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The Disappearance of Cari Farver – Review

The Disappearance of Cari Farver – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Liz and Dave met on a dating app. While Dave hoped for a good time, Liz wanted more. As Dave explains that he just got out of a 12-year relationship, Liz cuts him off and says she is ok with the status quo. Dave is an auto mechanic, and a beautiful woman comes in with car trouble. Cari Farver attempts to impress Dave with her automotive knowledge but makes a mistake. They laugh, and he asks Cari to wait while he works on her car. Cari leaves, but her manager asks why he didn’t ask for Cari’s phone number. Cari comes back to retrieve her computer, and Dave requests a date. Cari says yes.

On their first date, Cari tells Dave she has a son and a few bad breakups. Dave’s ex-wife, Sarah, comes into the restaurant with their two kids. Cari, Dave, and Sarah exchange awkward hellos before Sarah and their kids walk away. Cari goes to Dave’s home for a nightcap, but Liz interrupts them. Liz lost her keys, but she gave a spare to Dave. Cari decides to leave and cross paths with Liz outside the building’s front. Liz offers to stay the night, but Dave turns her down. 

After a date, Dave goes to Cari’s home for fun, but her ex-boyfriend, James, comes over. Cari issued a restraining order, and James wants her to rescind it. James becomes furious when Cari says no, and Cari pushes James out the door. Fearing for Cari’s safety, Dave offers to let Cari stay at his place for a few days. They walk into Dave’s home, and Cari gets comfortable, but Dave finds Liz’s tablet. He takes it and returns it to Liz. She pleads with Dave to come in and fix her window. He tries, but it’s warp. When he turns to leave, Lis is naked, and they sleep together. Dave comes home and tells Cari the truth, but Cari surprises Dave by being understanding. 

Dave works and tells his manager everything about Liz and Cari. Then, Dave gets a message from Cari asking to move in with him. Dave replies no and thinks Cari is saying this because he slept with Liz. Cari sends a slew of angry messages. Cari’s mom, Nancy, gets a phone call from Cari’s job because Cari hasn’t come to work for two days. Nancy calls Cari, but Cari doesn’t pick up the phone. Instead, Cari texts Nancy about work, her life, and Sam. Cari says things are too much and life is a mess. Then, Cari asks Nancy to watch Sam for a few days until Cari gets her life together. Nancy relents and reminds Cari that her cousin’s wedding is in a few days. 

Cari doesn’t come to the wedding, so Nancy goes to the police. She admits that ten years ago, Cari left for four days. A doctor diagnosed Cari with anxiety and bipolar disorder. Since then, Cari has had medication to regulate her emotions. The police don’t think much of Nancy’s concern until she mentions the restraining order against James. The officers perk up and pledge to find out Cari’s location. For years, Cari will text Nancy and Sam to explain her absence but harasses Dave, Liz, Sarah, and all of Dave’s ex-hookups. Before police uncover the truth, there will be threats, arson, and death.

Based on A Tangled Web by Leslie Rule, this story seems too crazy to be authentic, but it is a true story (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The movie follows the case brilliantly, but it feels like this happened over days. In real life, Cari’s disappearance and texts lasted for years before anyone knew what happened. This crime could only happen in today’s timeline because it used technology to hide the truth. The most stunning fact about the case is that it could have ended. But the perpetrator couldn’t stop. Continuing and ramping up the ruse made police suspicious and dogged about solving the mystery. This film makes you ask yourself, ‘How well do I know my family and friends’ email and texting styles.’ Would I know if they were real or fake? Pay attention and ask questions.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’m too damn old to be doing the walk of shame – Liz

I like to keep my options open – Dave

I was trying to impress you, but clearly, I know just enough to get myself in trouble – Cari

