#Alita: Battle Angel – Movie Review

Alita: Battle Angel – Budget of $150 – 200 million – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Alita: Battle Angel

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Dr. Dyson Ido looks in a scrapyard under the wealthy, sky city Zelem when he finds a female cyborg with her human brain still intact.  He gives her a replacement body and waits for her to wake.  When she awakes, she has no memory of her life, her name, or her origin.  So Dr. Ido names her Alita.  She goes out for the first time and wonders into the street, almost getting hit by a car.  Dr. Ido warns her that Iron City can be a dangerous place.  This is true, more now that ever, because women are being murdered for their parts.  Her next day out, Alita saves a dog but goes into battle mode when she spotted by Hugo.  Hugo is a nice boy that takes a liking to Alita.  He gives her the rundown on Iron City.  Years ago the United Rebels of Mars (URN) were at war with earth.  After ‘The Fall’, the city of Zalem was all that remained in the sky.  Now only the lucky few can live there while everyone else remains on the ground and works for Zalem.  There are no police and no guns.  Now, Hunter Warriors hunt criminals for money.  The only way to make it from Iron City to Zelem is to win the Moterball championship.  In addition, Hugo tells Alita that if she was in the scrapyard, then she must have fallen from Zelem.  She just can’t remember.  Alita must find her voice and her past to conqueror the future but will the secrets of Hugo and Dr. Ido destroy her.

Based on the Alita: Battle Angel series, this performance capture movie takes Avatar to the next level (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).   With multiple cameras on its female lead, each nuance in Alita face is displayed in stunning detail.  Alita’s CGI avatar looks 100% believable as a cyborg.  When using technology, it easy to create something too real or too human and it takes away from the futurist style.  However, this movie keeps the eyes slightly large or show mechanical movements in her arms in legs.  Using this technique, it looks like a human talking to a cyborg, not another overly computerized human.  Be prepared, the movie ends on a cliffhanger.  So all your questions will not be answered the first go around.  With that said, it offers all the twist and turns of a teen drama and the action of a bloody NASCAR race.  It’s advised that you see this movie in Dolby for the impact of every punch, kick, and knife-wielding moments in this film.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Let’s look on the bright side, your tears are working – Dr. Ido

Cause you can rip off my arm and beat me with the wet end – Hugo

F*** your mercy – Alita

Well, that looks fatal – Nova


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