#DontWorryDarling – Movie Review

Don’t Worry Darling – Budget of $20 – 30 million – 2 hours and 3 minutes

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Alice and Jack reside in a town called Victory, created by Frank and assisted by a psychologist, Dr. Collins. Every day the city’s men leave to work on the Victory Project. Jack is the technical engineer of the project, but he hopes Frank will give him a promotion soon. In ballet practice, Alice shares her concerns with the other wives, Bunny and Peg. And Shelley, Frank’s wife, introduces a new wife, Violet, to the students. They all see that Violet looks like a deer in headlights.

Jack comes home with some fantastic news. Frank invited them over to his home for a party. Jack knows he is one step closer to a promotion because the higher-ups will be there. Alice cooks a side dish and puts on her best dress to meet the town’s creator. After Shelley introduces Jack, Margaret starts to babble about ‘everything being a lie.’ Margaret’s husband pulls her away. Alice can’t find Jack after Frank’s speech and looks for him. She sees Margaret’s husband trying to make Margaret take a pill, but Margaret refuses. 

During a shopping trip, Bunny tells everyone that Margaret walked past the city limits with her son after seeing something. Margaret came back without her son. While everyone says the boy died, Margaret says they took her son from her to punish her. Bunny tells the wives that Margaret should’ve stayed in Victory, where it was safe. 

Instead of shopping again, Alice decides to stay on the bus and ride. She looks at the sky and sees a plane crash into the mountains. The driver swears he didn’t see anything and refuses to leave the bus. Alice gets off and walks into the desert, up to the peak. She discovers the Victory headquarters at the top. She touches the glass window and wakes up in bed. Jack makes a sad attempt at cooking while Alice walks into the kitchen. She has no idea how she got home or when. 

Later, Alice gets a call from Margaret saying they saw the same thing and begging to leave together. But Alice hangs up on Margaret and goes to ballet class. Alice dances but sees a disturbing image in the dance studio’s mirror and runs home. Alice goes through her yard and sees Margaret standing on the roof. Margaret slits her throat and falls off the house. Alice tries to run to her, but two men in red jumpsuits pull Alice away. When Jack comes home, Alice tries to explain, but he says Margaret is fine and has a few stitches. Alice knows that’s a lie and blames herself for disregarding Margaret. Alice will stop at nothing to find out what’s happening with the Victory Project. 

The movie opens with an innocent 1950s party with happy housewives and working husbands. After the women cook breakfast, their husbands leave the cul-de-sac simultaneously. This community feels straight out of Stepford (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, something feels darker as the women clean the home while listening to Frank on the radio and watching him on TV. Now it feels like a cult brainwashing tactic. Viewers can’t put their finger on what is going wrong, but something isn’t correct. There is a lot of imagery throughout the movie with dancing women and blood, but it will make sense at the end. The audience needs to understand that this movie builds up but leaves you with more questions than answers. You are left to draw your own conclusions about the characters and their future. Alice and Jack’s core problem is their relationship. And it leads them to Victory.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

They terrify me – Bunny

Why are we here? We shouldn’t be here – Margaret

Did you enjoy yourself tonight – Jack

I do hope you keep going – Frank

It’s my turn now – Shelley

I’m not crazy – Alice

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