#F9 – Movie Reviews

F9: The Fast Saga – Budget of $200 million+ – 2 hours and 25 minutes

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Dom works on a tractor with his son, Brian, assisting him.  When Dom and Letty see a car driving up, they tell Brian to hide and grab their guns.  Then, they hear a familiar voice, Roman.  Roman, Tej, and Ramsey drop by, but it’s not a social call.  They got a distress signal from Mr. Nobody as someone hijacked his plane and took it down.  Ramsey decoded the message and discovered the crash site.  She, Roman, and Tej will visit the site in the morning, but they want Dom and Letty to come with them.  Dom turns them down, but later, Letty decides to go.  Although she doesn’t remember everything, Letty doesn’t feel like the quiet life is them.  She gets on her motorcycle and drives away.  In the morning, Letty, Ramsey, Tej, and Roman board the plane when they hear an American muscle car in the distance.  Dom changed his mind.  They find the crash site and uncovers a locked box that someone tried to cut open.  Ramsey uses her expertise to unlock the box and finds a hemisphere inside.  Before they can examine it, they are under heavy gunfire and flee.  Soon, Roman is between an armored truck and a landmine, and Dom is face to face with his brother, Jakob.  Dom explains that his brother is a spy for hire who drives, shoots, and fights like him.  If Jakob wants the hemisphere, then it must be dangerous and valuable.  Ramsey and Tej confirm Dom’s suspicions.  If a person finds the other hemisphere and the access key to activate it, they will have override software for any object with a computer chip.  By uploading the software to a satellite, Jakob could take over nuclear arms and start World War 3.  The team must split up, one going after the other hemisphere and the second looking for the access key.  Luckily for them, Mr. Nobody left them a clue: Han.

The ninth installment to the Fast and Furious saga continues to push the boundaries of physics while making fun of the craziness (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Far removed from the days of stealing DVD players, these globe-trotting millionaires display feats of strength only displayed by superheroes.  Roman, Tej, and Ramsey discuss if they could be invincible after surviving a tank, a submarine, and a carrier plane.  While this movie has the antics viewers expect, the movie’s focal point is healing the past.  Its opening scene starts with the death of Dom’s father, Jack.  Then, the plot slowly unveils how Dom went to prison, the effect it had on Jakob, and why the brothers split apart.  These emotional moments ground the film back to reality for a few seconds.  Nothing will compete with the passion of the first movie, but this film ties in the previous eight and gives you a glimpse into the future.  So stay past the first set of end credits for a peek at Fast 10.  And seeing the first eight movies helps.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You’re a puppet with someone’s hand up his ass – Cipher

This isn’t who we are – Letty

Is this who we are – Dom

That was not my fault – Ramsey

How are you not dead – Tej

Who’s compensating now, Tej – Roman

I don’t work for the competition – Jakob

You are my sister – Mia

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