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Santa’s Boots – Review

Santa’s Boots – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Santa's Boots

Nick’s friend Robbie is having a Santa drought.  Five of his Santas and 2 of the elves quit.  Robbie typically hires older and heavier men to play the part but, out of desperation, he hires Nick.  Nick wants the job as a break from the Christmas tree farm.  His uncle owns the farm and wants to retire.  Nick promised at 35 he would take over.  Now, he is having second thoughts.  Holly is a true workaholic with 41 days of vacation saved.  While she takes it as a badge of honor, her boss makes her takes a vacation before she loses her days.  She goes home to visit her family but within minutes she is working again.  When a sick elf comes into her father’s office, she is offered the job to help the family store.  Holly says no until she lays her eyes on the Santa, Nick.  Holly takes the elf job and starts to see Nick as more than Santa.  But as a smart, businessman.  The two come up with ideas to bring more customers to the store.  This brainstorming will not just build a relationship with Nick and Holly, it will also strengthen the relationship with her family and save the store.

This love story is funny and enchanting.  Of course, having the main characters be named Nick and Holly is so cliche, it’s cute.  Also, having a fairy grandmother in Grammy is delightful.  She always knows when to butt in and whose side to take.  You start to wish she was your grandma.  This movie covers love, career, and family in a 2-hour span with ease and makes you forget you are watching a holiday movie.  Santa Boots will become an easy favorite.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Merry Christmas, for who – Robbie

I haven’t found my Sleepless in Seattle yet but I’m still looking – Holly

I always take the right side – Grammy

You were gonna sell my boots – Nick

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Homegrown Christmas – Review

Homegrown Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Homegrown Christmas

Maddie has officially retired after selling her shoe company but she has no idea of what to do with her free time.  Her mother asks her to come home for the holidays.  When Maddie gets home, she wants to help with the family business.  But her sister doesn’t want the help.  Over the years, Maddie has ignored the family business and comes off as a know-it-all to her little sister.  Her sister knows her parents wanted Maddie to run the company instead of her so she draws a hard line in the sand.  The more Maddie tries to help, the more she feels like an outsider.  Even with her ex-boyfriend Carter.  He feels like she left him behind but she feels like he never asked her to stay.  Maddie must reconnect with the family she put on the back burner for years.

This movie does offer life lessons but it’s lessons you have heard throughout this holiday.  The only difference is when Maddie learned them.  Instead of learning it before, during, or after a big promotion, she learned it when she retired.  This movie is another bore that follows the typical pattern.  Even Wendy Williams can’t save this movie.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

What do I do now – Maddie

One thing you haven’t lost is grace – Carter

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Your Baby is Mine – Review

Your Baby is Mine – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Your Baby is Mine

Anna is a proud mommy blogger.  She blogs during each moment in her pregnancy, giving birth, and early morning feedings.  One night, as she looks at a toy, she confesses to her fans about her dark past.  During her teen years, she was watching a baby for a couple having a night on the town.  Even though she checked on the baby often, the baby died in its sleep.  Albeit Anna was not blamed, she still feels guilt til this day.  As she sobs on the camera, Anna doesn’t know that Rachel, the mother of that child, is watching and planning.  Rachel has died her hair and bribed her way to become Anna’s doula.  Rachel believes Anna’s baby is hers and will do anything to anyone to get that baby.

This break from the Christmas movie onslaught is just sad and unnecessary.  Touching on SIDS is a twist but it just doesn’t talk about the statistics enough to make you care.  You are watching another crazy mom story.  This movie would fail in any other season and the plot is just too overdone.  Even the twist ending is expected.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

If you’re going to be up in the middle of the night with Sarah joy, you might as well be working – John

I don’t think you’ll be talking to anyone, will you? – Rachel

It was an accident. Please you have to forgive me – Anna

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Christmas Lost and Found – Review

Christmas Lost and Found – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas Lost Found

Whitney has finally taken the time out of her busy schedule to come home but is still working.  Her grandmother Frances wants Whitney to slow down and enjoy Christmas like she did when she was a child.  Frances believes the first step is giving Whitney the family ornaments.  Whitney loves them but she decides not to take them.  She doesn’t have time for a Christmas tree in her apartment and thinks the ornaments will collect dust.  Anyhow, Frances gives them to Whitney and lets her settle in her room.  However, the room is littered with boxes.  So, Whitney rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.  In her cleaning frenzy, Whitney accidentally dumps the box of ornaments into a bigger box and leaves it on the curb.  By the time Whitney realizes what happened, its too late and the trash man has them.  Mortified the ornaments are gone, Whitney receives a letter.  Someone found her ornaments and she will have to participate in a savenger hunt to find the one by one.  Whitney has to find the ornaments and the puppet master behind the hunt.

