#Venom – Movie Review

Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Budget of $100 – 116 million – 1 hour and 52 minutes

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Venom must snack on chickens and chocolate because Eddie won’t go looking for bad guys to eat.  Of course, Venom lets Eddie know how he feels about it.  Detective Mulligan calls Eddie into the precinct because the infamous serial killer, Cletus Kasady, wants to talk to Eddie only.  Detective Mulligan hopes the visit will make Cletus reveal where he hid his victim’s bodies.  At the prison, Cletus asks Eddie to print a message on the front page.  Eddie agrees before he leaves, but Venom slows Eddie down.  Venom notices something on the walls of Cletus’s cell.  In the drawing, Venom discovers the burial site of several of Cletus’s victims.  The city lifts the moratorium on executions, and the state will execute Cletus in a few days.  An upset Cletus writes a postcard to Eddie.  He is upset because Eddie forgot to write about his past, first kills, and abuse.  Cletus blames Eddie for his execution and wants Eddie to witness it.  Eddie doesn’t want to go, but Venom and Detective Mulligan want Eddie to go for one more visit.  Face to face, Cletus and Eddie get into an argument, and Cletus angers Venom.  Venom attacks Cletus, and Cletus bites Eddie.  Cletus can taste something different about Eddie’s blood and ingest it.  At the execution, Cletus’s body starts to fight the chemicals, and he lives.  Then, Carnage attacks the guards and the warden after saving Cletus.  Cletus and Carnage come up with a quid-pro-quo.  Cletus can kill Venom, but only if Carnage helps Cletus find one person: Frances.  With Cletus on the loose, Eddie will need Venom to fight.  Too bad he and Venom broke up.  

This movie continues with all the laughs and violence you expect from Venom.  While the plot strengthens the relationship between Venom and Eddie, it offers another love story with a bloody third wheel and a red wedding.  And let’s not forget Venom’s coming out party.  Venom will say things about Eddie that run through your mind, but some of his dialogue is too garbled to understand.  The sound may take some deciphering, but the visuals are top-notch.  It never gets too cartoonish or too realistic.  Because of that, the graphics don’t distract you and take your focus off the fights and fun.  With so much action in this twisted love story, viewers will get a glimpse into part three.  And only stay past the first set of end credits for a universal collision.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Responsibility is for the mediocre – Venom

Fire and sound? Is that a band? – Dan

They can’t take you for me.  You are my one bright light – Cletus

This is so hot – Frances

Is Venom with you – Ann

I don’t know anymore – Eddie

Let’s get this party started – Carnage

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