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Flowers in the Attic: The Origin: Part 3 – Review

Flowers in the Attic: The Origin: Part 3 – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Olivia wilts under Malcolm’s control after losing her son, Mal, and defers everything to Malcolm. She looks to Malcolm when Alicia comes back, breaking their agreement. Malcolm is furious until learning Alicia has cancer. She wants Malcolm to care for her son, Christopher, like they are caring for her daughter, Corrine. Corrine doesn’t know that Alicia is her birth mother. Malcolm says yes, but Christopher must work in the fields to earn his college tuition for medical school. Alicia agrees to the arrangement. Within months, Olivia gets a letter from Christopher stating that Alicia died and he is coming.

Corrine focuses on her debutante ball. She wants a new dress from town, not one of Malcolm’s mother’s dresses. But she needs money and Malcolm’s permission. Olivia tells Corrine to talk to Malcolm. Corrine plays her father like a fiddle and gets Joel to drive her. While discussing stockings, Corrine takes hers off and flings it. A handsome stranger picks it up and hands it to Corrine. He apologizes for being forward and asks the seamstress to fix his button. Corrine and the man flirt until he leaves. Christopher walks into Foxworth Hall, and Olivia introduces him to Joel and Corrine as their uncle. However, Corrine recognizes Christopher as her handsome stranger. She won’t let their bloodline stop their romance.

Joel plays the piano, much to Malcolm’s chagrin, but Malcolm doesn’t know that Joel serenades his lover, Harry. They talk about running away together, but they don’t have money. And Joel knows Malcolm won’t let him near his trust until Joel’s 25th birthday. So Joel gives Harry an expensive watch and a kiss. Malcolm walks in, sees the kiss, and walks out. He blames Olivia for Joel’s interest in men because she let Joel play the piano. Malcolm vows to fix it. When Joel and Harry ask for Olivia’s support, she consults Malcolm. He has the cops arrest Harry and Joel committed. 

Olivia becomes a willing participant in Malcolm’s control over her family. Everyone in her life, except Malcolm, asks Olivia to stand up for herself. But she won’t. It takes torture for Olivia to see the error in her ways. Before the world comes crashing down, Olivia has to cross a burned bridge to save one of her children. However, Olivia doesn’t see the evil creeping into Corrine’s life. Will anyone escape this house of horrors with their sanity in check?

Based on Garden of Shadows and the third part of the series, this movie doesn’t disappoint (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Some characters add a new level of filth and deception to the saga. Corrine knowingly flirts with her uncle, Christopher, but doesn’t know he is her half-brother. Malcolm lusts over Corrine and his mother while berating Olivia, and Mrs. Steiner returns with two blackmailing offers. Nevertheless, Olivia is the worst because she goes from an abused woman to a willing accomplice. Even when she decides to stand up to Malcolm, she gives into him for the Foxworth name. The costumes and social graces fit into the timeline perfectly, and the plot mentions ‘The Crash‘ to hint at the film’s era. The final dancing scene between Malcolm and Olivia maybe be hard to take because of the camera’s spinning. Otherwise, this movie is one to gossip about with friends.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I became an observer in my own home – Olivia

I am here to resolve it – Alicia

You’re cruel. Why won’t you tell me about her – Corrine

I’ll forgive your bad impression, if you’ll forgive me – Christopher

Well done – Malcolm

Where are you? – Joel

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Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Marriage – Review

Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Marriage – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Robin gets the family together to discuss the latest news: Webb is alive. Now, they have to figure out what Webb wants. Divorce is not an option because it will cause Jones’s lucrative business dealings to come to a halt. However, a marriage can work both ways and open more doors for Robin and Webb. Instead of waiting for Webb to make the first move, Pam tells Robin to go after Webb.

Tara sits with Pam to discuss her conversation with the police about her teacher’s death. The police think it was a heart attack, but Tara isn’t sure because the officer talked about Tara’s relationship with Rick. Tara admits to Pam about the affair but is adamant she didn’t kill him. However, Tara believes Eve is the killer because Tara asked Rick to seduce Eve for information. Pam refuses to believe her long-lost daughter could be a criminal, but Pam vows to help Tara. And Tara won’t give up her search for Eve’s actual identity.

Pam lets down her guard and meets Stephen to apologize. She admits to wanting him, and they spend the night together. In the afterglow of a passionate night, Pam asks about Stephen’s brother, Joey. He is a lieutenant at the police department. She wants Joey to get information about Rick’s autopsy. This request won’t be the only favor Pam asks of her new ally.

Carrie and Lance worry that the police will blame one, if not both, for Leo’s assault. With Webb, Lance’s estranged father, in the shadows, they need to get the spotlight off of them but don’t know how. Also, Leo was involved in many underhanded dealings that could hurt the Joneses, especially Carrie. 

Kayla can’t focus on her personal or professional life because her ex-fiance, William, and miscarriage haunt her. Carter, Kayla’s new beau, encourages her to see a therapist. Kayla doesn’t think it will help because she has had therapists all her life. To help her relationship, Kayla decides to go. At the office, she admits to her issues and prescription at the beginning of the session. However, the remedy will shock Kayla and bring her back full circle.

With all the Jones women on high alert professionally, their private lives intertwine with deception, blackmail, and betrayal. Anyone else would crack, but the Jones women come together to fight their enemies. One travels across the globe to protect her sister. But with a backstabber, a con-artist, and a kidnapper on their stylish heels, can the Jones women overcome?

