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Fatale – Review

Fatale – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 42 minutes

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After his basketball career ended, Derrick Taylor started a sports PR firm with his friend Rafe.  Derrick and Rafe are at the top of the sporting world, and Derrick wants to start a family with Tracie.  But she feels like she’s put her career on hold too long for him and just started to make a name for herself.  Now is not the time for them to start a family.  Derrick and Rafe travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, and Derrick tells Rafe he is having problems in his marriage.  Rafe tells him that his problem is seven years of marriage, but there is a solution.  Rafe grabs Derrick’s hand and takes off his wedding ring.  Rafe says for tonight, Derrick is single, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  At the next bar, Derrick sees a beautiful woman and introduces himself as Darren, and she introduces herself as Val.  He attempts to tell her he’s married, but the music’s too loud.  They dance and end up in bed.  The next morning, Derrick tries to sneak away but can’t find his phone.  Val put it in the safe and refuses to give him the combination unless he sleeps with her again.  They go for round 2; then he gets his phone and leaves.  At home, things are better than ever between Tracie and Derrick until someone breaks into their house.  Derrick fights the man off, but the burglar leaves him with bumps and bruises.  He tells Tracie to call the police, and to Derrick’s surprise, the officer in charge is Val.  She gets joy out of watching Derrick squirm as she dances around telling his wife.  This game isn’t the only game Val likes to play.  As she manipulates Derrick, someone will betray him, the body count rises, and he will have to reclaim his name.

This movie starts like Fatal Attraction but ends more like a gangster movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Val plays the puppet master with Derrick and her ex-husband.  You understand she is a femme fatale, but you don’t know her ultimate goal until halfway into the movie.  You will start to wonder if she picked Derrick from the beginning or did she see him as an opportunity after the fact.  And don’t worry, this movie doesn’t end on a cliffhanger.  Everything is tied into a neat bow when the credits roll.  This film is a decent date, matinee movie, but for 16 and up.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I gotta f**k it out of you – Derrick

I knew you could kill – Val

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Monster Hunter – Review

Monster Hunter – Budget of $60 million – 1 hour and 43 minutes

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Army Ranger Captain Artemis listens to the last recording of the missing Bravo team.  She and her Alpha team work for the Joint Security Operations and only stand a few clicks from the Bravo team’s last known whereabouts.  As they approach the destination, they see a storm ahead.  Since it’s unlike any storm they have seen in the desert, they believe it’s a diversion to hide hostiles.  They ready their guns and head towards the lightning storm.  Soon the storm whips their humvees like a can down the street, and the team like rag dolls.  After their vehicles hit the ground, the desert is now a dune.  Artemis tells the team they will go analog and use the sun to determine their location.  Until they figure out where they are, they will move forward and keep their eyes open.  Dash stops the caravan after seeing an enormous array of bones coming out of the ground.  The team wonders if it’s a dinosaur, and Steeler assures them that he went to a museum and never say a dinosaur that big.  Then an arrow flies through the sky and hits one of the bones, releasing red dust.  They start to fire on the arrow’s origin, but something comes out of the ground.  A monster they have never seen and have no way to defeat.  They don’t know where they are, are ill-equipped, and are in danger. Can the team make their way home?

Based on the Monster Hunter video game, this is a movie meant for the big screen (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With larger than life monsters, the graphic designers stayed honest with the source material.  They were well-detailed, distinct, and did not distract from the scenery or characters.  Like most video games, they don’t go into too much detail about the characters’ backstories.  They show you the soldiers, and the action starts.  With any monster movie, you get a few jump-scares, along with Predator and Alien moments (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While this movie is perfect for IMAX, you can skip Dolby.  And stay until after the first end credits, but not to the very end. 

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Next time, you’re the bait – Artemis

I’m sorry – Link

She’s a woman, but she still manages to make it sound like an insult – Marshall

Don’t think me yet – Admiral

Chocolate – Hunter

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