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A Rose for Her Grave: The Randy Roth Story – Review

A Rose for Her Grave: The Randy Roth Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lori helps her friend, Cindy, with the wake after Cindy’s husband dies. Cindy cries in Lori’s arms because she doesn’t know how to raise her son, Tyson, without her husband. Lori promises to stand by Cindy’s side and assist with caring for Tyson. Also, Lori lives with Cindy and pays rent. A few months later, Tyson is playing baseball while Cindy sells hotdogs. A man, Randy, approaches and woos Cindy. Then, Randy’s son, Greg, comes to the booth and asks Cindy to go on a date with his dad. Randy apologizes for Greg’s actions and leaves his phone number for Cindy. The first date goes well, and Lori gives the details to Lori. However, Lori knows that Cindy puts the juicy information in her diary. Lori writes poems and thoughts but doesn’t let anyone read them. 

Six months later, Randy proposes to Cindy, and she accepts. Lori worries because she wants Cindy to date more. But Cindy says it’s hard for a single mother to find a man. Cindy wants Lori to be happy for her, so Lori bites her tongue. Lori notices Randy’s disturbing behavior. He controls the friend’s daughter’s diet, disparages her, and attacks Cindy in a PTSD-induced dream state. Whenever Lori brings his actions to Cindy’s attention, Cindy defends Randy. Soon, Randy suggests Lori move out, and she does. Lori visits from time to time but stays quiet about Randy until Cindy calls Lori in tears. Cindy meets with Lori and updates Lori about changes in her life. But Cindy doesn’t divulge much about Randy. Lori hears a news report on the radio about a mother who drowned. The woman is Cindy. Lori pulls over to cry and drives to Randy’s to comfort Tyson. Randy won’t let Lori inside and warns her to stay away. Randy’s ambivalent demeanor is the only evidence Lori needs to peg Randy as a suspect in Cindy’s murder. Can she convince the police that Cindy’s drowning wasn’t an accident? 

Based on A Rose for Her Grave by Ann Rule, this movie will infuriate and entice you (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Randy cons everyone around him with lies and a smile. He uses his son to go after pretty, wealthy single moms. Once they marry him, the veil comes off, and Randy changes. Randy even seduces his friend’s teenage daughter while giving her an eating disorder. And your concern for Greg and Tyson will grow. Lori has to force investigators to look into Randy, his past, and his financials. Randy’s actions and the police’s unsympathetic behavior will make you yell at the screen. But don’t give up on this movie too soon because Cindy gets the last laugh. So sit back and watch with older teens to spark a conversation.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Lori, I’m ok. You don’t have to protect me anymore – Cindy

Yea. They always are – Greg

You can stay here as long as you want. No pressure – Randy

He was hurting you – Lori

Please don’t leave – Tyson

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You Can’t Escape Me – Review

You Can’t Escape Me – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Erin returns home with exciting news for her husband, Jared. A gallery wants to feature her paintings in their upcoming show. Jared, a lawyer, is content with Erin’s happiness. Erin’s friend, Suzanne, wishes that Jared would support Erin’s career more. Erin says that Jared sees her paintings as a hobby because he is an estate attorney from a well-off family. Suzanne doesn’t believe this excuse because she is a lawyer too.

Jared sees a man’s name on Erin’s caller ID and questions her about Angel. Erin explains that Angel owns the gallery, and Jared accuses Erin of teasing Angel to get in the show. He wants to attend her meetings with Angel from now on. Before Erin attends Jared’s company party, he makes Erin change clothes to something he deems appropriate. Erin mingles with Jared’s co-workers and their wives. Jared walks away to talk to his boss and councilperson, and an intern, Carter, converses with Erin. Jared becomes furious, pulls Erin away, and accuses her of flirting. Later, Erin brings up his irrational behavior in the car, and Jared screams while punching the steering wheel. Erin tells Suzanne about Jared’s behavior but excuses it as part of the 1-year adjustment period.

Angel praises Erin’s collection and gives her a peck on the cheek at the art show. Jared becomes jealous and pulls her away. He grabs Erin’s arm, hurts Erin, and forces Erin to leave the art show early. When they get home, Jared tells Erin her art career is over. He believes it allows her to flirt with men, and his co-workers will think he isn’t a good provider. He excuses himself to take a shower. Erin calls Suzanne and packs a bag to leave. Erin looks for the car keys but can’t find them. Jared stands behind her with them in his hands, taunting her. She runs to a neighbor’s home, but the neighbor calls Jared. Before Jared can take Erin away, Suzanne arrives with her camera phone ready to record. They escape, and Erin spends the night with Suzanne.

Their days together are short-lived because Erin knows Jared is following her. So, Erin sneaks out of Suzanne’s home, gets on a bus, and travels to the home of her friend, Katie. Erin changes her name, turns off her phone’s locator, and starts a new life. Nevertheless, Jared isn’t far behind. His father told Jared to get control of his house and wife because their family has a name to uphold in the community. Erin has no idea who she can trust.