In line with its previous movies, this one answers some questions while creating more. You learn more about Eve, Sheldon, and Leo, but the mystery of Lance, Web, and Robin widens. With all the drama, this episode focuses on family bonds. Although Robin is their stepmother, Pam and Tara run to her first when they are in trouble. Pam, Carrie, and Kayla stand by Robin’s side when Webb confronts her. Pam is reluctant to admit it, but she believes Robin grew to love Pam’s father, Theodore. This show of family ties makes this film one of its most endearing displays of love. So, fasten your seatbelts, darling. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. 

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You mess with us, we come for you – Pam

I didn’t kill him if that’s what you’re thinking – Tara

Well at least that’s one problem taken care of, at least for now – Carrie

What’s his damn plan, Sheldon – Robin

Everything is his style – Kayla

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Lies My Sister Told Me – Review

Lies My Sister Told Me – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jennifer walks into the mental institution, and the nurses rave about Jennifer’s book. While her latest books don’t hold a candle to her first, Jennifer is still on the best-sellers list. Jennifer enters Tracy’s room. Tracy is Jennifer’s identical twin sister, and Jennifer offers Tracy some clothes and kind words before strolling to the door. Then, Tracy leaps off the bed, puts Jennifer in a headlock, and jabs a needle in Jennifer’s neck. When Jennifer wakes up, she is lying in Tracy’s bed and wearing Tracy’s clothes. She tries to convince the staff she is not Tracy, but they don’t believe her. They overheard Tracy rambling these tales before. Outside the hospital after decades, Tracy tries to navigate Jennifer’s life. But Jennifer’s work, obligations, and blackmail leave Tracy on a razor’s edge. Tracy attempts to hide her secret from Jennifer’s assistant, daughter, and fans, but she has no idea the secret Jennifer hides from her. 

This film is an intense slow burn to a confusing but satisfying ending. For 95% of the movie, you will wonder what the lie is. However, you will need to DVR the film and play it back several times for a complete understanding. There are flashbacks, but they will confuse you more without context. For those with extreme bloodlust, the body count is low. However, if you like a mystery with a Sherlock ending, this is the movie for you (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I hope I can live up to their expectations – Tracy

It is real. She stabbed me in the neck with a hypodermic needle – Jennifer

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Love, Fashion, Repeat – Review

Love, Fashion, Repeat – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Fashion designer Lisa faces some challenges. Rumors say that retailers want to drop her clothing line, and her biography is on hold. Lisa sits with her publisher, Felicity, and discusses ways to move forward. Felicity says the book is flat and reads like an instructional book. They want to link Lisa with a biographer, Colin, to create a dynamic reading experience. Lisa tells Felicity that she will answer a few of Colin’s questions and leave. However, Colin has an immersive approach and prefers to be at Lisa’s side to get to know her better. Lisa knows Felicity is holding back something, so she asks Felicity what Colin gets out of the deal. For years, Felicity wanted Colin to finish his book. But after his wife passed, Colin put his novel aside and focused on his daughter, Kira. Felicity hopes working on Lisa’s book will motivate Colin to finish his. Will the collaboration ignite a burning passion inside of them?

The film is straightforward and doesn’t generate much interest. It tries to stir emotions with a father-daughter relationship, bonded by death, but it falls flat. It doesn’t rely on humor but counts on fashion to drive the story. The fashion line is another flop. Like the film, the overall concept is well thought out but poorly executed. Save this on your film back burner.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Can he do it and not drive me crazy – Lisa

Well, perspective’s everything – Colin

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Campfire Christmas – Review

Campfire Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

In December, Peyton walks into her boss’s office and asks for Mona’s critique of her manuscript. Mona says it’s good, but it’s missing a personal angle to make readers connect. Mona tells Peyton to try again and write something from the heart. If she wants her book published, Peyton will need to complete it by August. Peyton visits her parents, Frank and Lily, and gets some news. They are closing their summer camp and retiring. When Peyton expresses taking it over, they remind her that her heart isn’t into it, and it’s a lot of responsibility. Peyton agrees. Her parents decided to do one last Christmas in July at the camp for all the past campers. Peyton can’t contain her happiness, but she has one problem: Thomas. Thomas was her camp crush, but he broke up with her because he didn’t want a long-distance relationship.

Peyton eats lunch with her other camp friends, now married, Janice and Dave. They own an outdoor adventure company and previously met in camp. Their friend, Beckett, an actor, is coming, and he started acting at Camp Evergreen. Peyton realizes that they all got their start at Evergreen, and it inspires Peyton to write about it. She will go to the camp and write about the campers then and now. It will give her manuscript the personal touch it needs. Peyton arrives but gets a shock when Thomas shows up with a plan. A plan to get her back.

Flashbacks save this movie. Throughout the film, you see flashbacks that spark relationships, friendships, and rivalries between the campers. Some issues are unresolved, like Peyton and Thomas. While Beckett misinterpreted his biggest camp issue, Janice and Dave have a new one. Beckett’s camp and acting rival, Chris, is there, and Beckett plans on showing Chris up for the director’s position. Janice wants to start a family, but she can see Dave is uncomfortable. With everything going on, Peyton waits to hear about her new manuscript. Peyton envies her friends’ lives because she feels they have it together. However, she learns they all have worries. This film is predictable, but it’s funny.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

The star has arrived – Beckett 

Well, that is a greeting. And it is your name – Janice

If I could only warn young Peyton not to fall so hard – Peyton

I’m sorry. I feel like that came out weird – Thomas

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