes Naima’s order and returns to the kitchen. But Naima stops and questions Olivia, but Olivia avoids the subject and prepares the food. Olivia’s husband, Dax, demands Olivia tell the truth, but Olivia refuses. 

Naima attends the gala and talks to Damian. He volunteers at the museum, but he works for Berryhall Records. Naima is in awe, but Damian tells her the company needs a facelift. However, Franklin won’t listen to any of Damian’s suggestions. Naima has a brief conversation with Franklin and gushes over his accomplishments. The security guard, Reggie, hears Naima talking about a song called “Lonely as a Cloud” by the Love Cups, and he corrects her. He tells Naima the Daffodil Girls are the original singers. Naima hasn’t heard of the group and inquires about them. Reggie tells Naima to ask Dax and Olivia. Naima wants to learn more about this lost girl group and others like them. It will be a part of her dissertation: 1960s Girl Groups from A to Z. Naima will get Damian’s help to uncover the past of Berryhall Records’ biggest hit song and its painful past.

Be prepared to sing down memory lane with this movie while it spotlights the National Museum of African American Music and Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. The plot weaves an intriguing tale worthy of Motown without having an antagonist (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The storyline is about righting the wrongs of a seized opportunity. No matter what people say, Naima keeps pushing forward to find the truth. Naima even has to choose between her budding romance with Damian and discovering the secrets of Berryhall. However, sticking to her truth will bring joy to everyone, including Franklin, Olivia, Damian, and herself. Be ready to dance and sing to this movie.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Music is the greatest evidence of God’s presence – Gammy

If you want to double your money, you should fold it in half and put it back in your pocket – Naima

I am absolutely not that guy – Damian

The past is a place to learn from, not to live in – Olivia

There’s no there there – Franklin

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Made for Each Other – Review

Made for Each Other – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rachel’s mother, Judith, comes to Rachel’s studio to discuss Rachel’s date. Rachel went out with Judith’s friend’s son, but it went poorly. The date was late, and he ordered beet salad for Rachel. Rachel took the gesture as offensive. Judith explains that nobody is perfect and eyes a new sculpture behind Rachel. Judith wants a closer look, but Rachel blocks her view. Rachel gently pushes Judith out the door and continues to work.

Rachel’s family comes to her students’ showcase because Judith assumes Rachel will show her new piece. Rachel politely corrects her mother and says hi to her family. Rachel’s sister, Ruth, brought her fiancé, Ben, and their family friend David. Rachel’s father, Mark, warns Rachel that Judith brought another dating candidate for Rachel. Rachel instantly says no. Her family thinks Rachel is too picky because she always dreamt of the perfect guy. 

Rachel heads out after the showcase and runs into her neighbor, Doris. Doris wants to see the artwork, and Rachel brings her inside. Doris can’t take her eyes off Rachel’s latest sculpture. Rachel admits that it’s her idea of the perfect man. He is smart, kind, a good cook, and avoids conflict. Doris laughs and tells Rachel that conflict is inevitable. Then, Doris recites the tale of Jewish Golems. Rabbis would put amulets on statues to bring them to life and protect the town. And Doris has one of those fabled amulets around her neck. She removes it and gives it to Rachel, who puts it around the statue’s neck. 

Rachel goes to her studio in the morning to find the statue alive and calling itself Clay. Clay only has one job: to love Rachel. In shock, Rachel checks behind Clay’s ear for her signature to ensure it’s her sculpture and not a prank. And to her surprise, it’s there. Rachel calls Doris for help, and Doris tells Rachel to take Clay to Ruth’s wedding. With Clay by Rachel’s side, Rachel’s life should be perfect. But she learns that imperfection is the way to love someone she never expected.

Whether you like chocolate rugelach or fig and date rugelach, this movie has something for everyone. Viewers should expect plenty of laughter with this Life-Size plot (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, it tackles complicated family dynamics and suppositions. Rachel wants a perfect marriage with no strife like her parents, but Doris says their marriage wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Judith aspires for Rachel to marry a doctor or lawyer to ensure a financially stable future. However, Mark is more open to letting Rachel live a life of passion. Rachel and Clay find their way with spot-on comedic timing.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Yeah, but you’re just being so unreasonable, and nobody’s perfect – Judith

You’re up to something – Rachel

Are we still going to Chinese – Mark

I think I need to see the thing right now – Doris

Are you not excited to see me – Clay

You know you’re at my wedding. Right? – Ben

Love is a pointless distraction – David

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