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The Walls are Watching – Review

The Walls are Watching – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Erica looks on a bank’s website and sees her dream home on the foreclosure list.  She wants her husband of 3 months, Mitch, to bid on it because she thinks it will be the first step to starting their family.  The next day, Mitch goes to the auction and wins.  While it’s a little over what he wanted to pay, he is happy to get the house.  The auctioneer, Mr. Sims, congratulates Mitch.

Erica and Mitch move in and start making changes.  Mitch takes down the porch swing, and Erica unpacks.  They turn in after a long day and prepare to sleep but get a knock at the door.  It’s Theodore, the previous owner, and he wants to say bye to the home.  They allow him in, but Theodore admits to having an ulterior motive.  He wants to buy it from them.  Theodore doesn’t have what they paid for it but pooled most of the money.  After a string of bad luck, Theodore lost the home he built for his family.  Now that his family is gone, the house is all Theodore has left of them.  While Erica and Mitch empathize, they refuse to sell Theodore their home.  Theodore tells them he is persistent, laughs, and leaves.  But it’s not the last time they will see him.  Theodore has a secret room in the home and framed Mitch for Mr. Sims’s murder.  Now, he only has Erica standing in his way.  Theodore will stop at nothing to get his family home back.

This movie provides enough suspense to keep you watching and laughing.  It starts with a heartfelt plea from Theodore that will leave you near tears.  Then, as Erica predicted, Theodore goes from depression to psychosis in a few days.  Erica tries her therapy techniques on him, but nothing works.  And during her ordeal, Mitch goes through drama too.  A detective comes to Mitch’s office and grills him about Mr. Sims’s hit-and-run death.  Mitch is in the back of a police car pleading a case of innocence within a commercial break.  Lifetimers, be prepared for a dumb cop, clumsy heroine, and crying madman; you will get a taste of them all, plus two dead bodies.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m not old, sir.  I haven’t given up – Theodore

I think I need a raise, and you need more patience – Mitch

He’s really hurting Mitch – Erica 

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What Lies Behind Closed Doors? – Review

What Lies Behind Closed Doors? – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kimberly and Gabe stroll down the bridge and talk about her upcoming interview.  Since Kimberly’s roommate broke their lease early, Kimberly needs to find a job she can handle while writing her thesis.  And being a nanny feels like the right fit.  Gabe isn’t sure about the job and offers money to help.  But Kimberly says no and goes to the interview.

Kimberly arrives at the interview early, and Caroline happily takes notice.  They sit and chat before Caroline’s husband, Steven, and son, Jasper, enter.  Caroline will be leaving town on Monday.  She needs someone to pick Jasper up from school and watch him until Steven gets home.  Caroline’s urgent need stuns Kimberly, but Kimberly takes the job after connecting with Jasper.

When Kimberly has ice cream to spare, she calls Caroline to ask permission to bring some over to Jasper.  Caroline says yes.  Kimberly puts the ice cream on the counter and hears noises from another room.  Kimberly finds Steven passionately kissing Serena, Jasper’s former Spanish teacher.  Kimberly runs out of the house and accidentally alerts Steven.  Steven looks around the home to find no one.  He worries Serena’s ex-boyfriend, Nick, was in the home because Nick is an obsessed stalker.  Kimberly realizes she is late to pick up Jasper for the first time.  Kimberly rushes to get him and tries to stop him from entering the home.  Steven shocks Kimberly when she discovers him alone.

Later, Kimberly calls Caroline to report being late but not the affair.  Caroline breathes a sigh of relief after hearing Kimberly’s confession.  And much to Kimberly’s surprise, Kimberly still has a job.  Kimberly considers herself lucky until Detective Alex starts to ask questions about Serena.  Someone murdered her, and he is investigating everyone in Serena’s life.  Behind this unassuming family are betrayal, psychosis, and gossip, and Kimberly unwittingly enters a viper pit of suburban lies.

Like most families, everything on the surface of Caroline and Steven’s home looks idyllic.  Kimberly is confident she found the best job but her bubble bursts when she sees Steven and Serena.  From that moment on, the script attempts to make everyone look guilty.  But Lifetimers can see the writing on the wall.  You will watch to see how one diabolical plan comes undone.  This movie is intriguing with a stalker, a mistress, and an unhinged relative.  You slowly cross each person off your list until the story confirms your first choice.  This film is a compelling albeit predictable watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Well, you can definitely trust me – Kimberly

You know you’re perfect for us. You know all the right things to say – Caroline

It’s a lot of work – Steven

Don’t be late next time – Jasper

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Kiss the Cook – Review

Kiss the Cook – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kacey is a food blogger with an impressive following.  Her fans know Kacey for her colorful and attainable dishes.  She wants to grow her brand but doesn’t know how to do it.  After putting her phone before her friend, Vee, Kacey promises to put it away.  Vee grabs Kacey’s phone and sees a text from Kacey’s ex-boyfriend, Francois.  Kacey admits she hopes to mend the relationship, but Vee isn’t so sure.  

