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The Baby Stealer – Review

The Baby Stealer – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Seven months after being mugged on the street, Rachel moves to the suburbs with her boyfriend, Peter.  She is pregnant with their first child and hates when Peter treats her like glass.  While Rachel is out of work, Peter suggests Rachel get to know the neighbors.  First, she sees Gary across the street, but he doesn’t acknowledge her presence.  Then, Rachel goes to the bakery and meets Gary’s wife, Grace.  She is a chatty Cathy and reads Rachel’s aura.  After grocery shopping, Rachel meets mommy blogger Yvonne.  Yvonne recently had a baby, but her focus is on her body, and she leaves the baby to the nanny.  Next, Rachel meets Sandy, who believes everyone is strange but harmless.  Soon, Sandy helps put Rachel’s groceries away and decorate the nursery.  Later that night, Rachel hears a noise downstairs.  She grabs a melon and prepares to attack.  But it’s Peter’s controlling mother, Patricia.  Patricia wants Rachel to stay home and give up the idea of working, and Peter doesn’t stand up for Rachel.  One day, Rachel looks out the window and sees Yvonne’s husband kissing the nanny, and Yvonne comes home.  Yvonne comes up the steps and catches them.  Then, Yvonne raises her hand to strike the nanny, but they move out of Rachel’s view.  Rachel calls the police.  The police inform Rachel that the nanny wasn’t there, and Yvonne wants to file a complaint against Rachel.  Now, Rachel is the neighborhood outcast, and her doctor put her on bed rest due to high blood pressure.  But her bed rest becomes house arrest when Patricia moves in to help.  With everyone believing Rachel is slipping into madness, she thinks someone is trying to steal her baby.  Now, can she convince anyone else?

Reminiscent of Rear Window, this movie gets crazier by the minute (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Every neighbor is a bit off, and Rachel only adds to the fire by monitoring them.  But as the old saying goes, ‘Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.’  Now, the movie does provide several options for baby stealers.  But when you hear one character’s backstory, you know this is the person after Rachel.  That backstory changes the plot from Rear Window to an LMN movie.  One poignant facet of this movie is Rachel and Peter’s growth at the end.  They both learn to stand up for themselves and each other. 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Are the suburbs really that bad – Peter

No they have exotic pastries with a hole in the middle.  It’s an abomination – Rachel

I always like to get to know my neighbors – Sandy

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My Sweet Holiday – Review

My Sweet Holiday – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After losing a big client, Sadie returns to Westwood Hills.  She’s ready to leave the marketing world behind and work in her parents’ candy shop for the holidays.  Then, her parents drop a bomb.  They are selling the business and retiring.  Sadie doesn’t believe her parents are old enough, but they want to have fun and travel.  Sadie believed her parents would give the shop to her someday, so she is heartbroken to be left out.  She goes to the candy shop to meet with her father and the new buyer, Alex.  Sadie believes Alex is off to a bad start because he’s late.  Most chocolatiers wake up early in the morning to create their confections.  When Alex arrives, Sadie tells him he must learn how to create the chocolates they make in the store.  They start with the truffle.  Her father laughs as Sadie gives Alex the history of the truffle.  While they cook, Alex questions why they don’t outsource their candy so they can carry more.  She explains this how her father did it, and she will keep it going.  Alex buckles down and starts to learn.  Then Sadie gets an idea, and she wants to throw her parents a retirement party.  She believes it will be easy, and she can make each guest a personal gingerbread house.  Teaching and party planning get off to a great start until Sadie gets her parents’ guest list.  They have more than 100 people attending.  Sadie will have to do something she has never done before, depend on others.  With the challenge, Sadie will rediscover her talent for making candy while falling for Alex.

