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Girl in Room 13 – Review

Girl in Room 13 – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Janie and Burt bring the family together to celebrate Grace’s first month of sobriety. After three stints in rehab, Grace is ready to turn her life around. Grace doesn’t feel like her old self, but she feels strong. Grace talks to her co-worker, Red, about Grace’s old friend, Richie. Grace is happy Richie is doing better and spending time with his son, Theo, but she wants to keep her distance from Richie and his drug use. Grace works, and Red hands her a gift from Richie. The expensive necklace softens Grace’s heart, and she calls Richie. They briefly catch up and end their phone call.

Red walks into work and hands Grace an envelope with money. Red says Theo hurt himself, and Richie doesn’t have insurance. So Richie needs the cash to pay for Theo’s medical care. Red would do it, but she is busy. Grace asks Janie to borrow Janie’s car, and Janie hesitates. Grace begs Janie to trust her and promises to be back home by 3 pm. Grace meets Richie with her dog, Otis, and hands Richie the money. Richie hugs her, grabs her by the throat, chokes her, puts Grace in his car, and leaves Janie’s car and Otis behind.

Janie retreats from clients to call Grace but can’t get Grace on the phone. When animal control finds Otis, Janie knows something is wrong because Grace would never leave the dog behind. Janie knows Grace is in trouble but can’t get the police or Burt to believe her. She will talk to Grace’s friends, drug dealers, and a store full of people to find Grace. Janie doesn’t know, but Grace is a victim of human trafficking, and Richie plans on selling Grace in 10 days. If Janie doesn’t find Grace in time, Grace will be gone forever.

Inspired by actual events, this movie covers the network and preconceived notions of human trafficking. Human smugglers don’t do this alone. They get assistants from hotels, web hosting, and banks to hide their crimes. Movies usually depict this $150 billion-a-year industry as an immigrant problem. However, it’s an issue that transcends race, nationality, or status. Grace tries several times to save herself, but people often disregard her or help Richie. And Janie hits a wall because everyone judges Grace’s past and assumes she relapsed. To survivors of assault, this movie should come with a trigger warning. It depicts some horrific brutality and forced drug use. This film is well-crafted but hard to watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Can I be an influencer – Burt

I don’t even trust myself – Grace

I know you’re afraid. Everything is going to be ok. I promise – Janie

Grace, we’re a team now – Ritchie

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Dying to Win – Review

Dying to Win – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Katie Moore is the number 2 interview influencer on Chit Chat and has gold medalist Jesse as her guest. Jesse’s mother, Diane, hopes the interview will entice more people to follow Jesse because more followers mean more endorsement deals. However, Katie uses her platform to do a hit piece on Jesse. First, she talks about Jesse’s best friend, gymnast Aurora. The public thought Aurora would get the gold medal over Jesse five years ago. However, Aurora and Jesse got into a car accident. Aurora died, but Jesse got minor injuries. Next, Katie mentions that producers have not renewed Jesse’s spot on a reality dancing show. Diane is worried. Jesse handled the interview like a pro, but it only heeded 25 new followers. Diane is furious and calls Jesse’s manager, Cooper, to convince producers to ask Jesse back on the show. When Jesse stands up for Cooper, Diane speeds down the highway until Jesse repeats Diane’s mantra. 

Tom, Diane’s boyfriend, prepares hot wings for the family. He offers Jesse some, but Diane won’t let her eat because she has a meeting with sponsors in the morning. Jesse goes to her room, turns on the Chit Chat, and starts working out. Jesse wakes up and hears her mother yelling at Cooper over the phone. Diane hangs up and tells Jessie her career is over, and she fired Cooper. Jesse becomes visibly upset because she cares deeply for Cooper, and Diane is jealous. Diane throws a glass, and a shard hits Jesse in the face. Jesse runs away to Cooper’s home for safety. Cooper agrees to talk to Diane after Jesse settles in his home. Jesse drinks alcohol with anxiety pills and parties at a bar. She meets a bartender, Quinn, and they dance all night while a paparazzi take photos of the intoxicated gymnast. 

After a wild night, Jesse accidentally returns to Diane’s home to find the front door open. She walks inside and discovers Tom and Diane dead. The detectives and Cooper come to the scene. Jesse tells them she went out to the club and the facial scar is from a mishap. Cooper offers to let Jesse stay in his home, so Jesse won’t have to sleep at a crime scene. Jesse gets comfortable at Cooper’s home and sees she has 3000 notifications. The photos of the club are viral, and Cooper is happy. The picture is her alibi for the murder, but Katie got a tip. The police saw Jesse’s notebook with Tom’s name in a heart. They believe she had someone kill Diane to be with Tom, and Jesse is their number one suspect. It will take a note, social media, and Katie to clear Jesse’s name.

