#ThorLoveAndThunder – Movie Reviews

Thor: Love and Thunder – Budget of $185 million – 1 hour and 59 minutes

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Gorr walks the deserts of his land with his daughter. He prays for his God to bring food and water for his child, but she dies in his arms. As he weeps on her grave, an oasis appears. Gorr jumps in the water and eats the fruit while his God laughs at him. Gorr’s God celebrates killing a killer of Gods. Gorr asks his God why he didn’t assist him and his daughter. His God admits he didn’t care and can find new followers. Gorr’s God grabs Gorr by the throat and slowly strangles him. Gorr renounces his God and then summons the killer’s weapon, Necrosword, to him and slays the God. He vows to become the new God Killer and murder every God and their followers.

After defeating Thanos and his army, Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy to defend the universe. The battles are simple for this God of Thunder. So he plants Stormbreaker and waits for a Guardian to ask for help while looking for inner peace. After Thor finishes another battle leaving the Guardians useless, they looked for more distressed planets. And Thor spots Sif. Gorr murdered her God, and now the people are dying. Star-Lord thinks they should split up to cover more planets, and Thor agrees. Thor and Korg go to Sif and find her injured on the battlefield. She warns Thor that Asgard is Gorr’s next stop. Thor, Korg, and Sif head to Asgard.

Dr. Jane Foster wrote a book and is a leader in her field, but she spends more time researching her stage 4 cancer than the stars. Only Erik and Darcy know about the disease. Then, Jane hears Mjolnir calling her name. She travels to Asgard, a vacation destination, and searches for the shattered pieces of Mjolnir. In Asgard, King Valkyrie spends more time on politics than battle. She ensures Asgard’s growth while preserving its history.

Thor, Korg, and Sif return to Asgard and discover it under attack. Gorr summoned shadow monsters to attack the Asgardians. Thor grabs Stormbreaker for battle but sees a familiar object ripping through creatures. It’s Mjolnir. Thor calls the hammer towards him, but it’s under the control of someone else: Jane, The Mighty Thor. They exchange brief hellos and continue their battle. However, they don’t notice other shadow monsters stealing the Asgard children until it’s too late.

As Valkyrie, Jane, and Thor create a plan to rescue the kids, Axl, Heimdall’s son, connects to Thor using his inherited gifts. Through Axl’s eyes, Thor can see the children inside a Shadow Realm cave. Thor wants to rescue them, but Jane feels it’s a trap because Gorr will be all-powerful and in control in the Shadow Realm. Thor needs to raise an army worth of the Gods to defeat Gorr. Valkyrie and Thor exchange a look. They know the best place to summon a God’s army is Omnipotent City and then asking Zeus. They can rescue the Asgardian children and defeat Gorr with Zeus’s army. Thor doesn’t understand that fighting a war is easy, but battling for love will kill.

During the opening credits, viewers get a glimpse into the battles of the Asgardians of the Galaxy. While they have their strengths, Thor and Stormbreaker can win any battle quickly, but Thor can’t find the purpose he sought after leaving in Endgame. Star-Lord tells Thor that he needs something to love to find meaning in the world. In this movie, you will see what caused Thor and Jane’s break-up before Thor: Ragnarok and Thor’s tattoo. This film adds insight into the past while giving hints to the overarching antagonist of these MCU phases. So keep your eyes open. Let’s not forget that the script introduces us to more Young Avengers. The movie is off-the-charts with well-crafted CGI and flawless fight choreography. During the Shadow Realm fight scene, the contrast of the black and white world with the color from the clashing weapons is worth the 3D price. This battle took a lot of painstaking detail to create. It stands out because the plot uses other fights for comedic effect. Unlike other Thor movies, this film gives the characters a satisfying and heart-warming conclusion. And stick around for two post-credit scenes that offer a new villain and a new life.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You are no god. I renounce you – Gorr

In the battle of love, Thor lost – Korg

You got sap all over it – Rocket

I am Groot – Groot

Yeah, but now you understand wormholes – Jane

I’m putting them down – Nebula

Let’s go – Drax

Who’d you piss off now – Valkyrie

Love – Thor

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