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Single Black Female – Review

Single Black Female – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After delivering her father’s eulogy, Monica deals with her loved ones.  Her mother, Denise, critiques Monica’s speech.  Monica’s boyfriend, Andre, wants to get her in bed and-or drunk.  Monica’s best friend, B.B., comes to her rescue with laughter and love.  A few days later, Monica has an update for B.B.  Monica broke up with Andre after receiving an anonymous D.M. of Andre cheating at a club.  B.B. can’t believe it, but she is happy Monica threw the dud out. 

Monica and her co-host, Elodie, learn that Clarke Montgomery is stepping down.  And Clarke’s talk show is up for grabs.  They both want the position but promise it won’t interfere in their friendship.  Eric, the new floor director, helps Monica take off her microphone while flirting, and a producer updates her before Monica heads back to her office.  While Monica was away grieving her father, her assistant left.  They replaced Monica’s assistant with Simone, a new hire.  Monica can’t believe they hired someone without her input but retreats to greet Simone in her office.  

Simone is excited to work for Monica and knows everything about her.  Ill-tempered Monica gives Simone the rest of the evening off.  Later, Monica goes outside and sees Simone on her porch.  Simone explains that she moved in next door while Monica’s neighbor, Ms. Fletcher, continues her vacation.  They discuss Andre, and Monica invites Simone into her home for drinks.  They laugh, talk, cry, and drink the night away.  And when Monica wakes up, Simone is making her breakfast. While Monica thinks Simone is the perfect assistant, B.B. has reservations.  B.B. wants to do a background check on Simone, but B.B. has no idea the demons she will uncover.  

A reboot of the 1992 cult classic, based on SWF Seeks Same by John Lutz, only copies the movie’s creepy factor.  Everything else in the film is brand new.  So don’t watch with the preconceived notion of getting a retelling of the original.  This plot is 100% different.  You will watch in shock, awe, and horror as Simone manipulates her way into Monica’s life.  And her evil knows no bounds.  It’s something you have to watch to believe.  Sit back and get your wine ready.  Tea won’t be strong enough.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You better beat her ass like she stole from you – B. B.

If you wanna see the rainbow, then you gotta deal with the rain – Monica

Correction, how I like it and how you need it – Andre

Monica, you should let me explain – Simone

Things were always right before you came along – Denise

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The Wrong High School Sweetheart – Review

The Wrong High School Sweetheart – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Danielle feels neglected once again when her fiancé, Todd, wants to skip marriage counseling.  Six months ago, they called off their wedding because his dad was sick.  Now, Todd’s father is healthy, but they haven’t set a new wedding date.  And Danielle admits to their therapist that she and Todd have not been intimate for a while.  The therapist suggests being patient and talking about her feelings with Todd.  After work, Danielle meets with Dee.  Dee and Danielle’s mother used to work together at Danielle’s old high school.  Now, Danielle’s mother is deceased, and Dee is the principal.  Often, Danielle goes to Dee for motherly advice.  She tells Dee about her marital issues, and Dee reminds Danielle that Todd is a good man.  Then, Danielle gets a notification from The Circle app.  An old high school boyfriend named Danny wants to get back in touch with Danielle.  Dee remembers that Danny is intelligent and a handsome athlete but warns Danielle about meeting with him.  As a precaution, Danielle invites Todd to come to their meeting.

The three have a fun night out until a drunk accosts Danielle.  While Todd interjects, Danny gets physical.  Later, Danny invites Danielle to their high school and take a trip down memory lane.  Before they kiss, Dee walks in.  Danny walks away, but Dee tells Danielle she is on thin ice.  And if she doesn’t tread carefully, Danielle could lose Todd.  Danielle heeds the warning and cuts off communication with Danny, but it’s too late.  His obsession started years ago, and he needs Danielle to reclaim his glory.  And Danny will kill anyone who stands in his way.

This chapter of ‘The Wrong’ genre continues with all the craziness you expect.  However, Danielle doesn’t fall into bed with Danny.  She has several people in her corner to guide her in the right direction.  Instead of ignoring them, she listens to and applies their advice.  Also, Danielle calls out Danny’s poor behavior and tries to diffuse the situation.  If there is anything Lifetimers know, it’s that you can’t talk down crazy.  It takes a wack to the head and a well-timed catchphrase to catch this psycho.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

No, you knew him – Nadine

Dani and Danny, together again – Danny

I’m starting to feel like I’m doing something wrong here – Danielle

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Love & Where to Find It – Review

Love & Where to Find It – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lena owns the Kismet Café and hopes to sell her baked goods worldwide someday.  On her way to work with her best friend, Ava, they spot The Vic café is opening around the corner.  The Vic is a national coffee chain, but Lena believes brand loyalty will keep her local customers coming.  She decides not to worry about The Vic and focuses on Ava.  Ava is lovesick and spends her days in bed.  Lena suggests Ava try a dating app.  When Ava asks why Lena doesn’t do the same, Lena says she is too focused on business to think about a relationship.  Lena grabs Ava’s phone, creates a profile on TruMatch, and they start swiping.  Soon, Ava stumbles across Walker and thinks they are perfect for each other.  She is unsure what to do, so Lena suggests Ava give him a ‘like.’