While this movie does have a loves story, its the subplot to the movie.  The movie is all about the ornaments and the memory each of them holds for Whitney.  She discovers the true meaning of the holidays and the family she left behind with each memory.  Whitney comes to the realization that no one misses work when they are gone, just family.  Like any mystery, several culprits are presented as the puppet master but only one knows Whitney this well.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

That, as Frances would say, is a lot of hooey – Ryan

I can juggle a million things at once.  I’m an event planner – Whitney

Well, I feel like I’ve been struck – Frances

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A Star for Christmas – Review

A Star for Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Star for Christmas

Cassie owns a cupcake shop in a small town.  When a director comes in a loves her cupcakes, he asks her to be caterer while they are filming in her area.  She is ecstatic for the work but will need more help.  The next day, AJ enters with a hat and sunglasses on.   He sees the state of Cassie’s shop and offers to help fix the sink.  When the sink is finally working, Cassie offers him a job.  Because she doesn’t own a TV, Cassie doesn’t know he is one of the biggest stars in the world.  She will have to navigate in his crazy world.  And he will have to change his approach to impress her.  It won’t take long for this love to be challenged with ex-lovers and the paparazzi.

While the flipping to TMZ-like stories to help guide the movie along, it can get a bit much when the resolution changes multiple times.  It can make you feel a bit sick.  While Cassie’s lack of superstar knowledge is explained, the fact her two Hollywood obsessed friends don’t know him either is glossed over.  The movie starts to lose its luster after a while.  This movie about an action-packed Christmas movie can be skipped.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

I’m allergic to sugar and retail – Zack

This might take a minute – AJ

I would punch me in my throat area, right here – Jared

I’m serious. What’s your deal – Cassie

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Once Upon a Christmas Miracle – Review

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

Heather, a nursing student, is excited to be with her family and get started on their Christmas traditions.  However, she has been feeling tired.  She wants to see the doctor after the holidays but her mother refuses to let her wait.  After her test, doctors tell her she has AIH and her liver is failing.  They will put her on the transplant list but it’s likely she will die before she finds a donor.  Her only option is to find a living donor.  When her family doesn’t match, they put out fliers around town.  Chris is trying to find a way to help others after leaving the Marines.  He even considers going abroad to help people when he sees fliers for Heather.   After a test, he is a perfect match.  The two sit down to meet and they realize the meet at a bar while on bad dates with other people.  Heather thanks him for being tested but starts to explain the likelihood of his being a match.  Chris cuts her off and says he is her match.  Heather is flabbergasted by the knowledge that this total stranger can save her life.  In gratitude, the entire family meets Chris and the two get closer.  They start to fall for each other but worry that its the illness keeping them together.  Hopefully, this Christmas tragedy can become a miracle of life and love.

Inspired by a true story, you will easily cry.  Especially when you see the real picture of Heather and Chris at the end.  No love story is easy but this one is fought with challenges before the pair even meet.  While this movie hits on a hard subject, it doesn’t get too preachy.  However, more information should have been given on being a living donor.  This movie could spark a real change for people looking to do more. So if this movie inspires you to help, check out MedStar Health to look into becoming a living donor.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Sometimes, you don’t have to travel the world to make a difference – Jack

I don’t think you can overdo Christmas – Heather

It looks like some of the decor fell on you – Chris

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Christmas Cupid Arrow – Review

Christmas Cupid Arrow – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas Cupid Arrow

Holly is regretting spending more time with authors than with real men.  Her sister is pregnant and her best friend is in love.  She is spending another Christmas alone.  She knows the problem, she just doesn’t know the solution.  Her friend Emily lends a helping hand by adding her to the same dating app where she met her husband.  After a few failed dates, Holly wants to give up.  She even goes on a date with a guy named Mr. Wright and it goes completely wrong.  But Emily asks her to give it another try.  David’s career has gone stale.  He wants to find another job but is afraid to take the risk because he is a widowed dad.  When he sits with his old college roommate Josh, he tells David to leave.  Josh offers to help advance David career if he works as a writer within his law firm.  The pay and benefits will be exponentially larger than what he gets now.  David is still unsure.  But after a bad date with an English professor, Josh asks David to write him a poem to woo her.  If the poem accomplishes the goal, he can guarantee David the job.  Recently, David was asked to plan a school party with Holly.  David is attracted but can’t get the nerve to ask her out.  So when he writes the poem for Josh, he writes it about her.  David doesn’t know that Josh’s date is Holly.  The same Holly Josh struck out with before.  And it’s this poem that will win her back.  When everything comes to light, all their world’s will come crashing down.

This modern Cyrano de Bergerac is told with a dating app and text messages (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It can be dizzying to keep the story straight but you will root for David and Holly to get together in the end.  Yes, he did lie by omission but he didn’t realize he was lying to Holly.  Deep down you know David is an honest man.  However, no one really knows who Josh is.  Their discovery of Josh’s true nature may keep you up at night knowing that people like this exist in the world.  Unlike most Christmas stories, the holiday is in the background of the movie and not the overall theme.  The movie is about the iceberg of relationships.  There is the 10% we see and the 90% we never see.  Don’t fall for the 10 percent.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

He may be too pretty – Holly

I already have a pretty lady in my life – David

Look daddy, I’m beautiful – Molly

Writing is a solitary thing. It’s not a performance skill – Josh

How many Hollys is in this school – Emily

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The Christmas Pact – Review

The Christmas Pact – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Christmas Pact

In 1987, neighbors Ben and Sadie planted a tree and made a pact.  Every Christmas Eve they would come back to the tree, make their Christmas wishes, exchange gifts, and put an ornament on the tree.  As the years go by, they keep their promise and their bond grows stronger.  When they turn 18, Ben and Sadie realize they have feelings for each other.  But their friends advised them to not pursue the relationship.  Sadie is told that falling in love with your friend is a bad idea.  And Ben is told that Sadie is moving for college and long distance relationships don’t work.  Now, Sadie is jet-setting all over the world and Ben is still in love.  But the two make it back to their tree.  As each year past, the two are still in love.  But Sadie doesn’t feel it until Ben finds a new love.  With both Ben and Sadie moving away this year, can their pact survive and will they finally fall in love with each other?