This movie will leave you with more questions than answers.  For example, what happened to Michael, Sadie’s ex-boyfriend.  He decided to stay overseas to party with his co-workers but came back later.  He left Sadie a message, but she ghosted him.  While that is the typical thing to do nowadays, that’s not explained in the story.  And that’s just one example.  Now don’t be mistaken, this movie will whet your appetite, and the main characters have chemistry.  But you will find yourself hungry and confused as the credits roll.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I thought you said it wasn’t a party – Sadie

Well, I’m a willing student – Alex

Did you clean up the mess – Francine

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Christmas at the Castle – Review

Christmas at the Castle – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

With two weeks until Christmas, the latest perfume is underperforming, and Blair’s boss wants to know why.  But Blair doesn’t have any answers.  However, Blair suggests coming up with a fragrance, but her boss stops her mid-sentence and laughs at her.  Blair goes home, and a Donation Santa tells Blair that her time will come.  Blair tries to figure out what to do next to get sales booming, and then she gets a knock at the door.  Blair opens the door and finds a package with a bottle of perfume inside.  The scent is called Heart of the Holidays, and it comes from Glenmorie perfumery.  The aroma is heavenly, and Blair presents it to her boss.  Her boss tells Blair to find the owner, buy the formula, and have it on shelves immediately.  Blair wants to say no, but her boss gives her the opportunity of a lifetime.  If she can get the formula, her boss will let Blair create a fragrance for the company, so Blair says yes and is on the next flight to Scotland.  She arrives at the hotel with inappropriate shoes and quickly become frustrated with the accommodations.  The WIFI is spotty, and there is no hot water.  She finds the first person with an accent and complains.  The first person she locates is Alistair, the Earl of Glenmorie.  He pretends to work there and helps her.  The next morning she goes to the perfumery, but no one is there.  Alistair drives up and tells her they are off for the holidays.  Then, he opens the door.  Alistair explains that his job is at the perfumery, not the hotel.  He is willing to show her around.  In their conversation, Alistair tells her that many people have tried to buy the perfumery, but Alistair always said no.  It’s his family legacy, and he doesn’t want to give it up.  Then, he inquires about her presence.  Quickly she lies and says she is with a film company and they want to document the business.  She hopes to gain his graces and talk him into selling.  Too bad Blair is falling in love with him.  But she has some competition.  Lady McLeod was disappointed to learn her daughter, Kirsten, broke up with Alistair.  Now, Kirsten discovered the error of her ways, and she wants him back.  Her mother will try every trick in the book to get Alistair and Kristen back together and drive Blair away. 

This movie is slow and the typical plotline for the holiday-prince story.  Now, it did try to add something new by making the prince an earl, but it’s not enough.  Feeling inspired by Cinderella, the maid Tabby is the most intriguing person in the story (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Even with the meddling parents and the spiteful ex-girlfriend, it’s not enough to make you watch.  You can skip this movie this holiday season.  

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I doubt that – Blaire

We do take Christmas very seriously around here – Alistair

Well, accidents do happen – Lady McLeod

Well, you can’t go in there looking like that – Tabby

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First Christmas – Review

First Christmas – OWN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Author Halle got an envelope from a law firm.  Inside, it contains a letter from her grandmother and a DNA test kit (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Her grandmother informs her that her father, Howard, passed away.  She has an inheritance, but she must take the DNA test to confirm her identity.  Halle’s parents put her up for adoption the day she was born, but she was never adopted, lived in foster care, and aged out of the system.  She still talks to her social worker, Eugene, today, but she doesn’t have any other family.  She puts the envelope aside and sits at her computer screen.  Her publisher, Sabrina, pushes her to write her next book in the Christina series.  Halle is five months late on delivering material about the superhero that protects foster kids.  She tries to write but can’t come up with anything new.  Eugene tells Halle to reach out to her family because it could inspire her, so she takes the tests and waits for the results.  And two weeks later, Halle has three step-siblings and a grandmother.  Her grandmother, known as Memaw, invites her to come to New Orleans for Christmas.  With Eugene’s encouragement, Halle accepts.  She meets Devin at the airport.  He is a family friend and Howard’s mentee.  Halle admits she is nervous, but Devin puts her at ease.  Memaw greets her with open arms and introduces her to Howard’s twins from his first marriage, Tiffany and Glenn.  And Howard’s son, Drew, from his widow, Joan.  Over the next few days, Halle will learn that families are messy, especially when everyone is vying to be number one to a dead man who left more questions than answers.  And his video will doesn’t solve all these family problems.

