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Love to the Rescue – Review

Love to the Rescue – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love to the Rescue

Kate is an animator who is 2 steps away from an Oscar nod for best animated short.  Her team has 6 weeks create, fix, and animate the ending.  Also, she promised to buy her daughter Sophia a dog.  Sophia presented her mom with a 25 point PowerPoint presentation that Kate could not ignore.  She and her ex-husband Liam are co-parenting perfectly.  They both believe a dog will help Sophia lighten up and act like a child.  Eric works for the Department of Transportation.  He adores his girlfriend Bianca and his son Owen.  He wants to get Owen a dog to teach him responsibility.  Eric appreciates structure and rules while his son loves superheroes.  During a PTA drive, Sophia and Owen like the same dog named Bruce.  Eric presents himself as the PTA President and lets Kate know they are adopting the dog.  After a quick back and forth, they decide that neither will adopt the dog and both will choose a different dog.  Allison steps in and states that Bruce is hard to adopt.  He is older and extremely shy.  She suggests they co-own Bruce for a month and the best home keeps him.  They agree.  This will agreement will allow a change of heart to grow into love.

This romantic comedy is charming.  Adding dogs and kids to any film will make you fall in love.  However, the obedience school scene will have you hitting the rewind button on your remote.  It is hilarious to watch the two squirm and jabber at the possibility of flirting. Another scene that will steal your heart is the moment that Sophia and Eric are sitting the bench comparing Kate and Owen.  Sophia and Eric talk about how alike the other two are without noticing their own similarities.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I am not against love – Kate

Hello, pot. Kettle. We meet again – Eric

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A Daughter’s Deception – Review

A Daughter’s Deception – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

A Daughter's Deception

Laura opens her door to see a young woman standing there, asking to speak to the Andersons.  Laura informs her that she is at the wrong house and no one in the neighborhood has that surname.  The next day, the same girl appears at Laura’s door but admits she was lying previously.  She wasn’t there for the Andersons, she was there for Laura.  Her name is Bree and Laura put her up for adoption when she was a baby.  Laura is shocked to see her because she was lead to believe that the adoption was closed.  However, Bree contacted Lighthouse of the Lost to help her in her search.  Laura is quick to invite her in and introduce Bree to her husband Michael and daughter Skylar.  Skylar and Bree instantly bond.  When Bree talks about her adoptive family, she admits her sister Jessica (her adoptive parents’ biological daughter) was hospitalized because her jealousy grew out of control after she was adopted.  Bree searched out her biological family to get away from Jessica.  All is well until Skylar finds a ring in Bree’s purse with another woman’s name on it.  Skylar must run a background check on Bree before she moves in.  But, Skylar better be careful or she could end up with a rock to the head.

This movie is a fun ride to watch.  It adds a bit of mystery to the “psycho adopted child comes back” movie.  It appears like a feel-good movie as Bree enters the home and gels with the family instantly.  But when she or someone she loves is threatened the claws come out.  And it will leave a shiver down your spine.  And the fight scenes are great.  Not just sad hair pulling and rolling on the ground, but a real knock down, drag out fight.  This movie will make you say DAMN!!!!

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Relationships are hard. Trust me. I know – Bree

Thanks for looking out for her – Laura

I was giving you the opportunity to explain yourself – Garrett

Not yet, mom. Ok? – Skylar

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Nightmare Tenant – Review

Nightmare Tenant – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nightmare Tenant

Nikki takes her studies very seriously and it’s all paying off.  She learned from her English Literature teacher that she will be the valedictorian.  Overcome with joy and excitement, she runs home to tell her father.  Her happiness is dashed when she sees her father crying at the kitchen table.  He opened her college admissions letter to Vanderton and read that she was rejected.  Her father is extremely disappointed she did not get it.  However, he is not disappointed FOR her, he is disappointed AT her.  He believed he worked so hard to give her a good life and she couldn’t return the favor by getting into a good school.   With her spirits crushed, Nikki heads straight to her guidance counselor Jan to find the error.  Nikki believes that if she can find the error, she might be able to get into Vanderton.  Jan tells her that everything is in order and a lot of qualified applicants are not accepted because they can only accept so many applicants.  Of all of her classmates that applied to the school, only one was extended an offer.  Nikki wants to know what made her better.  Jan states that the student was a legacy candidate named Lacey and legacy candidate comprises 1/3 of incoming Vanderton freshman.  Nikki believes that Lacey stole her spot because her mother Dr. Carol Allen had all the right connections.  Nikki leaves home and comes up with a plan for revenge.

  1. Get Close to Dr. Carol Allen
  2. Obliterate Reputation
  3. Get Lacey Back Home
  4. Make Them Pay

With Lacey off to college, leaving Carol with empty nest syndrome, it won’t be difficult for Nikki to move in.  But she must change her looks, change her name, and break her arm.

In the wake of the USC scandal, rich and/or legacy applicants have come under fire.  This movie jumps on the heels of that scandal but a little too fast.  So, file this movie under slightly annoying.  As Carol becomes evermore blind to Nikki’s shenanigans, you will continue to roll your eyes.  It becomes hard to feel bad for Carol or Lacey.  When you stop looking at the victim as victims, the story loses steam.  So, to fully enjoy this movie, you should cheer on Nikki.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

It’s my future Jan, it couldn’t be more personal – Nikki

Because I have a really good feeling about you – Carol

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Mommy’s Little Princess – Review

Mommy’s Little Princess – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Mommy's Little Princess

Lizzy was abused and neglected for years by her drug-addicted mother.  After her mother died, she was adopted by Julianna.  Lizzy was settling into her new life when Julianna met Greg.  Lizzy was ok with Greg but didn’t like his daughter Allie from his first wife.  Allie wants to come back and live with Greg and Julianna, which enrages Lizzy.  Julianna tries to broker peace between the two girls albeit temporarily.  In school, one of Lizzy’s friend asks about her background.  She tells her friend about the adoption but lies about her birth mother.  After school, Lizzy asks Julianna about her beginnings.  Curious about Lizzy’s background, Julianna orders a DNA kit (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  When the results come back, Lizzy’s DNA is linked to a German Royal Family.  Lizzy starts to believe she is a real-life princess and wants Julianna to leave Greg and marry the royal family’s single Duke.  Then she and Julianna will both be royalty, leaving Greg and Allie behind.  And this little princess will do anything to anyone to make that dream come true.

Score one for wicked children.  When you delve into Lizzy’s dark past, it’s easy to see why she clings to this dream of being “someone”.  However, it’s difficult to watch her mother cave into what she wants just because she had a tough childhood.  It’s hard to believe this little girl can get away with so much.  One large transformation is Allie’s behavior.  She goes from bratty teen to understanding big sister.  With all the deception in the foreground, remember to notice the Lifetime stereotype teen changing for the better in the background.  With all the pros, the ending is not as satisfying as other evil kid movies.  It’s more of a Hallmark ending.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Mom is seriously out of her mind. I can’t live with her anymore – Allie

I’m not nobody. Not anymore. I’m a princess. A real-life princess – Lizzy

Why are you so angry all the time – Greg

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