Across town, Jonah is overseeing his next project and relies on his assistant, Walker, to keep him up to date.  While Walker worries the small town businesses will protest their café, Jonah believes any protest will be short-lived.  Then, Walker gets a ping on his phone that he got a new ‘like.’  When he reads Ava’s profile, he is smitten with her.  But he doesn’t know what to say.  Walker just got out of a long-term relationship and now feels out of step with the dating scene.  So Walker gives Jonah his phone and asks Jonah to respond. Jonah crafts a response, and Ava gets the message.  Ava doesn’t think her reply will be good enough, so she gives the phone back to Lena, and Lena crafts a response.  Walker and Ava ask Jonah and Lena to be their proxies.

When Jonah and Lena meet face to face, there is a spark.  But that spark is diminished when Lena uncovers that Jonah’s project is The Vic.  His business will crush hers and bring another soulless corporation to the neighborhood.  Jonah doesn’t want to lose his connection to Lena, so he tries to help.  But when Ava reads Lena’s words to Walker, Ava worries that Lena is falling for Walker.  And Walker feels the same about Jonah and Ava.  Will these couples work it out, or will their worlds face a messy collision course.

This modern-day twist offers the viewers two Cyranos in one film.  At first, Lena and Jonah take their messaging cues from Ava and Walker.  As they have complications with each other in person, Lena and Jonah’s messages get more personal.  You want them to figure it out and fall in love, despite having a feud over their cafés.  It’s Lena’s words that make Jonah help her.  And it’s Jonah’s words that make Lena open to his assistance.  You anticipate when and how they will find out the truth.  And it’s outcome on Walker and Ava’s love story.  This complex but intriguing plot will keep your attention from beginning to end.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Woo, I just got nervous – Ava

As my grandma used to say, there is a lid for every pot – Lena

I think I am in love – Walker

Why would I spy on you – Jonah

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Butlers in Love – Review

Butlers in Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

As a little girl, Emma watched her favorite T.V. show, Plumshire Manor, and dreamed of being a butler.  Today, Emma earned several degrees and learned multiple languages, but a butler school hasn’t accepted her.  With another year, she has another disappointment.  The American Butler Academy didn’t send an acceptance letter again.  Emma drowns her sorrows in sweets and figures out her next steps.

At work, Emma gets a phone call from Charles Willoughby, the dean of the American Butler Academy.  A student dropped out, and Charles wants Emma to fill the spot.  With a scream and a jump, Emma welcomes the invitation to join.  On her first day, Emma meets her roommate, Lisa, and tries to impress the class by carrying a table service for 4.  When she gets all the plates in her hands, Henry swings the door open and bumps her.  Emma drops all the dinnerware but learns a valuable lesson about door proximity.  It isn’t Henry’s only slight against Emma.  He doesn’t prepare, is constantly late, and keeps correcting her.  And worst of all, he’s right.  Lisa explains that Henry is a legacy butler with a close relationship with Charles.  The sheer nepotism of Henry’s presence annoys Emma.

After the first round of classes, Emma is second to last in the butler ranking.  Charles can see that Emma has the fundamentals, but she can’t handle the pressure.  Charles tells Emma that Emma could benefit from Henry’s tutoring. Against her better judgment, she seeks Henry for help.  While Henry assists her pursuit for better butling, she will help Henry fight to make his hobby his trade.

This film is fascinating because it spotlights a job performed in the shadows.  Butlers are often seen and not heard.  However, they can manage an entire estate, prepare a dining table, and direct staff while being impeccably dressed.  They do this job with extreme precision.  Also, the movie points out that their role in the media is embellished or steps over social boundaries.  While the conclusion gives you the expected ending for the love story, it gives you a more fulfilling end with their professional stories.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I do measure – Charles

Hardest part was getting in. Now, we’re here.  We got this – Lisa

Did you apply – Emma

Missed a spot. Actually, you missed like 20 spots – Henry

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