Be prepared for one of the scariest momagers on Lifetime. Diane stalks social media, threatens journalists, and scares Jesse to ensure Jesse brings in the money. However, Diane’s reign of terror is over before the first commercial break. Jesse should be relieved. On the contrary, she obsesses more than Diane about followers, likes, and hashtags. Jesse fixates on her stats every spare moment. While the script gets a bit wild with trafficking, money laundering, and obsession, the overall plot is something Lifetimers know well. You will be able to deduce the killer before the first hour. 

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You don’t win by being good – Diane

I’m a winner – Jesse

Jesse, I’m not mad – Cooper

I really underestimated you – Katie

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Dating Hell – Review

Dating Hell – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hannah’s ex-husband, Josh, comes over to pick up their daughter, Maddie, for the night. He tries to sweet-talk Hannah, but Hannah won’t listen. Josh was a serial cheater and controlling during their marriage. Hannah’s neighbor, Charlotte, thinks Hannah should try a dating app because Hannah has been single for two years. Hannah agrees to let Charlotte but not activate it until Hannah is ready. However, curiosity gets the best of Hannah, and she turns on the account and gets dozens of matches.

After several unsuccessful dates, Hannah meets Daniel, and he says all the right things. They decide to go on a second date. Unfortunately, Josh finds out and demeans Hanna for dating. Hannah informs Josh that she will date who she wants, and whenever, as he did during their marriage. After several fun dates, Hannah decides to spend the night with Daniel. She calls Kara, who is babysitting Maddie, and asks Kara to spend the night. Hannah offers her bed to Kara and says she will sleep in the bed with Maddie when she gets home.

Hannah comes home after a night of bliss with Daniel to be there when Maddie wakes up. She crawls into Maddie’s bed and waits for the sun to rise. Hannah goes into her bedroom to check on Kara and discovers Kara is dead. Hannah tells Maddie to go to Charlotte’s home and calls the police. Detective Jodi says someone murdered Kara in the middle of the night and pulls Hannah aside to question her. Josh refuses to leave Hannah alone with the officer and, against Jodi’s wishes, sits beside Hannah for the interview. Hannah talks about Maddie, Josh, Charlotte, and Daniel. Jodi tells Maddie to be wary of Daniel because he is new in her life. Josh insists Hannah and Maddie return to his home, but Hannah says no. She resigns to stay with Charlotte instead. When they are alone, Charlotte tells Hannah that she saw Josh sitting outside her apartment the night Kara died. Charlotte reported this incident to the police. With Detective Jodi on the case, Hannah prays this nightmare will be over soon, but the killer will kill again, and Hannah is the target.

For the first 90 minutes, this movie will stump expert Lifetimers. You get the classic clichés that will make you predetermine the outcome. However, most will be wrong. In the last 30 minutes, the killer’s actions will blare across the screen like a siren. It’s easy to know why because the killer drops hints throughout the story. You have many options, including a nosy neighbor, a new boyfriend, and a crazy ex. This mystery is sexy and spellbinding. Did you figure it out before Hannah?

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Why do I feel like I’m going to regret this – Hannah

I dress sexy because it makes me feel alive – Charlotte

Why, because I’m usually an ugly bully – Josh

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To Her, With Love – Review

To Her, With Love – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Principal Meadows calls Kayla into his office because the regular art teacher is returning, and they are letting Kayla go. Kayla leaves the beloved school and moves home with her parents to figure things out. She wants to get a teaching grant in London. If she gets it, she will move. Unbeknownst to Kayla, her mother, Mrs. Scott, got an interview with Kayla’s alma mater, Stansville High School. Kayla wants to turn it down but agrees to do the interview. 

Mr. Jordan Griffin works at Stansville. Over time, he’s earned the respect of his students and his peers. Principal Nancy pulls Jordan into her office and tells him to be on the lookout for a well-dressed woman. She is a school council representative sent to observe Stansville and make cuts. Jordan sees a woman in the hall and tries to escort her around the school. But she doesn’t want to look around and turns to leave. Jordan snaps and says people like her are the problem. Nancy comes out of her office and greets the woman with a smile. The woman is Kayla for the interview, not the representative. Jordan feels like a fool.

Nancy thinks Kayla is the perfect fit for the job and gives Kayla 3 seconds to accept. Kayla takes the job and asks for an assistant. Nancy says yes to all the assistance she needs. During her first class, Kayla tries to connect, but the students don’t believe she will stay. They start acting rowdy, and Jordan steps in to quiet them down. Nancy sent him to assist Kayla with the art program. Jordan and Kayla decide to work together to give the students a substantial education and convince the board to keep the program. Will Jordan or her student trust Kayla when they learn she has another job offer?

