#OnceUponATimeInHollywood – Movie Reviews

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Budget of $90 million – 2 hours and 11 minutes

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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Rick Dalton’s star is slowly fading.  Once the star of a 1950’s western called Bounty Law, Rick plays the ‘heavy’ on other shows.  Marvin Schwarzs tells Rick playing a ‘heavy’ will affect his fans and himself.  They aren’t seeing him play a bad guy, they are seeing the good guy on Bounty Law getting beat up by younger actors.  Schwarzs warns this typecasting will be the downfall of his career.  As Dalton’s star fades, so does Cliff Booth.  For years, Cliff has played Rick’s stunt double.  If that wasn’t enough, Cliff has been black-balled in Hollywood because he killed his wife and got away with it.  To make ends meet, Cliff is a driver and gofer for Rick.  While Rick works on the best scene of his life, Cliff drives Rick’s car around town.  He picks up a hitchhiker he saw twice before.  She tells him she is staying with her family at an old cowboy film set.  Instantly, Cliff knows she is staying at Spahn Ranch.  It was a movie set for westerns at the beginning of his career. Cliff has no idea he is about to come face-to-face with the Manson Family.

Meanwhile, Sharon Tate is living her best life.  She has a movie in theaters, great friends, and a loving husband, Roman Polanski.  She sits in a theater hearing people laugh and cheer at her movie, she is on cloud nine.  While packing at home, she hears Jay Sebring, talking to someone.  It’s Charles Manson.  He was looking for the former owners but found Sharon and Jay instead.  He says a polite goodbye and leaves.  These 2 encounters with Manson and his family will collimate into a blooding ending.

The 9th Quentin Tarantino film gives the viewers another side of his storytelling.  This is one of his most linear films.  The costumes, design of the sets, and acoustics in the film are top-notch.  The research for this time period encapsulated the proper news reports, TV, and radio shows of the time.  Even the slang was perfect.  With so much right, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake about the story.  You will leave the movie want to do research on each of the characters and their fate.  However, you won’t have an urge to buy it later.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Here, put these on. Don’t cry in front of the Mexicans – Cliff

If the answers no, than the answers no. Not no with excuses – Rick


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