#LittleMovie – Movie Review

Little – Budget of $20 million – 1 hour and 49 minutes


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In 1993, Jordan Sanders was a 13-year-old girl who loved science, in turn, she was treated like a pariah. She decided to display her faith in science at the talent show to gain the respect of her peers. After her display is sabotaged, Jordan gets a broken arm. Her parents tell her to keep going because smart people become bosses. Jordan twists those words of wisdom. She thinks that when she becomes the boss, she can bully people before they can bully her. Now, Jordan owns an innovation company and rules with an iron fist. She uses The Wiz’s Wicked Witch as an example of how she should run her company and its employees (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). She berates her staff, throws things in the office, and consistently yells at her assistant April. April has worked for Jordan for years and often defends Jordan’s behavior. April wants to rise up the ranks, but Jordan only sees her as an assistant. After seeing Jordan throw a fit, Stevie (the daughter of a food truck owner) waves her magic wand. She wishes for Jordan to be little so she can set Jordan straight. The next morning, Jordan wakes up in her 13-year-old body. April, dropping of Jordan’s dry cleaning, is taken aback in disbelief at her boss’s transformation. A neighbor, seeing the young girl at home, call CPS. After an inspection, the CPS worker tells April that Jordan must go to school or she will be sent to jail. Jordan agrees to go to school if April takes over her duties in the office. But April wants more. April agrees to keep Jordan’s secret only if Jordan makes her Creative Director. This move is crucial. Before Jordan changed, her biggest client threatens to leave and gave her 48 hours to impress him.  Without that client, Jordan’s company will fail. And if that isn’t enough stress, Jordan’s closes school is Windsor, the school she was tormented in at 13. Jordan must figure out how to change while April must stand on her own a be a boss. Both women will become stronger apart and together. But can they do it in time to save Jordan’s company?

Inspired by Big, this movie provides some laughs but not as much as you would expect (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You spend more time laughing because this little girl is acting and saying things only a grown woman should say.  While Big is geared more toward teaching kids a lesson, this movie is more for adults.  It teaches that bullying is never ok, even if you are the boss.  Also, you must stand up for what you believe in, even if the belief you hold is in yourself.  It’s hard to believe anyone would work with a boss like Jordan, who constantly belittles everyone, but in hard times, it’s easier to just keep your head down and do the work.  This movie’s realistic aspect is Jordan doesn’t do a complete 180.  She is a work in progress.  Two moments that will stick with you is Issa and Marsai duet & Marsai and Luke’s bonding moment.  Those will make you laugh and tug on the heart at the same time.  See it for a matinee.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Being me sucks, I want to be someone else – Little Jordan

It’s like she senses my happiness – April

Daddy’s home – Trevor

Don’t hate the player, hate your broke ass game – Big Jordan


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