Inspired by To Sir, with Love, this movie gives an emotional account of art’s necessity in education. The students know the school board wants to give up on them, so they give up on themselves. Jordan and Kayla refuse to let them. She bridges poetry with rap music and art with movies to gain her students’ attention and respect. Kayla even brings in a mentor to guide and inspire the kids to work harder (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). With impassioned speeches, this movie will bring a tear to your eye. The kids’ tales will give viewers strength and compassion.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Ms. Chatty to the principal’s office, please – Ms. Kayla Scott

Assistant or Assistance – Mr. Jordan Griffin

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Finding Love in Big Sky – Review

Finding Love in Big Sky – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Josh gives a compassionate presentation to prospective clients. He is on cloud 9 when his boss, Marcus, pulls Josh aside and shows Josh a competitor’s new campaign. Josh notices it looks strikingly similar to his, and Marcus and the people at the top saw it too. Marcus tells Josh to take some time off while they investigate him for corporate espionage. Josh wants to defend himself, but Marcus tells him not to. Josh meets his girlfriend, Bre, for dinner and suggests they go on a vacation to see her family. She doesn’t want to introduce her parents to her unemployed boyfriend. She tells Josh he should go on a vacation alone while they take a break from the relationship.  

Josh walks into a diner to find an old friend, Paisley, sitting at the counter. After losing her parents in a car accident, Paisley moved to Montana with her extended family. She had a loving childhood and became the VP of Human Resources. Paisley left the corporate world behind after her grandfather died and left her his ranch. Now Paisley wants to turn it into a weekly summer camp focused on Equine Therapy. She applied for a grant but didn’t get it. Now, she hopes to get a bank loan. The nosy but supportive waitresses make sure Josh sees Paisley. Josh explains his rental car broke down, and he needs a place to stay while the mechanic fixes it. The waitresses offer Paisley’s ranch because she is looking for a ranch hand in exchange for room and board. Paisley agrees to let him stay the night.

Josh tells Paisley why he can’t return to work, and Paisley sympathizes. She knows he wouldn’t do something like that. Then, Paisley tells Josh about her dreams for the ranch and issues with funding. He offers to help Paisley with a logo, funds, and social media. They start to rekindle their old flame, but will Josh’s job get in the way when they want him back.

Don’t be surprised if you want a weekly series about the nosy waitresses. They are the laugh you need. However, the movie focuses on Paisley getting the loan but being true to herself. When someone sees her dressed up, they assume someone died. Also, Paisley wants to build her business on word of mouth and her grandfather’s legacy. Josh expresses she needs to do more to launch a business these days. Word of mouth is digital now. He helps her get out of her comfort zone, but Paisley brings Josh to his roots, one horse ride at a time. This film has some lulls, but the plot picks up in the right spots.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m not unemployed. I’m on suspension – Josh

I don’t care what he’s doing – Paisley

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Marry Go Round – Review

Marry Go Round – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Abby’s assistant, Shaun, runs down the to-do list for Abby and Edward’s Parisian wedding in 28 days. One task is to get a Paris marriage license. Abby has a lightbulb moment and tells Shaun to call her hometown and get her divorce decree. Shaun gasps wanting to know the details. At 18, Abby married her high school sweetheart, Luke. But after one month of marriage, Luke wrote a ‘Dear John’ letter and left for Alaska.

Luke helps his sister, Robin, prepare for the Summer Festival. Robin heard George died, and Luke remembers George was his divorce lawyer. Robin uses that exchange to mention that Abby is getting married. Luke knew because Abby’s mother talked about it nonstop.

Shaun pulls Abby aside and drops a bombshell. The courts can’t find her decree, and Abby must return to her hometown and talk to a judge in person. Abby squares her shoulders to leave until she remembers Luke will have to be there too. Abby sees Luke outside the courthouse and has a polite conversation with him. However, he is late for court. Abby begs the judge to start without Luke, and he does. Luke rushes in last minute, and Abby pleads for the divorce. They found the unfilled paper work George’s old desk. And the judge decides to let them sign it to finalize the divorce. Abby signs it without hesitation and hands the paperwork and pen to Luke. Luke looks at the papers and puts down the pen. He refuses to sign, and the judge gives them the weekend to work things out. Luke won’t sign because Abby doesn’t know the whole story. But he won’t elaborate. Can Abby convince Luke to sign the paperwork so she can get married? Or will Abby’s homecoming bring up old emotions?

This movie goes through phases. First, it starts as a comedy. Abby’s conversations with Shaun and Luke are hilarious, and Robin holds nothing back from Luke during their private talks. Second, the movie becomes a drama because Abby discovers why Luke left. Two people Abby loved betrayed her. Finally, this becomes the typical Hallmark movie. The beginning is funny and enthralling, but the end fizzles out. While the plot tries to get you invested in Abby and Luke, you worry too much about Edward. This movie starts strong, but the ending is bland.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Ouch – Shaun

No, I got that from a fortune cookie – Edward

You look very nice, incidentally – Luke

It’s not chicken salad. There’s nothing to digest – Abby

I bet you it wasn’t an accident – Robin

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