Be prepared because there is a lot of family emotions and dynamics in this movie.  While Halle’s relationship with her brothers develops into a strong bond, their loyalty is with a woman in the family at odds with Halle.  First, Joan.  Joan feels that the family worked harder to keep her out of the family, so seeing them accept Halle is hurtful.  Also, her son, Drew, connects with Halle instantly.  Second, Tiffany.  Tiffany spent her life as Howard’s only girl, but now she is the second daughter.  She consistently draws Halle in to push her away.  As these two women keep Halle at arm’s length, Halle has Devin and Memaw in her corner.  While falling in love with Halle, Devin solidifies she has a place, even if Joan and Tiffany won’t accept her.  He becomes a sounding board for Howard.  Memaw won’t allow any of the foolishness to continue.  When Halle attempts to apologize, Memaw puts an end to it and tells Halle that they were wrong.  Seeing them stand up for her will make your heart smile.  This film will become a holiday favorite.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

What do you need me to do – Memaw

This requires chocolate – Candace

Glen don’t make me agree with your step mother – Tiffany

One thing your going to learn is families are messy – Devin

Be the board and not just a piece – Drew

Hallie what don’t you do – Joan

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The Christmas High Note – Review

The Christmas High Note – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rachel wants her father, Dennis, to sell his veterinary clinic and retire.  She works there and hopes to use her portion of the money to start a music store.  Also, a doctor diagnosed Dennis as pre-diabetic.  He needs to manage his stress and health or risk death.  Rachel believes giving up the practice is a positive step in the right direction.  After finishing at the clinic, Rachel goes to a restaurant, but they don’t have a reservation for her and her boyfriend, Brad.  As she waits for a table to open, Rachel waits for Brad to come.  By the end of the night, he never shows, and Rachel ends the relationship.  The next day, she goes into a cafe and sees Sophia looking up vocal videos on-line.  Rachel offers her services, but Sophia’s father, Michael, declines.  Rachel leaves, but Michael’s sister, Emma, vouches for Rachel.  So, Michael runs after her and accepts Rachel’s offer to give vocal lessons to Sophia.  Sophia got the lead in the school play, but she worries about reaching the high E in O Come, All Ye Faithful (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Rachel promises that Sophia can get there with practice and by not beating herself up.  Rachel then invites them to a Christmas carnival with a bake sale for the play.  However, bake sales are down, and they still need $2,000 to buy costumes.  So, Michael challenges Rachel to the sale-off, and the loser will pay for dinner.  As the sales fly, so does the sparks.  But when Brad comes to town with a ring, will the sparks die?

The significant moments in this movie are the singing and the love between Dennis and Brad’s mom, Donna. While Brad is a jerk, he makes for an entertaining film. Other than that, this movie doesn’t stand out much in this holiday season. While it has funny aspects, you won’t watch it again. Save this movie if you need a jump start to the holiday. Otherwise, it will get lost in the holiday movie madness.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I have some cookies to buy, from her – Emma

I won’t wait up – Sophia

Here you go, there’s 5.  Keep the change kid – Bradley

Oh yeah.  If its open, then why don’t you go use it – Rachel

I’m predisposed to kick your butt unless you sell me a bag of cookies – Dennis

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Spotlight on Christmas – Review

Spotlight on Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After a public breakup with singer Ryan, Olivia left the bright lights of Hollywood for her childhood home in Valley Hill.  She hasn’t been there in years, but she needs a break from all the heartbreaking press.  Her little sister, Janey, is Olivia’s biggest fan and loves to brag about her.  When Janey doesn’t have everything she needs to make pumpkin pie, Olivia offers to go to the store.  At the store, she sees tabloids with her image and then grabs a hat so she can hide.  But Casey, a high school classmate, spots her, and they catch up.  She assumes he knows about her, but he admits that he doesn’t watch TV.  Casey, an English literature teacher, is into books more than TV.  He wishes he could get his students to appreciate William Shakespeare the way he does (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Olivia can’t believe they don’t love the classics, and she offers to come to the class to get their attention.  Casey accepts her offer and gives her his information and classroom number.  Outside he notices Olivia’s car won’t start, so he offers her a ride home.  She beams after meeting him, then sees an expensive shoe tag outside her parents’ home.  Since it’s not a shoe her mother would wear, Olivia is right to be worried.  The paparazzi followed her to her hometown, and they took pictures of her and Casey.  They are ready to run with the latest gossip.  When she believes she has it all handled, Ryan is around the corner.

