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My Killer Client – Review

My Killer Client – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

My Killer Client

Krista works as a personal shopper and stylist.  In order to help pay for her wedding, she needs more clientele.  She would like to ask her mother in law, the famous fashion designer Madam Walsh, but Mrs. Walsh constantly berates and despises her.   Even though, she introduced Krista to her fiance Jake.  Mrs. Walsh has regretted ever since.  Krista hopes that if she gets more respectable clients, she can win over Mrs. Walsh.  Then Kat walks into Krista’s life.  Kat is the creator of the Happy Hearts America Foundation.  It helps people with anger issues.  Kat is behind the times in fashion and asks for Kat’s help.  Krista explains that she is juggling too much with the wedding and she will take her as a client in a month.  But if a client leaves, Kat will be first on the list.  Kat will make sure she is first.  Kat has been obsessed with Jake since their high school prom.  She will be, do, or say anything to get him back.

Root for Kat, otherwise you will spend most of your time being annoyed at Krista’s gullible behavior.  After she is warned by her best friend Lindsey and her fiance Jake, she thinks Kat is just a misunderstood, sweet girl.  It’s just too much to bear.   Kat makes it too obvious that she has a few screws loose.  The fact that Krista doesn’t lay down the law earlier makes this lead annoying to watch.  So, watch for Kat’s crazy ways, Mrs. Walsh’s shade, or Jake’s strength.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I need all the clients I can get – Krista

So, it’s your firey summer fling versus your one true love – Kat

Thank you. And I love your socks – Lindsay

She can’t be your client – Jake

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True Love Blooms – Review

True Love Blooms – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

True Love Blooms

Vicky is proud to manage the community garden her father once owned.  After he died 3 years ago, she feels a connection to him every time she’s there.  A person can get a plot of land and grow anything they want.  As she proudly introducing her community’s work to Chase Devine, he cuts her off because he isn’t interested in the garden.  Just the land.  He wants to remove the garden and build condos.  Astonished, Vickie runs to the owner Mr. Mack and pleads for him, not to sale. But its too late.  Mr. Mack sold it so he could retire and be with his grandkids.  But he gives Vickie advice.  If she wants to keep the garden, she will need more gumption.  With days until the St. Petersberg Garden Walk Contest and an eviction notice at her doorstep, can Vickie persuade Chase to keep the garden? Especially when she starts to see things through his perspective.

This movie proves with a lot of gumption and some color, compromise can be met.  It’s obvious where this story will lead but there are some purely humorous and inspiring parts.  Seeing Ms. Hewitt and Mr. Boyle bicker like children and Vickie refereeing like a parent will make you laugh.  Another strong aspect of the movie is helping the viewer understand that Chase isn’t an evil developer.  He truly wants to do good for the community by providing jobs, affordable housing, and community pride.  It’s a good reminder in today’s times of development.  So, this is a good movie to watch if you need an easy laugh with the family.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Look up, there’s a way over every obstacle – Vickie

Because you don’t have that kind of money, Vickie – Mr. Mack

I didn’t realize we were at war – Chase

It’s like a little tiny table that nothing will ever go on. Minimalism – Marda

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I Almost Married a Serial Killer – Review

I Almost Married a Serial Killer – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

I Almost Married a Serial Killer

Six months ago, Camille was on cloud nine.  She found an engagement ring in her boyfriend’s coat pocket and knew he was about to propose.  So she promptly said yes when he made dinner plans for that night.  Her boyfriend, Raphel was kind, funny, and had a great relationship with her daughter Violet.  After he canceled plans for a last minute flight to Tokyo, Camille decided to surprise him before he left.  She walked into his home only to find several news clippings and photos of dead women.  Behind her, Raphel said she was ready to be the next.  Violet called to check on her and Camille gave Violet their secret code word for help.  Camille escaped and ran into the arms of the police.  Camille made the brave decision to testify in court against Raphel.  In turn, Raphel was given 8 life sentences with no parole.  Camille and Violet tried to live a normal life.  But now, police have informed Camille and Violet that Raphel has escaped and he is obsessed with Camille.  If he finds her, he will surely kill her.  So they put Violet and Camille in witness protection.  But no one knows that Raphel had undergone extensive reconstructive surgery to alter his face.  So he can be anyone, at any time, and they have no idea what he looks like or that he has changed.

Don’t be confused at this movie.  The first 10 minutes are so nerve-racking and high pace, it feels like the last 10 minutes of a Lifetime film.  One mystery left for the viewer is what is Raphel’s new face and name.  Before he leaves the doctors office, his face is still in bandages.  So, you are left wondering.  However, the mystery only lasts for 30 minutes.  Once the mystery is solved, the movie falls into the same Lifetime’s “former victim being too friendly” cliche.  This movie could have been a lot better if more male characters with suspicious behaviors were introduced and the final reveal was for the viewers as well as the characters.  Lifetime viewers love a suspenseful mystery and this one came extremely close to it.  So stick it out for the mystery and stay for the Lifetime movie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Yes, play hard to get. Hard to get is good – Camile

In fact, why don’t you just put this on – Raphel

It’s so hard to meet new people and keep track of all the lies I’m supposed to be telling – Violet

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