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Dying to Be You – Review

Dying to Be You – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Thirteen years ago, Lilly was assigned a penpal for school.  The students were told to write to each other for the entire school year.  After the year was over, they could decide if they wanted to keep writing or not.  Lilly was assigned Molly in Nebraska.  The girls wrote, emailed, and later, friended each other online.  One day, Molly went radio silent.  When Lilly was ready to cut off the friendship, Molly finally wrote back and wants to be friends again.  Lilly is happy to reconnect.  A few days later, Lilly arrives home to a surprise birthday party thrown by her boyfriend Matthew.  Matthew’s biggest surprise, Molly.  Molly flew from Nebraska to Seattle to have a real face-to-face friendship.  She is even staying with Lilly and Matthew for a few days.  On their first girls-day-out, Lilly sees Molly short fuse.  Lilly is thrown off by Molly’s quick temper and venomous tongue.  Lilly wants to brush it off but there are too many weird things to ignore.  Molly is overstaying her welcome and Lilly wants her out.  Molly is dressing like her, coming on to Matthew, and Lilly’s things are going missing.  Lilly has no idea how unhinged Molly can get.

Unlike most Lifetime movies, Lilly isn’t clueless.  The first moment Molly steps out of line, Lilly calls her on it.  She has both eyes open and questions everything Molly does.  When things don’t line up, Lilly starts to do her homework.  It’s not long before she is telling Molly to leave her home and putting up other boundaries.  There is a twist but experienced Lifetimers can see it coming.  However, the final blow is a jump scare.  Don’t miss the first 5 minutes.   It is the complete setup for the movie and getting to know the characters.  And N’Sync fans will get a thrill (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).   Also, see if you can spot another stereotype this movie breaks.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Cheers to real-life friends – Molly

What’s mine is yours – Lilly

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A Killer in My Home – Review

A Killer in My Home – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Ryan and his wife, Allison celebrate their daughter, Hollie’s college acceptance with a big party.  Ryan is even prouder because Hollie is going to his alma mater Porterville University.  After a beautiful speech, Ryan has a heart attack.  At the hospital, the nurse tells Allison and Holly there is nothing they can do for Ryan.  He has a short time to live.  As they sit by Ryan’s bedside, a woman and a young man walk into the room.  Ryan tells Allison and Hollie the young man is his son Joshua and his mother Jenna.  He makes a deathbed confession to having an affair with Jenna.  And he asks Allison to take care of Joshua when he is gone.  Stunned, Allison agrees.  Allison got Jenna and Joshua jobs at her country club but Jenna needs a place to stay for a while.  Allison agrees to let her and Joshua live in the guest house for Ryan’s sake.  Hollie hates the idea.  Jenna is grateful for the help.  Her piano classes haven’t made ends meet and Joshua is on the spectrum.  He is having a hard time in school and Hollie’s boyfriend bullies him.  When Allison is robbed and Hollie is accused of plagiarism, Hollie suspects their house guest.  But Allison believes it someone else.  Who is behind it all?

With a kidnapping to open the movie, you not sure where the movie is going next.  This movie has plenty of misdirections to make you think twice but your first hunch is always right.  While the why is obvious, it’s who and how many are involved that will get your attention.  While you will feel for Allison and Hollie, your heart will break for Joshua.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Please, promise me you’ll take care of him – Ryan

I don’t want them here.  I don’t want them to exist in the first place – Hollie

You really think that’s any of your business. Just be happy for us – Jenna

You probably shouldn’t hang out with me – Josh

Get out now – Allison

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Riddled with Deceit: Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries – Review

Riddled with Deceit: Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Riddled with Deceit A Martha's Vineyard Mystery Final Image Assets

Chief Madieras asks Jeff to give his expert security knowledge on a pricey situation.  The Lakshmi Emeralds are being displayed after they were stolen and lost for decades.  The Emerald broach is worth $5 million and has a rich back history of disownment, displacement, and a curse.  The night before, someone tried to steal the broach.  One thief got away but the other is in ICU.  Britt, the rightful owner of the broach, will display it by wearing it for a week.  Then, she will sign it over to the Smithsonian.  After seeing Britt wear it for a day, Jeff is uncomfortable.  He worries about her safety.  So does her godfather Willard.  She relents and decides not to wear the broach for the rest of the week.  She locks the broach up with a key padlock and fingerprint scanner until the next day.  Later, Britt calls Zee.  She fears someone is in her house.  Zee tells her to call the cops and leave.  When Zee and Jeff arrive at Britt’s home, she is unconscious and bleeding.  She has a concussion and bleeding on the brain.  She will get better but with time.  With Britt in the hospital, Jeff checks on the broach.  He discovers it’s missing.  They must find the broach before anyone else is hurt.

Based on Vineyard Deceit: Martha’s Vineyard Mystery by Philip Craig, this movie is a mystery within a mystery (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  As Zee and Jeff look for the brooch, people are dying left and right.  They worry it could be Britt’s cousin Lloyd, the hotel waiter Rodney, Willard, or the previous brooch owners Freddie and Regina.  While searching for a killer, they have to solve the mystery of the brooch location.  It is hidden within a riddle that will take them from the land to the sea and back.  One scene will make your heart and jaw drop as Jeff makes a rash decision.  You will be on the edge of your seat every step of the way and happily surprised with the location of the emerald.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I would be a fool not to take advantage of those skills – Chief Madieras

Your dad wanted me to wear a tux. That wasn’t going to happen – Jeff

How did a mainlander get so cocky about their tartar sauce – Zee

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Vision of Love – Review

Vision of Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Kat is a divorce attorney on the fast track to becoming a partner at her firm.  While she is juggling clients, she is the maid of honor for her best friend, Marcy’s wedding.  With love in the air, Marcy wants Kat to have love in her life too.  So, Marcy takes them to get their nails done.  Marcy’s nail technician, Dora, is a psychic.  She predicted Marcy would find Rick; Marcy wants her to do the same for Kat.  Dora predicts the love of her life will be named Michael.  Later that night, Rick and Marcy introduce Kat to the best man Tom.  They tell Tom and Rick about Michael and the men share a good laugh.  Kat laughs because she sees the downside of love too often at her job.  On the other hand, Tom is a novelist who writes love stories.  This first book was based on the diary his wife left after she died.  Now, he has written a second book about love.  As Tom and Kat work together to plan the perfect rehearsal party, souvenirs, and make-up dates, Kat is still looking for her Michael.  As she finds them, is it the right Michael for her.

Seeing Kat on dates, with a variety of dud Michaels, will have you cringing.  From a ventriloquist to a jerk, Kat dates them all.  When she runs screaming in the street for a Michael, she runs into her high school sweetheart.  Aptly named Michael.  However, you don’t want this to work because the chemistry between Kat and Tom is so strong.  And rest assured, you will be happy with the ‘Michael’ Kat gets in the end.  And it’s not who you think.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I believe in facts – Kat

You don’t like the name, Michael.  Is that the problem? You should call him Mike. Mickey? – Tom

Does the lawyer exonerate me from my past cooking crimes – Michael

He hates me. I became a Honeymoon-Zilla – Marcy

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