Gavin is the head chef at a local restaurant.  He wants to focus on sustainable farm-to-table items, but the manager wants the latest trends.  When his Uncle Leo visits the restaurant, Gavin tells Leo that he wants to start the next phase in his career.  Gavin wants to write a cookbook and incorporate some of his mother’s recipes.  Leo, a publisher, says it’s not the right time to introduce new authors.  The publishing industry is slumping, and they need more established authors with guaranteed book sales.  Gavin understands.

Leo works at his desk when a co-worker walks in with an idea.  Influencers have a built-in audience.  If they offer an influencer a book deal, the sales and followers could save Leo’s company.  They go through a stack of possibilities and select Kacey.  Leo tries one of her recipes and calls Gavin.  

Before meeting with Leo, Kacey goes to a coffee shop, orders a drink with lots of toppings, turns around, and spills it on Gavin.  She apologizes profusely, but he shoos her away and gets his drink.  They meet at Leo’s office to discuss Kacey’s deal.  Leo will extend an offer, but she must use Gavin as a consultant.  Leo thinks Kacey needs help refining her palette.  Kacey says yes after careful consideration about expanding her brand.  If Gavin works with her, it will guarantee a book deal for himself.  Can Gavin and Kacey get along to put the book together with different styles? Only love will tell.

This movie is a classic romance with all the troupes we know.  You have the scheming ex-lover, force cooperation, and misunderstanding.  With colorful avocado toastblue tea, and lavender cupcakes, don’t be surprised if you salivate during this film.  Also, the subplot with Vee and Thomas, a barista, is charming.  Let’s not forget that you will learn a way to make natural food coloring.  This film won’t be a favorite, but it’s worth a lazy afternoon viewing.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I’m sorry, but who are you – Kacey

You know I don’t share food, Sweetie – Francois

I have plenty of fun with food – Gavin

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A Tail of Love – Review

A Tail of Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Bella owns and operates her family’s dog rescue.  They work with retired K-9 and military dogs to get them acclimated into society.  Their latest rescue is Indi, short for Independence, but Indi’s paperwork is missing.  Bella promises to work with Indi as much as possible until then.  Bella’s grandmother, Lily, warns Bella not to get too close to the dogs. 

Indi breaks away from Maddie, a rescue worker, and runs toward a guest, JR, during a luncheon.  Bella quickly grabs Indi and introduces herself.  They make a polite greeting, and Bella runs to the podium.  She thanks all the guests, especially their most enduring and charitable donor, Stockard Pet Food Company.  After her speech, Bella looks for JR but can’t find him.  

Later in the week, Bella opens the mail to see that Stockard won’t donate to the Rescue Center anymore.  Lily doesn’t believe it because she and the owners are best friends.  Bella decides to go to Stockard and work things out.  Upon arriving, Bella sees JR.  JR was the heir to Stockard, but he decided to leave the family business and join the military ten years ago.  He decided to sell the business to Rachel.  JR had no idea Rachel decided to pull funding from Bella.  When Bella sees Rachel, Bella confronts her with controlled determination.  Rachel tells Bella that the rescue is not a part of the new business plan.  And then, Rachel hands Bella another letter.  Since Bella’s home and the center is on Stockard land, they must vacate in 60 days.  Rachel wants to bulldoze their home and center.  Shocked, Bella runs to Lily to talk about the property.  Lily assures Bella that she bought the house and land from Mr. and Mrs. Stockard years ago.  She knows there is a deed but doesn’t remember where her late husband put it.  Because of a fire, there are zero county records about the sale.  

When Bella tells JR, he feels a call to action to help Bella and protect his family’s philanthropic legacy.  He vows to do whatever it takes to help Bella find the deed and a home for Indi. But will their fight for justice guide them to love?

 This cuddly film will be a hit with military and dog lovers.  And Rachel is a rival for a modern-day Cruella DeVil.  She may not want to kill the puppies, but she wants them gone from her land.  While the writing is on the wall for Bella and JR, the deed’s location will keep you invested in this film.  This movie isn’t an instant classic, but it’s watchable, fun cinema that sheds light on K-9 PTSD

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Did you scare him away – Bella

No boyfriend, no love.  Besides the dogs, of course – JR

I don’t pay you to work on it.  I pay you to get things done – Rachel

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