#GreenBookMovie and #TheFavourite – Movie Reviews

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Green Book – Review

Green Book – Budget of $23 million – 2 hours and 10 minutes

Green Book

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Tony “Lip” Vallelonga works as a bouncer and enforcer for the Copacabana in New York.  He is the best BS man in the Bronx.  While closed for renovations for 2 months, Tony must find work.  He gets word that a Doctor is looking for a driver.  So, Tony is confused when the directions lead him to Carnegie Hall.  Dr. Shirley is a doctor of music and one of the most classically trained pianists of his time.  He has decided to take a tour of the deep south but knows he will need a white man to drive him into places he will not be accepted.  Dr. Shirley offers $100 a week plus room and board.  But he is looking for someone to do everything.  Tony counters.  He will be a driver and personal assistant, but he will not be a butler.   Also, Tony requires $125 a week.  After calling Tony’s wife Dolores, Dr. Shirley agrees to Tony’s terms.  Before they hit the road, Dr. Shirley’s record executives give Tony the Green Book.  It is a book with hotels and restaurants in the south that will serve ‘colored’ people.  The two men will embark on a trip of cultural awareness, bigotry, laughter, and friendship.

This movie is wonderful because it shows that both men had issues going into this road trip. Dr. Shirley has a narrow-minded view of Tony because of his diction and mannerisms.  Tony sees the ‘eggplant’ is unconnected with is own culture and gives into those that belittle him.  As Tony spends more time with Dr. Shirley, he learns that his fists aren’t always the answer.  In addition, as Dr. Shirley spends more time with Tony, he learns to stand up to those who disrespect him.  This movie will leave you laughing and renewed after view it.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Tony Valley, short and sweet – Dr. Shirley

Don’t bother. You took all the fun out of it – Tony

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The Favourite – Review

The Favourite – Budget of $15 million – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Favourite

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Sara is the known favorite of Queen Anne and is secretly governing the kingdom.  Queen Anne is in poor health, has gout, and constantly depressed.  So Sara attends parliament meetings and ‘answers’ for the Queen.  With her husband at war, Sara wants to double the land tax to finance supplies and weapons for the men.  Her only obstacle is Robert, a member of parliament.  He warns the queen that raising the land tax will have people rioting in the streets.  During this discussion, Abigail walks in covered in dirt.  She announces herself as Sara’s cousin and a former Lady.  Abigail’s father gambled away the family’s good name and their title.  Then, he sold Abigail to settle his debts.  Sara, taking pity on Abigail, gets her a job as a scullery maid.  Seeing the Queen’s painful gout, Abigail mixes some roots and herbs to help.  She sneaks into the Queen’s room and applies the concoction.  Feeling better, the Queen asks Abigail back and invites her to be Sara’s maid.  While the Queen doesn’t see the harm, Sara can see Abigail’s appetite for power.  It’s not long before Abigail if vying to be at the Queen’s side and rid of Sara.

Told in 7 parts, this movie feels like a novel brought to life.  The parts are:

  1. This Mud Stinks
  2. I Do Fear Confusion and Accidents
  3. What an Outfit
  4. A Minor Hitch
  5. What If I Should Fall Asleep and Slip Under
  6. Stop Infection
  7. I Dreamt I Stabbed You in the Eye

Each part shows each woman’s cunning ways and how Queen Anne manipulated their love for her amusement.  But in the end, Sara asks Abigail one question (which will not be revealed here).  That question will haunt you as you leave the theater.  Seeing these women go back and forth is sad and comical at the same time.  Did the Queen truly love either of them?  This movie should not be seen as historical but as an exaggeration on factual characters.  If period pieces are your cup of tea (pun intended – if you see the movie), see this one today.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You are not nothing – Queen Anne

I dreamt I stabbed you in the eye – Sara

I just want to help her.  She seems to suffer so much – Abigail

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