Something’s not right, grandma. Mom wouldn’t miss this – Sam

This is not my daughter’s hand – Nancy

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Secrets at the Inn – Review

Secrets at the Inn – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Natalie is on cloud nine because she got the head chef promotion, but the cloud darkens with one phone call. Natalie’s identical twin, Celia, died after falling down the stairs. Natalie returns to Falls Church to handle Celia’s estate with Celia’s friend, Sarah. Sarah is the executor of Celia’s will and explains that Celia’s daughter, Sabrina, is the beneficiary of everything, including the inn. However, Sabrina can’t inherit anything because she is a minor. For now, everything will go into a trust, and Natalie will manage it until Sabrina is an adult. Natalie wants to sell the inn, but ABC holdings have a lien on the property. Sarah believes it’s a dummy corporation and declares she will get to the bottom of it. Sabrina demands to stay, but Natalie says no. Sabrina can’t handle the responsibility and taxes, and Natalie wants to return to New York. Sabrina leaves in a rage with her boyfriend, Elijah. Elijah is kind and understanding of Sabrina and Natalie’s plight. During an argument between the women, Andy approaches. He was Celia’s handyman and worked tirelessly to get ready for guests. He offers to help Natalie too. In the night, Natalie hears strange noises throughout the house. Natalie asks Andy to discover the origin, but Sabrina says Celia’s ghost haunts the inn. With everyone holding a secret, who can Natalie trust? 

Experienced Lifetimers can see more than meets the eye because everyone except Sarah is a liar. If you don’t like seeing bratty teens on screen, skip this movie. Sabrina is one of the worst Lifetime has to offer. Yes, her mother died, and a woman who looks like her moved in, but you don’t have to be a nightmare about it. You will wonder why Natalie puts up with it until you learn her secret. The perpetrator and reason are typical for Lifetime. If you need a few hours to kill without dedicating all your attention, this is the movie for you.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

She was stretched too thin – Sarah

What are you doing in here – Sabrina

It’s a big, old place, Sabrina. I’m sure there’s an explanation for it – Natalie

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Monster High: The Movie – Review

Monster High: The Movie – Nickelodeon – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Clawdeen is tired of feeling like an outsider in the human world (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). She is half-human and half-werewolf. Without her father’s knowledge, Clawdeen enrolled in Monster High. Her father, Apollo, is happy Clawdeen is following in her mother’s footsteps, but he worries someone will discover she is half-human. Apollo agrees to drive Clawdeen to the secret entrance, but she must keep her half-blood heritage a secret. 

Apollo drives Clawdeen to the middle of the woods, and a portal opens up for her. She hugs Apollo goodbye and carefully walks a secret path to Monster High. Clawdeen feels at home in her new school and meets her new dormmates: Frankie and Draculaura (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Frankie is 15 days old. Frankie’s parents made Frankie from the parts of intelligent dead people. Frankie is brilliant but doesn’t know how to make friends. Draculaura is the daughter of the most famous alumni, Dracula. Her best isn’t good enough. He wants Draculaura to continue the family legacy of excellence. Draculaura wants to live up to Dracula’s expectations, but she loves witchcraft. Her love of witchcraft is problematic for two reasons. First, witches and vampires are mortal enemies. Second, Monster High considers witchcraft a disgusting human practice. And humans are filthy creatures to the monsters. So, Draculaura practices in private. 

On the first day of classes, Headmistress Bloodwood calls Clawdeen into her office. Clawdeen worries that Bloodwood knows her secret and starts to panic. She looks down at her hands and sees her claws and spots disappearing. Bloodwood wants Clawdeen to speak at the Founder’s Day reception in a few weeks. Clawdeen breathes a sigh of relief and leaves. When she calms, her spots and claws come back. She admits the changes to Frankie. Frankie believes Clawdeen’s flight or fight response triggers the changes. Clawdeen needs to remain calm, or the school will know her secret.

Professor Komos, the history teacher, tells the class about the last half-human in the school, Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde covertly worked on an experiment to remove his human side but was banished from the school before he could take the potion. His lab is on campus, but no one could find it. Clawdeen tells Professor Komos she wants to write a paper about Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde. He approves her topic and tells her that Mr. Hyde’s journals are in the library. So, Frankie and Clawdeen find the journals and decipher the lab’s location. They sneak around at night and discover Draculaura doing witchcraft. Draculaura dreads the exposure and starts to run away. They instantly accept her and thinks she is intriguing. The three become fast friends, and Draculaura decides to help. But the friends don’t know someone is watching, including the school. 