Welcome to old-school Lifetime movies. Erin does what society tells victims of abuse to do; leave the first time the abuser strikes. However, this movie points out how Erin’s mental abuse happened during the entire relationship. Jared belittled her career, controlled her communications, and alienated her from friends. Nothing she did was ever good enough. Each time Erin chooses to leave, others attempt to make her stay. They try to victim blame or minimize her fears. And it will infuriate you. Remember that these people exist and convince victims to accept the abuser’s behavior. And Jared’s parents are not a prize for any child. This Enough-like movie gives self-defense techniques and a realistic look of an abused woman on the run (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Be prepared to watch, scream, and cheer.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

These things don’t get better. They get worse – Suzanne

You answered my phone – Erin

Oh, so you think I’m jealous – Jared

I just want you to be happy – Katie

I wanted to take care of you – Miles

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Who Killed Our Father – Review

Who Killed Our Father – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Leila comes home to find her friend, Iris, dead and Iris’s boyfriend, Tyler, standing over Iris with a knife. Leila cries over losing the only family she knows when Tyler lunges at her. They fight, and Leila stabs and kills Tyler. Leila wants to call the police, but her boyfriend, Brad, convinces Leila not to do it. Instead, he handles the situation. Three months later, Leila secretly takes a DNA test to find her family but notices Brad acting strange (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). He confesses that he owes his bookie $50,000. Later, Brad finds Leila’s results under the door, and Leila reads them. She discovers she has a sister, Violet, and a dad, Scott. Leila’s mom was a negligent drug addict who overdosed a few years ago. Leila didn’t know anything about her biological father. She looks them up on the internet and uncovers that Scott is a millionaire. She leaves Brad and his debts behind and treks from Atlanta to Philadelphia to find her family.

Violet dislikes her stepmother, Nora, but dotes on their housekeeper, Hazel. Hazel helped care for Violet after her mother died. Scott married Nora six months after Violet’s mother passed away. Scott has a big project at work and trains for a marathon. Violet is upset because they take away from his time at home. As an act of rebellion, Violet ignores her schoolwork. After Hazel leaves, Nora invites Violet to get a day of pampering with Nora’s sister, Faith. Violet rolls her eyes and goes to her room. Later, Detective Howard knocks on the door looking for Nora. Someone killed Scott during his run using blunt force trauma to the head. Violet leaves the home upset, calls a rideshare, and goes to Hazel’s house in tears.

Leila appears on Nora’s doorstep a few days later with her condolences. She tells Nora her story but doesn’t mention Brad or the money. Leila tells Nora that she wants to meet her younger sister and get to know her. Nora promises to tell Violet, and Leila leaves. When Nora informs Violet about Leila, Violet is suspicious. She believes it’s strange that Leila showed up after her father died. Violet thinks Leila could be the murderer. Leila has troubles too. Brad followed her. He wants Leila to get the money he owes from her newfound family. However, Leila and Violet get to know and slowly put their trust in each other. They decide to work together and discover who killed their father.

This movie provides enough mystery to keep you watching while providing traps for experienced Lifetimers. Leila gets the DNA test but doesn’t hesitate to show Nora and Violet. In most Lifetime movies, the suspect does not present a DNA test until the end. Leila never hides who she is but keeps them in the dark about Brad. He is the next cliché; the money-hungry boyfriend lurking with threats. The final variable in the formula is the housekeeper with a secret. The writers use your knowledge of the predictable plot to point you in all the wrong directions, but the ending is classic. One watch is enough, but it’s worth it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I know how to handle this – Brad

Why is the whole world against me  Violet

You lied to me. You put us both in danger – Leila

We certainly can’t take any chances – Nora

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Luckless in Love – Review

Luckless in Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Winnie is a staff writer for Mush, an online lifestyle brand for women. Winnie writes a dating blog under the pseudonym Luckless in her spare time. She doesn’t have many followers but hopes to turn the site into a book someday. Winnie’s latest date lied about his height on his profile. She returns home to her roommate, Kyra, and writes about it. Before going to work, Winnie and Kyra stop at a coffee shop. Kyra spots a cute guy leaving and can’t take her eyes off him. Winnie and Kyra go to work and sit for a staff meeting. Their boss, Inga, wants to pull Winnie from the single-women advice column and put her on facial oils. Inga finds Winnie’s content to be boring and unrelatable. Winnie leaves and airs her frustrations to Kyra. Kyra tells Winnie to go on a date with a commitment-phobic man-child and write a Luckless blog for Mush. They go through an app and see the coffee shop guy, Holden, and set up a date.

