#ProjectPower and #TheSilencingMovie – VOD Review

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Project Power – Review

Project Power – Budget $85.1 million – 1 hour and 54 minutes


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Robin sells a pill called Power on the streets of New Orleans.  When a user takes Power, they get an unknown, superhuman ability for 5 minutes.  Lately, Power caused several of its customers to overdose, but it has not deterred others from taking the drug.  While selling, her customers try to steal her product.  Before they can get away, Officer Frank intervenes.  The would-be robbers run away, and Robin is alone with the officer.  Most would be afraid of jail time, but Frank is a customer too.  Frank trades a motorbike for 1 Power pill and lets her go.  While in school, Robin gets a text message from Newt asking to meet for more Power.  However, Newt isn’t at their regular meeting spot.  When she comes out, she sees that someone slashed her tire.  She is grabbed from behind and thrown into the trunk of a car.  The driver pulls over and tells her to calm down.  He will kill her mother if she doesn’t tell him who supplies the product.  Her kidnapper is Art, A.K.A. The Major.  He wants to save the source behind Power … his daughter, Tracy.  And Art needs Robin to do it.  This discovery won’t be a straight shot.  Frank’s boss, Captain Crane, discovered he uses Power and took his badge and gun.  If he wants it back, he has to find enemy number one: The Major.  Robin is in the crosshairs of two men and their missions.  

Project Power is as suspenseful as it is funny.  This movie includes superheroes, espionage, coverups, cops, dealers, robbers, race relations, Henrietta Lacks, and a pistol shrimp, all in an engaging, high octane movie.  Pay attention to the radio announcements about Power.  The radio announcements are not filler; they move the story along.  Each character is well-written and highly charismatic.  From one second to the next, you will demand more, in the end, you will pray for part two.  This movie alone is worth a subscription to Netflix.  And Project Power proves some of the best movies never make it to the theater.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I’m just trying to level the playing field – Frank

Look you either going be a cop or a customer – Robin

I want my police officers to follow the law – Captain Crane

I take it you love Irene.  Because you not knocking anymore – Art

Yes well, results may vary – Biggie

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The Silencing – Review

The Silencing – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 33 minutes


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Rayburn, a former hunter, is a forest ranger.  Years ago, his daughter Gwen went missing, the police never found her.  His ex-wife wants Rayburn to sign a document to have Gwen declared dead. Rayburn refuses to sign it.  Then, he sees a news report of the body of a teen girl found in the river with her voice box removed.  He runs to the morgue and discovers, to his relief and sadness, that it’s not Gwen.  He goes back to his cabin and watches CCTV of the woods.  He notices a costumed figured turning off the cameras.  Rayburn rewinds the footage and sees the same figure hunting a woman through the woods.  Rayburn grabs his gun and tries to find the girl, but the killer shoots Rayburn with an arrow.  He runs back to heal his wounds, and someone discovers the woman’s dead body later.  Sherrif Alice believes the killer is the local drug dealer and vows to do anything to stop him.  However, when the killer is closer to home, will Sherrif Alice keep her vow?

While the movie is suspenseful and thrilling, don’t expect jump scares or anything memorable.  The killer looks like Big Foot in his ridiculous outfit.  And the killer’s motive is pathetic and unimaginative.  This movie is fun to watch but forgettable once the credits roll.  It tries to give the viewers a plot twist, but it’s as see-through as saran wrap (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  For a suspense fan, wait until this movie comes to TV.  It’s a waste of rental money.  

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

That’s the point.  People change – Rayburn

Still think your cut out for this? – Brooks

Go, Brooks.  Go home. – Alice

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