#LikeABossMovie – Movie Review

Like a Boss – Budget of $29 million – 1 hour and 23 minutes


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Mel and Mia have been best friends since grade school.  They had a vision of owning a makeup line since they were kids.  They did prom make-overs for their friends and tutorials in their dorm room.  Now, they have a company called Mia and Mel cosmetics and live together.  Mia creates the products and Mel handles the finances.  Over the years, Mia has wanted to run the company her way and she makes her feelings know to Mel.  Mel wants to grow the business but can’t get Mia on board with any changes.  One day they come to work and see Josh standing in the middle of their store talking to their employees Sydney and Barrett.  Josh works for Claire Luna, the owner of Oviedo cosmetics.  She wants to see Mia and Mel and talk about their company.    Mia says no but Mel tells Mia a secret she has been hiding.  They are $493,000 in debt and can only keep the store open for 6 months.  Mia agrees to sit and hear Claire’s proposition.  Claire agrees to pay their debt for 51% of their company.  If their first launch goes well, she will give them another $1.7 million.  Mia gets up and refuses to hear Claire.  Mia wants to be a boss and answer to no one, giving Claire 51% of their company will take away her control.  Mia and Mel start to argue and Claire gives another proposition.  She will pay their debt for 49% of their company.  If either of them quits, she will get 51%.  Mel and Mia agree and start working on a new product and campaign for Claire.  While they are working for Claire, Claire is working them against each other.  Mel and Mia will have to get honest and use friendship to rise above the corporate world to be a boss.

This movie is a mix of The Boss and Girls Trip.  But with less business sense and less humor.  It does equally flush out the flaws in both characters and lays out their strengths.  You just don’t get to see Mel have her greater moments.  Only her moments of weakness and being manipulated.  It would have been great to see her cultivate the ultimate plan and explain it to each member.  With a short running time, all the scenes are important to watch.  Even the creepy baby shower cake and the cooking fiasco.  If you like a quick, easy laugh with a business 101 lesson added, see this movie matinee.  Otherwise, wait for Vudu (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

If you’re not safe, name it after me – Mia

Sit your ass down – Barrett

It’s the angry carrot. What can I get you? Nothing.  Good – Sydney

Money changes everything.  If it doesn’t, I will – Claire

You have to go because I’m going to church – Mel

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