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Flowers in the Attic: The Origin: Part 4 – Review

Flowers in the Attic: The Origin: Part 4 – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Olivia hears noises coming from a bedroom and looks into the keyhole. She sees her daughter, Corrine, making love to Corrine’s uncle, Christopher. She walks into the room and tells them to come downstairs to talk after they get dressed. Corrine and Christopher profess their love, forcing Olivia to tell the truth. She tells Corrine and Christopher they are half-siblings because Malcolm assaulted Christopher’s mother, Alicia. Olivia pretended to be Corrine’s mother to keep up appearances and their good name. Corrine tells Malcolm she is in love with Christopher, and he erupts. First, Malcome blames and hits Olivia, but then he turns on Corrine. When that doesn’t work, he leaves the room. Olivia knows Malcolm is going after Christopher. She finds Malcolm choking Christopher with a gun on the floor. Olivia takes the gun and fires a shot in the air. Corrine finds Garland’s will and uncovers that Christopher was an equal heir, but Malcolm grabs and burns it. Malcolm declares he will cut Corrine off if she leaves with Christopher. Malcolm privately tells Christopher about Corrine’s past and offers him $10,000 to leave. Christopher takes the money, and Malcolm tells Olivia. Olivia runs to comfort Corrine, but Christopher and Corrine are gone with the family jewels. 

Corrine sends a letter stating that she will not come home until Malcolm dies, and Olivia gets an idea. Olivia stabs Malcolm’s self-portrait and loosens the stair railing. Soon, Nella sees Malcolm crashing to the ground. Olivia’s plan was effective but incomplete. Malcolm lost the ability to speak and move his left side, and now Olivia uses this to take over his business and the household. Olivia believes she has Malcolm under her control once and for all. However, her need for familial connection causes Olivia to invite a wolf in sheep’s clothing into the evil Foxworth Hall with a bible in hand. When this saga ends, Olivia will become what she said she never would: another non-smiling Mrs. Foxworth.

In the final chapter, everything hits the fan and flies around the room. It explores Olivia’s ultimate control and deep descent into religion. With all things, Olivia goes off the deep end to prove she is in tune with the lord. She reads the bible, prays, forgives, and restores a church. Anyone who disagrees will be politely, yet firmly, asked to leave. While Olivia feels in charge, she has succumbed to controlling men again. Based on Garden of Shadows by V.C. Andrews, this movie ends in the first act of Flowers in the Attic and gives subtle hints of things to come (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, viewers don’t learn what made Corrine turn against her children or how she got scars on her back. Hopefully, Lifetimers will give Flowers in the Attic from Corrine’s perspective. The costume and set designs were exquisite. The diligent detail of the period does not go unnoticed. This movie is a fitting conclusion to a beginning.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

We just buried a body. It takes something out of you – Olivia

Christoper is my other half – Corrine

I love you – Christopher

I love you – Malcolm

Thank you for keeping my family safe – Nella

God does not ask for perfection. He only asks for repentance – John

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Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Inside Man – Review

Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Inside Man – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Robin, Carrie, Kayla, and Pam are shocked after seeing footage of Eve with Tara tied up in the background. Pam doesn’t understand why her long-lost daughter would do this, but Robin reveals the truth. Eve is not Pam’s daughter; Eve’s real name is Alice and Alice was roommates with Eve. Alice wants $10 million for the safe return of Tara, or the family will get Tara’s body in pieces. Robin calls Sheldon for advice. Sheldon knows paying has risks but thinks it is the better option. Robin approves her inside man for the job.

Carrie worries she is a suspect in Leo’s attack, so she calls Lance for help. She wants Lance to get close to Webb. So they stage a fight that goes viral to help Lance pretend to crawl back to Webb for help. Carrie will use Lance as her inside man to find out Webb’s plan and Webb’s involvement in kidnapping Tara.

