#SpiderVerse – Movie Review

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Budget of $90 million – 1 hour and 57 minutes
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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The person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and becuase it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real super hero.

Stan Lee

Miles Morales may have won the school lottery but he is trying to fail to go back to his old school.  His parents Jeff and Rio ask Miles to give the new school a shot.  In order to escape, Miles leaves the campus and heads to his Uncle Aaron’s home.  Aaron and Jeff were closer than most brothers until Jeff decided to become a police officer.  Aaron felt betrayed and the two have not spoken to each other since.  However, Miles sees his uncle as a confidant and Aaron sees Miles as the family future.  To get a break from school, Aaron takes Miles underground so he can do a little tagging without getting in trouble.  As he is putting the last touches on his tag, Miles is bitten by a spider.  Miles swats it away and leaves with his uncle.  The next day, Miles oversleeps, has heightened senses, grows a foot, and sticks to everything. Quietly freaking out over the changes, Miles knocks over his Spider-Man comics.  It dawns on him that he as bit by a spider too.  He goes back underground to find the spider that bit him.  During his spider investigation, Miles hears a commotion.  Spider-Man is fighting with Kingpin while trying to shut off Kingpin’s accelerator.  Spider-Man sees Miles recognize he has powers.  Spider-Man (Peter Parker) offers to help Miles after he defeats Kingpin.  Nevertheless, after an awful accident, Spider-Man is down and Miles runs to help.  Spider-Man gives Miles a key, tells him to stop Kingpin’s next attempt at running the accelerator, and run.  Miles runs away with the key, unfortunately, he looks back in time to watch Kingpin kill Spider-Man.  Horrified, Miles make a noise and Kingpin sends the Prowler after Miles.  During Kingpin’s first attempt at the machine, he knowingly caused 5 parallel universes to collide with Miles’s universe.  On one hand, this is great news because it brings Kingpin a step closer to his goal.  On the other hand, it brought 5 different Spider-Men into his universe.  These Spider-Men will give Miles the strength to face his origin story, Prowler, Doc Octavious, Green Goblin, and his new mantle as the Spider-Man of his universe.

Fans of the original comic will be introduced to several different, albeit, a real version of Spider-Men.  First, there is Peter B. Parker.  He is the Spider-Man we know.  He even makes fun of Spider-Man 3 (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  But his life with Mary Jane has fallen apart in his universe and he wants her back. Next, there is Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy.  During the time collision, she landed a week earlier than the other Spider-Men.  She was able to save her Uncle Ben but couldn’t save her friend Peter Parker.  Third, there is Spider-Ham, Peter Porker.  He was bitten by a radioactive pig and couldn’t save his Uncle Ben.  Fourth,  there is Spider-Noir. He lives in 1933’s black and white version of the comic and often fights Nazis.   Finally, there is Spider, Peni Parker.  A Japanese Anime Spider-Woman who is telepathically linked to her spider who co-pilots her biomechanical Sp//dr robot and bit her.  Each has a different story and drive but they were all reluctant superheroes.   It’s that quality that separates Spider-Man from every other comic book hero.  Their reluctance caused someone they love to die.  Even Miles turn his back on his powers until he is forced by to do good by his own pain.

This telling of the story feels the closest to the comic than ever.  Even if you are not familiar with Miles Morales’s version of Spider-Man, you will recognize the drawing style, panel work, and thought bubbles.  The most captivating movement is when the different animation styles are used in the same scene.  Japanese anime with 1930’s black and white, and Warner Brothers style is completely different but works 100% in this movie.  It gives respect to each version of Spider-Man while allowing them to work in Miles’s universe as different Spider-Man.  Talk about mind-blown.  Having them all together makes Miles feel like an accepted version of Spider-Man, not just a version meant to attract a new audience.  This movie is funny while giving the viewer a glimpse of other Spider-Man styles and giving children strong life lessons.  It is great for children and adults alike.  Be warned, the different comic styles do have an effect on the 3D.  So a lot of images are blurred.  However, this movie should be enjoyed in 3D, IMAX, or both.  See it before someone tells you the strong and loving ending.  This shouldn’t have to be said but stay past the end credits and keep an eye open for Stan Lee.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You don’t get to comment on the hair – Gwen Stacy

Whoa, you’re like me – Peter Parker

That’s all folks – Peter Porker

With great ability comes accountability – Jeff Morales

What is your name – Peter B. Barker

This is a pretty hard origin story – Spider-Noir

I see what you are trying to say – Uncle Aaron

Can you rewire a mainframe while being shot at – Spider-Woman

I am not alone – Miles Morales

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