For a children’s movie, this film provides a well-thought-out mystery with classic monsters. Based on the Monster High dolls, this first-time musical for the Nickelodeon channel is entertaining while teaching about acceptance, parental pressure, and community. The movie has a love interest and jealousy subplot, but the mystery and friendship put the love triangle in the background. The songs are catchy, and the dance moves are fun (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). You will look forward to the sequel. 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

That’s my cue – Clawdeen

No, it found you – Apollo

You look so dead – Headmistress Bloodwood 

Never knock on a close coffin – Draculaura

My heart belongs to a dead fisherman named Earl – Frankie

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Nikki and Nora: Sister Sleuths – Review

Nikki and Nora: Sister Sleuths – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nikki and Nora are fraternal twins with nothing in common. Nora works as a lawyer for a defense attorney, George Bolton. Nora comes into the police station when George’s client, Carl Ashcroft, requests a lawyer. The police believe Carl killed his assistant, Angelica. Carl isn’t happy George set the ‘JV Squad,’ but Nora tells Carl not to talk to the police. Nikki is a struggling actress who comes from another disappointing audition to find her landlord, Marguerite, putting an eviction notice on her door. Marguerite gives Nikki 2 days to pay, or she will change the locks. Cliff tells Nikki she has 14 days if it’s her first notice, and Nikki turns to see a man she doesn’t know. Cliff explains he is the executor of Charles Porter’s will, and he named Nikki the benefactor. Charles owned a detective agency and a car. Cliff explains that if Nikki doesn’t want it, she can sign it away, and he can sell it. He will give Nikki 90% of the profits, and she needs the money. Nikki is apprehensive and asks Cliff for the catch. He explains that Nikki isn’t the only benefactor. Nora is too. So, Nikki goes to Nora’s job and explains the situation. After ten years apart, Nora isn’t happy that Nikki is asking for a favor. Nikki left after a home invader killed their parents. Nora tells Nikki she will look into it and walks back to her office.

Nora decides to go to George’s home to get a file for their client. She hasn’t heard from George since Mitch angrily stormed into George’s office. Nikki sees Nora standing outside and apologizes for coming into her office. Nora says she will meet with Cliff to sign the documents, but she wants to see George first. Nikki agrees to come along.

They enter George’s home to find the door open and the dog in the laundry room. Nora finds the safe open with an empty envelope in George’s office. The laptop screen reads, ‘I can’t do it anymore. I’m sorry.’ Then Nikki finds George dead on the ground with a gun in his hand. Nikki and Nora call the police, and Detective Sanchez comes with the newly-named Detective Robby. Sanchez quickly determines suicide but sends in the gun for a ballistics check. Robby agrees with Sanchez’s idea. However, something doesn’t ring true for Nora. She believes someone killed George, and Nikki suggests using their detective agency to figure out the truth. Can these twins put aside their differences to find the killer before Sanchez closes the case?

This movie is a compelling twist on a trending formula. Typically, the amateur detective doesn’t have a job in law enforcement. They stumble across dead bodies once a month. Nora is a lawyer who defends people the police deduce may be guilty of a crime. The media portrays defense attorneys as villains, but everyone deserves a lawyer. Nora has issues with Sanchez’s work and rushes to judgment. However, she doesn’t hate the police because she knows they want justice. Nora considers Robby a friend and ally of the force. Nikki doesn’t have experience in the law. However, she acquired lots of skills in preparing for roles. She picks locks, plays pool, and has a gift for gab. And the overarching story is their parents’ murder. Charles was looking into their parents, but Nora and Nikki never knew about Charles. It will be interesting to see how this series pans out over time. And the killer will leave you a gasp.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

So you decided to stop by today unannounced – Nora

One mistake shouldn’t define a person forever – Robby

I was Anne Hathaway’s understudy’s understudy – Nikki

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A Country Romance – Review

A Country Romance – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sara’s boss, Mr. Lever, wants her to work on a pitch and present it in a week. But her father, Frank, calls on vacation. Developers are coming to their vineyard to make an offer. However, Frank can’t be there, and he wants Sara to meet with them. Sara is far-removed from farm life, but she understands a good deal, so Frank thinks she is the best choice. Sara promises Mr. Lever that she will work on the pitch and return before the presentation. 