This movie follows similar plots in genre.  While it may help some to see the love-hate relationship between actors and the paparazzi, don’t cancel your plans to watch.  If you have the time, this is a gratifying movie, but it doesn’t stand out in the barrage of holiday films.  With so many movies that follow this format, it must find a way to add confident one-liners, memorable characters, or cute kids to get you to watch without distraction.  This film is a watchable movie to kill time between responsibilities.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Single and ready to jingle – Olivia

It’s not intimidating, its inspiring – Casey

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Project Christmas Wish – Review

Project Christmas Wish – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Every year, Lucy puts a wish box in front of her store and allows people to write their wish on a piece of paper.  She works with people in the town to grant as many wishes as possible.  She gets on the radio with Mike and announces the start of Project Christmas Wish for the year.  Max sits at her grandparents’ house and listens diligently.  And later, Max goes to Lucy’s store with her dad, Lucas, and grabs a wish paper.  However, she doesn’t fill it out.  The next time Max is at her grandparents’ cafe, Max asks them to take her to the radio station.  Max’s grandfather takes her to the station, and she makes the wish, in-person, to Lucy.  Max wants the Christmas they had before her mother died.  Max can see her dad is sad, and she believes an old fashioned holiday will make him happy again.  Lucas goes to the radio station with a head full of fury.  He’s upset with his parents and Lucy for allowing Max to make this wish and put it live on the radio without his permission.  Lucy, unphased by Lucas, comes up with Operation Chris-Max Wish.  It’s a list of all the fun activities Max can do with Lucas.  Max has a great time completing the activities, but she still thinks Lucas is sad.  So Max goes back on the radio with an updated wish.  She wants her dad to find love and lets the town know he is available.  Lucas watches outside the radio station, completely petrified.  With the last-minute change, can Lucy deliver this wish along with everyone else’s wish?

Lucas’s reaction to Max’s wish change is worth the price of admission alone.  His emotions change from stunned to fear to embarrassment in 3 seconds.  You will laugh as Max puts Lucas’s life on blast.  When Lucy expresses why she grants wishes, you will be in tears.  She states her family had more month than money.  That statement rings true with so many families today.  Then she expresses her dream for a non-profit that focuses on granting wishes all year round.  You hope she and Max get everything they desire.  This movie will make you smile, cringe, cry, and make a wish.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I believe where there is a wish, there is a way – Lucy

Yeah, that’s part of his charm – Joan

Not so fun to me – Lucas

Max isn’t you – Joyce

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A Christmas Break – Review

A Christmas Break – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After a tumultuous breakup with supermodel Monique, Dylan can’t book a reservation in Hollywood.  His manager, Garth, tells Dylan that this slump isn’t new.  For months, Garth protected Dylan from learning the truth; his career is in a tailspin.  And the public breakup from Monique made it worst.  Then, Garth gets an inside tip that Monique plans to sell a book about their relationship.  Dylan starts to focus on the next stage in his career: directing.  And Garth thinks that’s a good change of pace, but Dylan should start small.  The perfect gig is just a phone call away.  Addison is the principal of Mission City Middle School, and she got unfortunate news.  The city plans to close her school and bus kids to neighboring schools.  If she can raise enough funds for the next five years, the school can stay open.  At first, she doesn’t know how to get the money.  She looks at a gossip rag and gets an idea.  Dylan is a Mission City alumnus, and if she can have him direct their Christmas play, it will go viral.  Fans will support him by supporting the school.  Addison tries to call him but can’t get through, so the drama teacher, Phil, looks up Dylan’s manager.  With her friend and coworker Judy’s encouragement, Addison calls Garth.  She calls him 37 times.  Finally, Garth picks up with Dylan listening.  She tells Garth doing this will bring positive press for Dylan and boost his career with directing experience.  Dylan decides to do it, but as Addison and Dylan get close, tornado Monique will knock down everything in her path.

