#SpiderManNoWayHome – Movie Review

Spider-Man: No Way Home – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 28 minutes

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Before this review begins, there will be 0 spoilers.  It won’t go beyond what you have seen in the trailers, promise.  Now, with that said, on to the review.

Before Mysterio died, he released a propaganda video revealing the identity of Spider-Man.  J. Jameson put that video out for the world to see.  Peter looks down and sees people hounding MJ. He grabs her and takes her back to his apartment.  He doesn’t know, but he interrupted Aunt May breaking up with Happy.  MJ and Peter try to hide the truth, but it’s on the news, and news helicopters surround Aunt May’s apartment.  Before nightfall, the police bring them to the station for questioning.  While they don’t have enough to hold them, Peter Parker’s lawyer warns him, Aunt May, and Happy that the court of public opinion will try them.  But Peter puts that behind him because he has something more pressing: college admissions.  He, Ned, and MJ all applied to the same schools, with MIT being their dream school.  Zero schools accept them because of their association with Spider-Man.  Ned and MJ tell Peter they don’t care, and they don’t regret his friendship, but Peter can’t let it go.  He walks to Dr. Strange’s brownstone to find a tundra.  Dr. Strange and Wong have a big mess on their hands, but Dr. Strange listens to Peter’s request.  Peter wants to reverse time so people wouldn’t know he was Spider-Man.  Dr. Strange reminds Peter that he doesn’t have the Time stone, but Dr. Strange gets another idea.  The world could forget Peter is Spider-Man.  It’s a big ask, but Dr. Strange starts the spell.  As he is casting it, Peter begins to make changes.  Peter wants certain people, like MJ, Ned, Aunt May, and Happy remember.  Dr. Strange can see the spell becoming unmanageable, so he contains it in a box.  He tells Peter that he can’t believe Peter would risk the universe because MIT wouldn’t reconsider accepting him and his friends.  Peter stops dead in his tracks.  He didn’t know he could talk to MIT about rethinking their admission. 

Dr. Strange walks away from this childish frustration.  Peter tracks down the MIT admissions officer stuck in traffic on a bridge.  As he pleads his case, he gets a Peter Tingle.  Then, Dr. Otto Octavius attacks him.  After a wild, car-dangling battle, Spider-Man overcomes Dr. Octavius.  Dr. Strange changes the boxed spell to send Dr. Octavius back to his universe to meet his fate.   But when Peter learns that fate is death, Peter takes the box.  After a fight in the mirror dimension, Spider-Man gets the boxed spell and the sling ring (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Taking a page from Aunt May’s book, Spider-Man will heal before he hurts.  It was too late then; is it too late to help now?

Wow! Just wow! See this movie before any ruins all the surprises in store for Marvel fans.  This movie will make you jump out of your seat, cry, cheer, and knock your socks off with established and new characters.  Of course, you need to see HomecomingFar From Home, and the last two Avengers movies to keep up (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While all the graphics aren’t great, the storytelling is superb.  Fans will get the Marvel movie they’ve wanted since Far From Home.  This character is the most complex and introspective Spider-Man we have seen.  This movie eases the past while giving Spider-Man the push he needs to become a lone superhero.  And there are two post-credits scenes.  While the first is funny, the second will reveal a glimpse into the new, beautiful, and awe-inspiring future of the MCU.  See this movie ASAP so no one can ruin it for you.  

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t see anything – Happy

If you expect disappointment, you can never be disappointed – MJ

And don’t call me sir – Dr. Strange

Try not to slip.  We don’t have liability insurance – Wong

Sometimes I feel a tingle in my hands – Ned

I just need to catch my breath – Aunt May

Believe me.  The world is watching – J. Jonah Jameson

I’m Peter Parker – Spider-Man

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