Sara arrives at the vineyard, and Gabe notices she dropped her sweater. He politely picks it up and introduces himself. His family runs a vineyard, but half of their crop died. Gabe helps Frank on his farm when needed. As Gabe examines the land, he can see the crop is ready for harvest, and Sara is shocked. Sara has no idea how to harvest and needs time to create the presentation. So she makes Gabe, and his daughter, Mabel, an offer. If they help her harvest, they can keep half the yield. Gabe agrees to help. When Sara looks at the paperwork, she can see it’s a good deal, but the developers want to turn the land into a hotel. Sara discerns a connection between herself, the vineyard, and Gabe. Can she leave everything and sign the deal for her job?

Not even a cute and witty kid can save this script. The actors do what they can, but the plot offers nothing compelling. The subplot with Alison has more bite than the main script, but Alison is a complication with an explanation. The writers added a bake-off at a festival for flare, but it all doesn’t help. You can have this in the background while making apple torte.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Dad, you know I don’t speak farm – Sara

Can my attempt at  politeness be noted, ma’am – Gabe

Nothing if we are going to a board meeting. – Mabel 

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Girlfriendship – Review

Girlfriendship – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Samara works for Mahogany and wants to impress her boss to obtain the Director of Finance job. The company had a tough third quarter, and now, Samara desires to create a presentation to improve the company’s financial outlook. Eva is a stay-at-home mom of three and gives Samara and Renee advice on their careers. She thinks about rejoining the workforce but worries about how it will affect her family. Before Eva became a domestic goddess, she invested in Renee’s beauty salon as a silent partner. Renee works at the beauty salon but hates depending on her flaky assistant, Stacey. With Samara’s birthday coming up, Renee thinks that she, Samara, and Eva need to take a vacation together. She found a few online that will allow them to turn up. And one is happening this week. After getting Samara and Eva to agree, Renee asks Stacey to book the trip.

Samara, Eva, and Renee arrive expecting a limo, but they see an old bus. The coordinator, Ariella, assures them they are in the right place and drives the woman to the boat that leads them to a private island. When the women check-in, they realized Stacey accidentally booked them on the wrong trip. Ariella tells them the ancestors wanted them to be here. This trip will guide these three women to self-discovery, honesty, and sisterhood.

Samara, Eva, and Renee hid things from each other. Without WiFi, they get honest and open up about how they see each other. These complicated and hurtful truths lead to growth. For a while, it feels like it could end the friendship. But these girlfriends will triumph with a new perspective. The plot has a lot of foreshadowing, but this movie is easy to watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s consistent. I’m reliable – Eva

What can go wrong – Samara

Stay out of grown folks’ business – Stacey 

Oh, that’s not what I ordered – Renee

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Montross: Blood Rules – Review

Montross: Blood Rules – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

In court, Robyn gets a call from her father, Dell, and takes it to the bathroom for privacy. Dell needs Robyn to come home. Frank, the county commissioner, wants to build a factory in Dell’s town, Evansdale, and pay $30 million for 90 acres. Frank knew Dell would say no, so Frank claimed eminent domain. And he will take the land he needs. He wants Robyn to return to Evansdale to help Dell.

Robyn packs up while her husband, Travis, confronts her. Travis did not know Robyn’s lineage, hometown, or last name. He wants to go with her, but Robyn says no. She blames his proposal, but that’s a lie. Years ago, Robyn and Montgomery were in a car accident and killed someone. Robyn was drinking and driving. Dell and her grandfather covered up the crime. However, Robyn didn’t tell anyone that she knew Montgomery was her father’s child. The sisters kept their siblinghood a secret from the world. Now, Robyn is a lawyer, and Montgomery is in jail. 

Robyn comes home and finds a picture of Montgomery. When her sister, Nia, walks into the room, Robyn hides it. Excited, Nia hugs Robyn, but their mother, Elaine, kicks Robyn out of the house. Robyn heads to the police station to meet with Dell. She tells her brother, Jackie, not to come because it would affect attorney-client privilege. Jackie stands back, and Robyn barges into the interrogation room, but Dell has a lawyer, Nia’s fiancé, John. Dell, John, and Frank are discussing the deal, and Dell wants to say no, but Dell’s brother-in-law, Teddy, is forcing Dell’s hand. Dell hired Robyn to represent her uncle Teddy.