This film is a cute movie with adorable kids.  While you won’t like Monique’s character, she is the bit of spice this story needs.  Otherwise, it’s the typical Hallmark movie on Lifetime.  Some scenes will grab your attention, but it won’t hold it.  This movie can be background noise or save it for a rainy day.  It has some laughs but not enough to take up space on your DVR.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You mean underperformed – Dylan

This isn’t going to be pretty. I’m gonna have to reapply my make up – Judy

Well, in a need-to-know world, I need to know – Phil

He already knows I’m a stalker – Addison

And you’re like a trailer park – Garth

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Cross Country Christmas – Review

Cross Country Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lina heads to her hometown of Bridge Falls to spend the holidays with her family.  She is ecstatic to be a godparent to her expect sister’s, Sammy’s new baby, but she is uneasy that Greg is coming.  Greg is her brother-in-law’s, Adam’s best friend, so Lina should expect that he would visit during the holidays.  But Greg and Lina when on a group date once, and she never dated him again.  Now, Lina fears her family is trying to set them up.  Max hasn’t been to his family’s dairy farm since his brother took over, but he is happy to leave New York to visit.  On December 20th, Lina and Max board the same flight, and she recognizes him immediately.  She remembers they went to school together and tries to spark a conversation.  He politely rejects her and turns his attention towards a nap.  Lina uses her charm and candy to get an eye mask from the flight attendant.  However, when Max tries to get an eye mask, the flight attendant shoots him down.  The turbulence grounds their flight.  Lina tries to get another, but there are no flights due to severe weather.  Max laughs at her because her bribes and happy-go-lucky personality doesn’t work this time.  They both walk over to the car rentals, but they are all sold out.  Max walks away to make other plans, but Lina sees a woman, Morgan, dressed as an elf, crying.  In anger, Morgan broke up with her boyfriend on a whim.  Now, she decides not to catch their flight and drive home.  But she doesn’t feel comfortable driving alone.  So Lina offers to ride with her and help with the drive.  As they leave the airport, Lina sees Max trying to get a cab, but they are all gone.  So Lina convinces Max to get a car and ride with them.  This stroke of luck is the first step in a 5-day journey for Lina and Max, and that journey will take them by train, dog-grooming truck, and tractor.

Each step of the trip, Lina’s generous spirit gets them deeper in the hole but finds them help too.  Before Max can blink, she has him playing Joseph in a nativity scene, riding in a cattle car, giving advice to a brokenhearted Morgan, and spending impromptu time with his cousin.  Each step helps them shed their emotional armor and get closer.  They discover that they have been living and working near each other for years.  However, they are too busy with work to notice.  Seeing them both come to grips with their past and plan for their future is charming and funny.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You all out of candy – Max

Is that our train – Lina

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Swept Up By Christmas – Review

Swept Up By Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Gwen is one auction away from buying the Legacy Reserves auction house.  With some due diligence and a bank loan, she has a solid chance.  Sienna dashes Gwen’s dreams by telling her a larger firm attends to buy the auction house.  Gwen doesn’t know what to do, but the answer sits in her office.  Doris is the estate manager for the famous Hawthorne family.  Alan Hawthorne plans to sell the house and wants items appraised for auction.  Since their buyer backed out, they need to attract a new buyer immediately.  Without seeing one thing, Gwen agrees to meet with Alan.  If he likes her, then she will get the job.  At the Hawthorne home, Alan concurs to let Gwen handle the appraisal, but she has to decorate the house for Christmas one last time.  With two floors and 6000 square feet, Gwen’s work is plentiful.  Doris tells Gwen not to worry because she has hired a cleaning crew to help.  That’s when Reed walked in.  They pretend not to know each other, but they worked together in the past.  She refused to work around his schedule, and he refused to adjust.  As they try to work things out, they are both just as stubborn as before.  So, they promise to stay out of each other’s way.  But as she opens up to Reed’s help, he encourages Gwen to see items beyond their dollar sign.  With a push of love, their dreams will come true.

While Read and Gwen should be your focus in this movie, it’s the relationship between Alan and his daughter, Isla, that steals the show.  As the plot develops, the story of Alan and Isla reveals itself to the audience.  It’s a story wrapped in death, singing, Christmas, and a priceless star.  And it makes you misty-eyed.  The rest of the story doesn’t fully captivate your attention.  You can use this as background noise.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

What are you trying to make me feel, better or worse – Gwen

Your face was priceless when you saw me – Reed

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A Christmas Carousel – Review