Holden struck out again after his date, Brittany, discovered Holden’s teenage son, Ty. Ty interrupts their date and tells Brittany he will be a nightmare. She leaves in disgust at Holden’s lie of omission. Holden is a sports agent and meets with his boss, Ret. Ret wants Holden to take over the company, but Holden hasn’t proven himself worthy. Holden only signs money grabs, not long-term athletes that will bring substance over time. Holden wants to sign rookie Dirk, but Ret thinks Dirk is a loudmouth punk. Holden sees the Insider’s Gala invitation on Ret’s desk and wants to invite Dirk. However, Ret tells Holden not to come because Holden only brings drama and embarrassment to the company’s brand. Nevertheless, Ret is willing to make a deal. If Holden can put his playboy ways behind him by finding a serious woman to date and make a commitment, Ret will let Holden and his date come. But Ret has to meet the woman at a dinner the night before the party. At first, Holden says no, but Ty convinces him otherwise. Holden goes on the app and finds Winnie.

Holden and Winnie meet at a bar, and things start well until Brittany walks up to Holden and questions him. Holden cuts Brittany off before she can talk about Ty, but Winnie wants to hear more. Brittany throws a drink in Holden’s face and walks away. Winnie wants to know why Brittany is so angry, but Holden refuses to talk about it. She leaves, and he runs after her. After an argument on the street, Winnie goes home and writes about the date on her blog.

Inga calls Winnie into the office the next day. The Luckless post went viral, and Inga wants a series. If Winnie goes out with Holden, Inga will make Winnie a columnist, double her salary, and let her create any content she chooses. Winnie doesn’t want to date Holden again, but Kira tells Winnie to make it unenjoyable for more blog material. Winnie texts Holden for another date. Holden is with Ret recalling the terrible date when he gets Winnie’s text message. Ret tells Holden to give Winnie another chance because she is the type of woman who can challenge him. And Ret thinks Winnie is perfect for the Gala. Holden agrees to the second date. Can fake feelings become real over a string of bad dates?

While this movie follows the rom-com format, it’s funny enough to keep you watching. Ret and Kyra are the perfect comedic relief for any situation. Ret is a step behind but wise, and Kyra is wild but caring. Both offer the advice of “just show up” and “give second chances.” While Holden and Winnie’s intentions are selfish, they both care about the same person: Ty. Don’t forget the amazingly horrible dates. They will tickle you and be a flashback for some. This film is a classic rom-com. It’s worth two hours and ends with an epic grand gesture apology.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I would rather revel in that – Kyra

There’s got to be another option – Holden

Operation let’s make Luckless Mush-approved begins – Winnie

Get over it, Winnie. I don’t pay you to feel – Inga

Goodbye, you little zit – Ret

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A Paris Proposal – Review

A Paris Proposal – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Anna calls Sebastian repeatedly because he is late for the meeting. During another call, Sebastian walks in with the client’s product and tells her to sample it. They take a couple of sips of the beverage and sit with the clients. Anna starts to break down demographics then Sebastian interrupts with a commercial pitch. While the clients love the proposal, Anna tells them it would be an insurance liability. She promises to come up with something that works and is budget-friendly.

Anna and Sebastian walk back to their office headquarters, arguing about the meeting. She doesn’t think Sebastian respects her job, but he believes she doesn’t dream big enough. Their boss, Caroline, stops Anna and tells Anna about an opportunity. Durand Diamonds, a Parisian jeweler, wants to expand into the American market. They have an in-house marketing team but want to give an American company a chance. Anna asks Caroline how she found out about Durand’s expansion. Caroline explains that the Durands know someone who works at her company, Sebastian. Sebastian’s family owns a store in Paris and is friends with the Durands. So, Sebastian is coming with Anna to Paris. Anna does a double-take because Paris isn’t a dream destination for her. It holds a bad memory. But Anna doesn’t explain that to Caroline and goes to Paris with Sebastian.

Sebastian and Anna meet with the Durands after landing in Paris. Sebastian catches up with them when Anna sees a man who looks like her ex-husband. Mrs. Durand asks Anna when was the last time she traveled to Paris. Anna says, looking in the man’s direction, ‘since our honeymoon.’ The Durands assume that Sebastian and Anna are married. They gush over working with a married couple, while Sebastian leans into the idea. The Durands offer them a room at a better hotel and leave. Anna panics, but Sebastian remains calm. She wants to tell the truth, but Sebastian thinks this will give them a leg up. So they will go with the lie to get the job and create a break-up when the Durands sign the contract. What could go wrong?

This movie gives an international flare to a predictable plot. The characters are fun, but the storyline offers nothing new or intriguing. You know everything twist and turn except who will drop the secret. And the main characters will fall in love. One question that goes unanswered: ‘Did Anna see her ex-husband?’ She never approaches the man or tries to get a closer look. The momentary spark that sets off the movie’s problem never comes full circle. You will need to pay attention because of the subtitles, but the rest is backburner material.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Don’t forget your broomstick – Sebastian

I need you to respect what I do – Anna

That is a lot of very’s – Caroline

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