Pam’s inside man, Stephen, did his job to perfection. He got Prof. Carlton’s autopsy reports. And to reward him, she decided to give Stephen an exclusive contract with Jones Enterprises. But she needs another favor. Pam wants to know what information the police have about Leo’s attack. So she asks Stephen to use his connections. However, can Stephen protect Pam from the wrath of Kayla?

Kayla throws caution to the wind and trusts William, but she hasn’t told her family. Kayla wants to pull away from the family and start her own business, but William is using his inside men to twist Kayla’s mind. William paid a therapist and a gigolo to persuade Kayla to get back with him. With Kayla back in his life, William wants to get his hands on Kayla’s trust. However, his inside men are growing impatient and want their money now.

After her kidnapping, Tara refuses to wait for anyone’s help to find her perpetrator because she knows Eve didn’t act alone. She uses her family’s inside men, Sheldon and Lance, to help uncover the truth. But her most faithful inside man is herself. Who can the Jones women trust because one of them is the wrong inside man within a slew of them?

Don’t worry, Jones’s fans, because the conclusion of this season leaves the door open for more episodes. And the storyline fast forwards 7 months near the end. Tara’s kidnapping is not the story’s focus because she makes it home safely by the first act. Nevertheless, her kidnapper and the accomplice are the main characters. This plotline is different because viewers know the wrong inside man. However, you watch the Jones women uncover it for themselves. That discovery will keep you glued to the screen. And let’s not forget about the drama. So! Much! Drama! The sisters start to turn on each other, and it will captivate you. This movie isn’t the best of the series, but it does deliver.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

In the meantime, we still have a company to run and money to make – Robin

Are you questing my affection for a child – Kayla

If it would have been business, I would have never fallen for it – Pam

You enjoying your 15 minutes – Webb

I appreciate your concerns, sis. But I can take care of myself – Carrie

Damn right – Tara 

I don’t wanna know what that was about, do I? – Lance

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Hider in My House – Review

Hider in My House – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Molly wrote a book about the horrific ordeal she suffered with her sister, Bella, and it’s on the best-sellers list. Molly’s publisher, Heather, wants Molly to complete the delayed manuscript for Molly’s next book. However, Molly doesn’t have an idea, but she has a new home. Molly walks Bella around Molly’s newly acquired luxury penthouse and offers Bella a place to stay. Bella assures Molly she will be out soon because Bella plans on moving in with her boyfriend, Carter. Bella is happy about Molly’s success, but Bella doesn’t want to talk about the past or attend Molly’s book signings. Molly thinks the apartment is a fresh start, but she doesn’t know the evil lurking in the walls. Molly and Bella blame each other when items are misplaced or gone. However, someone else is to blame and they want Molly for themselves.

On the heels of Phrogging: Hider in My House, this movie feels more believable and tolerable with quaint incidences. When Bella and Molly blame each other over the disappearance of food, books, and clothes, it’s typical and understandable. However, Molly inserting her head through a secret hole in the wall is indescribably moronic and unsafe, and that’s not Molly’s worst mistake. The first act is suspenseful and intriguing. But the second half is annoying and laughable. 

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

If there’s something wrong with this, I’m good – Molly

I’m not scared anymore – Bella

It’s the city. You got to be careful – Kyle

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Love on Trend – Review

Love on Trend – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Allie works for her friend, fashion blogger Kendra while trying to become a fashion designer. As they talk on the phone, Allie accidentally drops her phone down a running garbage disposal. She purchases a new phone with a new number. After a few text messages, Allie discovers her phone number once belonged to Cassidy, a famous designer. Now, Allie receives invites to restaurant openings, exclusive parties, portfolio reviews, and texts from Cassidy’s ex-boyfriend. Kendra tells Allie to use this to hob-nob and get a leg up in the fashion world.

Colin is a venture capitalist and meets with his boss, Marla. Marla wants Cassidy’s new collection on time, or Marla will pull her funding from the company. Without the funding, Cassidy’s workers and suppliers will lose their jobs and thousands of dollars. So, he begs for more time, but Marla won’t budge. Colin promises to get the work on time and texts Cassidy, but she doesn’t respond.