A Christmas Carousel – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lila’s dream job as Program Director opened up for applications.  But she has second thoughts about applying.  Her father, Ray, owns a restoration business, and Lila helps him in the shop.  One item they restore regularly is the carousel her great grandfather built for the park.  A unique tidbit about the carousels he created was that each of them had a wishing horse.  As she ponders on her next career move, Ray gets a call from Heidi, a royal family assistant for Ancadia.  They want to fly Ray and his daughter to Ancadia to restore the carousel Lila’s great grandfather built 100 years ago for Queen Katherine.  The carousel will be a Christmas present for King Rooney’s granddaughter, Princess Maya.  Ray and Lila fly to Ancadia to meet with Heidi.  With only two weeks to complete the restoration, they ask to see the carousel.  They believe they can fix it, but it will take a large amount of effort.  As Lila surveys all the rust, she bumps into a man painting one of the horses.  She questions him about the prince’s rumored casanova past, and he laughs it off.  Inside the palace, King Rooney considers retirement but feels that he can’t leave the throne because his son, Prince Whitaker, has not found a proper wife.  King Rooney felt Lady Margaret would be a perfect choice, but Prince Whitaker isn’t interested.  When Heidi introduces Ray and Lila to the king and prince, the prince takes Lila by surprise.  It’s the artist she met earlier at the carousel.  As Heidi introduces them, Duke Sterling and Lady Margaret walk into the room.  Duke Sterling goes over proposals for his next funding opportunity and hasn’t made a final decision.  Prince Whitaker wants to fund an art program, but the Duke isn’t into that idea.  So Lila comes up with a trade.  If she helps the prince get his art program accepted by the Duke, he will help Lila restore the carousel.  Working side by side, love is around the corner.

This movie depends on a lot of magic to push the plot forward.  Between a wishing horse and a necklace, this couple can make anything happen.  Now, you can expect the predictable moments, like a montage, a misunderstanding, and an unimportant romantic rival, but it’s Lila’s pure connection to Maya that makes this movie gold.  She helps Maya understand that, even though she is a princess, it’s ok to make mistakes.  Your heart warms when Maya sings her Christmas song.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

World peace  – Lila

Is it really an either or – Nicole

You can’t retire grandfather, you are far too young – Maya

I’m not going to rule out that possibility – Whitaker

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Stolen in Plain Sight – Review

Stolen in Plain Sight – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After a physical fight with her drunk boyfriend, Dylan, Melissa chains him to a post, grabs their son Ryan, and runs to the hospital where her sister, Theresa, works.  Theresa convinces Melissa to file charges and offers her a place to stay.  Dylan knows everywhere Melissa would run, so Theresa suggests Melissa go to their childhood cabin.  Melissa never told Dylan about it, so she agrees with Theresa.  Theresa gives her a map and some keys, but Melissa hands Theresa the map back.  She has been there so many times she could find the cabin in her sleep.  Melissa and Ryan arrive at her childhood home, but the power is out.  So she goes to the local hardware store for supplies and runs into Kaylene and Zack.  Kaylene adores little Ryan and wishes she could have a child someday.  Zack is more interested in Melissa than Ryan.  Later, Melissa goes to the power company, and the secretary tries to cheat her to get the cabin’s lights turned on.  However, Zack stands up for Melissa and tells the secretary to turn on her power now.  As Melissa tries to settle in, Theresa calls.  Dylan broke into her office and stole the map to the cabin.  She warns Melissa that Dylan may be on his way and to keep an eye out.  Melissa takes Ryan to the park to unwind but sees a little girl running into oncoming traffic.  Melissa grabs the little girl in the nick of time, but when she looks up, Ryan is gone.  She screams to the people around her, but no one pays attention.  Melissa calls the police, and the Sheriff is on the scene.  She explains what happened, but the Sheriff puts handcuffs on her.  He says no one saw a child, and they want her to get a mental evaluation.  Now, Melissa has to prove that Ryan exists, watch for her ex-boyfriend, and get her son back.

Talk about conspiracy theories.  Melissa has no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes until she looks at a bulletin board.  With several missing kid poster on a bulletin board, fear and panic start to sink in for Melissa.  Now Lifetimers will have their list of suspects, and the writers provide you with plenty within the first 20 minutes.  Everyone acts shifty or overly kind the moment they meet Melissa.  Also, she has an abusive ex-boyfriend tailing her.  She can’t trust anyone but Theresa.  And with the help of this fierce momma bear, everything will come full circle.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I just wanna help people and make some new friends – Kaylene

Anybody else gives you trouble, come a see me – Zack

I don’t need an evaluation, I need you to find my son – Melissa

We are sisters because we love each other and that’s stronger than blood – Theresa

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