Teddy happily confesses all to Robyn because he got caught on purpose threatening Dell. Teddy kidnapped Frank’s son, Seth. Teddy wants Dell to sign the factory contract and give the check to him. Once Teddy has the money, he will let Seth go. If Robyn doesn’t help Teddy get away with the kidnapping, Teddy will tell the town how Robyn committed vehicular manslaughter while her father and grandfather covered it up. With a family engulfed in generational lies and cover-ups, can Robyn find a way out and keep her family intact?

This movie has a lot going on with secrets, complicated family ties, and corruption. Viewers will spend half of the film wondering what Robyn and her family did after the accident. However, the script gets complicated with FBI agents, shootings, and more family members. The wrap-up is so condensed; that it’s confusing. While the conclusion can use some work, the overall story is strong and deserves a sequel, hopefully with better microphone work. The backing track was louder than the actors. 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, you should have done it behind my back – Dell

I never forgot – Robyn

We can get through anything. We’re sisters, even if no one knows it – Monty

The M in marriage will always stand for Montross – Nia

I make the rules in this house – Elaine

You’re not the boss of me. You’re not – Jackie

You damn right. This isn’t a game – Teddy

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The Missing – Review

The Missing – BET/BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

It’s Raina’s birthday, and she wants a special night out with her husband, Maurice. As she descends the staircase, she can see Maurice drinking. This scene is usually a bad sign. He didn’t get a lucrative account, and he blames Raina for making him lose focus while planning her party. Maurice pulls out a business card for a therapist and chases after Raina. She runs up the stairs and locks the door. Raina grabs her pregnancy test and sees it’s positive. Maurice yells at her to open the door but changes his tune. He promises to get help and be better. She opens the door, walks into Maurice’s open arms, and they kiss. However, the goodwill doesn’t last long, and he beats her.

The next day, Maurice comes home from work and calls for Raina but gets no answer. He finds her cell phone and an open safe with no money. Raina is gone and never coming back. But he doesn’t know she is pregnant with his baby. 

A year later, Raina goes by Dani. She works under the table, rents off the books, and has a baby girl named Miracle. Her boss, Jimmy, calls Dani to see if Dani wants to work an extra shift. She says yes and rushes to the daycare to drop Miracle off. Dani is apprehensive because the babysitter, Miss May, isn’t there. A woman assures Dani the baby will be safe, and Raina leaves Miracle for work. Dani works as a waitress at Jimmy’s restaurant with her friend, Carmen. Dani hears a man verbally abusing his girlfriend and drops hot coffee on his lap. Jimmy excuses her for the day, and Dani goes to the daycare to get Miracle. Miss May tells Dani that Miracle isn’t there because Miracle never checked in. Dani threatens to burn the building if they don’t return Miracle. Miss May calls the police, and they arrest Dani. 

Detective Price looks into Dani and discovers she has several bank accounts, some in Miracle’s name. At first, Detective Price believes Dani is behind a rash of break-ins. Dani tries to explain that her daughter is missing, but no one will listen. Detective Price strolls out of the interrogation room and meets Dani’s lawyer. The lawyer wants to speak to his client in private. The lawyer sits down and says hello. Dani’s heart drops to her feet because the lawyer is Maurice. After a year of looking, he found her. He asks if Miracle is his child, but Dani won’t answer. Maurice tells Dani he wants his money and a divorce. Then he leaves, and Detective Price enters. Dani tells Detective Price that Miracle isn’t missing and she made a mistake. Dani exits to find Miracle alone, but Detective Price doesn’t believe Dani’s lie. Detective Price warns Dani to let the police help. Maurice will test Dani’s resolve to find Miracle, but is Dani willing to pay the ultimate cost?

This mix of Enough and Kidnap will have you guessing until the end (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, you will be stumped to discover how Maurice found Raina, now Dani, after a year of living off the grid. You will yell at the screen as people deflect and ignore Raina’s warnings about Maurice. However, Raina’s ill temperament and mistrust make it easy for people to dismiss her as unhinged. While some scenes feel a bit overdone, the plot is intriguing and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

So, now you’re keeping a tally of my failures – Maurice

I hired you to be a waitress. Not security, Dani – jimmy

I said she is not missing – Raina

Why ain’t no man’s crotch safe around you – Carmen

Actually you are the only person I can ask – Detective Price

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