#Creed3 – Movie Review

Creed III – Budget of $50 million – 1 hour and 56 minutes

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Adonis Creed steps in the ropes for the last time against Pretty Ricky Conlan in South Africa to defend his heavyweight title. And Adonis wins and retires. Now, Adonis focuses on being a husband to Bianca, father to Amara, and promoter for Duke’s fighters. Three years later, Felix Chavez, a Duke boxer, is the undisputed heavyweight champion. Felix is an extraordinary boxer but keeps knocking out his sparring partners. No one wants to help Felix train for his next fight. But he needs it because Adonis booked Felix versus Drago for the championship. It will be a sizable payday for everyone. Adonis leaves the gym to find a man leaning on his car. Adonis recognizes the man, Damian, from his past. In 2002, Adonis snuck out of the house to hold Damian’s gear while Damian boxed in underground fights. Adonis and Damian lost touch when Damian went to jail for 18 years. Adonis invites Damian for a bite to eat.

Adonis and Damian laugh about the past, and Adonis apologizes for not connecting sooner. Adonis offers Damian money, but he refuses to take handouts. Damian wants an opportunity to get back in the ring and fight for the title. Adonis doesn’t think it’s a good idea because Damian is old for a boxer, and it’s too soon for a championship. But Adonis tells Damian to come to the gym and start at the bottom. Maybe, he can work his way up. During a sparring match, Damian attacks Felix and Duke kicks Damian and Adonis out of the gym. He tells Adonis that Damian is a problem because he only wants to hurt people. 

Damian comes to Adonis’s home later and meets Bianca and Amara. Damian asks Adonis to give him a match with Felix, but Adonis says no. Instead, Adonis invites Damian to a listening party for one of Bianca’s artists. Drago and Felix attend, so Adonis uses this opportunity to network and entice more sponsors. Damian hints at Adonis’s history before living with Mary Anne in Bianca’s presence. And she wants to know more, but Damian keeps mum. Then, someone attacks Drago with a pipe, breaking Drago’s arm and hand. Adonis kicks into overdrive to keep the fight on track. He knows Drago won’t heal in time and wants to put Damian in Drago’s place. Duke rejects it, but Felix says yes. After an unforeseen double cross, Adonis will come out of retirement, get back in the ring, and set the past straight. 

Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut is a cinematic smash. The first sports movie filmed with an IMAX camera brings every punch, dab, and dirty blow into crystal clear view. In the opening sequence, the tracking shot follows Adonis’s point of view as he looks around the underground boxing venue. Viewers see the bond between Adonis and Damian as Duke witnesses it from afar. They talk about the Rumble in the Jungle and their future together. Then, the audience sees Adonis retire to become a businessman and family man. He supports Bianca’s change in the music industry while playing tea party with Amara. However, his family, like his career, changes. Bianca sees the issues in their relationship, while Amara has a fighting problem like her father. While Rocky isn’t in this movie, his training and words of wisdom make a comeback. The final fight scene will stay with you because the crowd melts away. It’s just the ring, the boxers, and their demons. This third installment is a pure Creed movie and a welcome and well-needed addition to the franchise (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). See this movie and be on time.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

One step, one punch, one round at a time – Adonis

Stop playing. Knock him out – Bianca

I’m the champ – Amara

Good enough to beat you – Drago

You heard that. Listen to Duke. Three words – Duke

Baby creed – Damian

I need to talk to you – Mary Anne

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