Following Kendra’s advice, Allie goes to a portfolio review and takes Cassidy’s spot and name badge. Allie sets down her portfolio with Cassidy’s name tag and walks away. Colin sees Cassidy’s name on top of the portfolio and thinks it belongs to Cassidy, so he takes it and leaves the review. Allie chases after Colin and explains that the portfolio is hers, so Colin apologizes and compliments her designs. Colin says he can’t get in touch with Cassidy. Allie tries to admit the truth, but Colin cuts her off with a proposition. If Allie creates designs for Cassidy, he will fund Allie’s fashion line. At first, Allie says no because she feels like it’s theft. After talking with her mother, Allie considers it ghost-designing. And it could make a name for her. As Colin and Allie work together to save Cassidy’s business, Allie keeps the phone number mishap to herself. And Colin feeds Allie’s dreams with no concept of how to make it happen without alerting Marla. Can their budding love handle the truth?

This movie wraps a familiar storyline into a current technology flub. A new number can cause problems for months as people call looking for the original owner. Allie isn’t the only person with a secret. Colin withholds a secret from Allie, and it’s not her design deal. The fallout from their secrets feels unrecoverable. And let’s not forget the subplot between Arturo and Kendra. These lovebirds hit it off from the beginning but worry about the other finding out about their past. While the plot feels overdone, it’s a creative fete with a contemporary twist.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Those are classic insults – Allie

I’m sure she has a rational explanation for taking off – Colin

You actually have to own something to have a will – Cassidy

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Christmas in Toyland – Review

Christmas in Toyland – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Charlie gets a text that her boss, Gertrude, called an emergency meeting and runs to the office. Her friend and co-worker, Stephanie, greets Charlie with fear about the upcoming conference. They walk into the conference room and see the board of directors with Gertrude. Charlie’s numbers prove the brick-and-mortar stores have been in a steep decline for several years. David wants to close all the stores and move everything online. Charlie’s heart sinks because she knows hundreds of employees will lose their job just before the holidays. Charlie interjects with data about store 24. That retailer has a steady growth in sales, but David thinks that store is an outlier. Charlie requests that Gertrude allows her to study store 24 and see what makes them different. Then, they can replicate their method and save all the stores. Gertrude says yes, but the assignment must be complete by Christmas eve.

After an awkward introduction, Charlie and Grant, the manager, talk about the store, but she doesn’t tell Grant everything. She doesn’t inform him that his shop, and all the others, may close soon. Instead, she wants to apply his strategy company-wide to generate more sales. Grant doesn’t want to babysit a corporate talking head, but Charlie promises to be an inconspicuous fly on the wall. It doesn’t take long for Charlie to be a gnat. When Charlie sees Grant isn’t warming up to her, she asks Grant’s assistant manager, Marta, for help. Marta hints that candy cane bark from Grant’s favorite store is the perfect bribe. Izzy, the candy store owner, gives some of the bark to Charlie but says the rest are for her brother, Grant. They laugh over the coincidence, and Izzy tells Charlie that Grant needs more time. Grant is old school but his methods work.

Charlie gives the gift to Grant and watches Grant operate. However, Grant isn’t revealing his secrets fast enough. So Charlie tells Grant the truth. Grant panics because he cares about his employees. He vows to help Charlie learn his strategies and save the other stores. But can they beat the snake in the grass, David?

This movie has the setup and challenges that are familiar to Hallmark fans. However, it differs with a bit of fortune for Grant and Charlie. Destiny pulled these two together. Everyone can see it, but someone uses elf dust to wish for it. However, this film does a 180-turn at the end. It creates an unexpected outcome but gives its leading characters the best solution for their lives.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Algorithms need data to push trends. Our stores set them – Charlie

I would call you a saint, but that would be admitting that I’m the inferior sibling. So I won’t – Izzy

It’s not about the business. It’s about the kids – Grant

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