This is a 30-year long story of ‘will they/won’t they’.  If they just followed their instincts instead of asking their friends advise, this 30-year tug of war could have been avoided.  Take that as the lesson for love.  You should follow your own heart, not just the words of others.  While the constant ‘what if’ may drive you crazy, it does make sense in the end when Ben reveals is most heartfelt secret.  You will turn to mush when you see the depths of his love.  You will want this romance for yourself.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol is not a cinematic masterpiece (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer) – Ben

You need to fall into the Christmas spirit. Fall into it – Sadie

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Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve – Review

Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve – Freeform – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve

Grace is living the life of a party girl, socialite instead of a high powered CEO.  She was put in charge of her mother’s company after Eleanor was sentenced to 5 years in jail.  Grace always hated the company because it took her mom away from her.  Now, she has to run it. After an alcohol-fueled party, a disheveled Grace heads to a board meeting.  The company has fallen on hard times and needs to get rid of some toys to save it.  Grace quickly approves removing the Eve doll.  The Eve doll was the flagship toy of the company, so everyone is shocked at Grace’s choice especially Butler, her best friend.  Butler tries to convince Grace that removing the doll is a mistake and gets help from Grace’s young neighbor Lex.  Grace takes a liking to Lex because their childhood is similar.  They have nice things but miss their working moms.  Grace starts to dig through her old things and finds a box marked “Gracie Girl”.  Inside is a book of spells with a picture of Casey and a note to Eleanor.  Lex’s curious and decides to say one of the spells with Grace over Grace’s Eve doll.  The next morning Grace wakes up to a woman in her bed. She believes she got drunk and had a one-night-stand.  Grace doesn’t know the woman is her Eve doll come to life to help her save the company.

This sequel to Life-Size isn’t for your little girl (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It’s for the girl you have grown up to be.  Be warned there are sexual innuendoes, drinking, and twerking.  This should explain why this movie is on Freeform instead of the Disney Channel.  With that aside, like Casey, Grace is a girl who just misses her mother.  Unlike Casey, Grace loved her Eve doll but she never believed the spell would work.  The Eve doll will see that the company never fixed the error in her ways.  While she inspired Casey, she never inspired other girls to become more.  So it’s up to Grace to make Eve 2.0 a true role model.  This movie feels like a message to the toy companies to make stronger role models, not just products.  Fans of the first will like the second but it may be too much for your children. And FYI, you will see Tyra sing and rap trap music.  So, be prepared.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Oh God, how much do you remember – Butler

Well, that’s just crappy journalism. It wasn’t even a holiday party – Grace

Wow, that’s kind of aggressive – Lex

No, the lights were totally on – Eve

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A Majestic Christmas – Review

A Majestic Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Majestic Christmas

Nell and Connor’s first meeting does not go well when he accuses her of stealing from Santa.  So, their next meeting in her boss’s offices is a bit uncomfortable.  Connor inherited the Majestic Theater from his aunt Emily.  To turn a profit, he wants to tear down the theater and put up a multiplex.  Much to her boss’s chagrin, Nell wants to restore more than she wants to build. And the Majestic is no different.  In addition, she grew up with the Majestic and knows its historical meaning to the small town.  So, she and the town will try to convince Connor to leave the building as is but with a few improvements.  Connor will try to make Nell see that he and turning a profit are not all bad.  With a few Christmas traditions, they will both see the error in their ways.

With so many of the same plotlines during the holiday season, it’s hard to remember which network you are watching.  This movie is no different.  And without a comic relief, it loses its spark.  Something just feels missing as you watch it.  So it never grabs your attention or makes you care enough.  This movie should have spent 10 minutes on aunt Emily and Connor’s relationship in the past.  This way you could see the struggle in Connor to tear it down.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

That was an apology by the way – Connor

Next time have a little faith in people. It is Christmas after all – Nell

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Merry Wishmas – Review

Merry Wishmas – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Merry Wishmas

Kenni Wright is coming home for Christmas.  It has been a while since she has been home but she wants to see her family again.  With all this happiness, the moment she gets home, she and her sister Dione start to bicker.  Kenni sees Dione as the screw up her parents always supported.  Kenni did exactly as she was told by giving up her singing career for school.  Now, she is a successful interior designer with dreams of ‘what if’.  She visits the local Living Well Center to deliver food for Jessie.  Jessie manages the center and got some startling news.  The owner died and left the center to his sons.  The will stipulates the sons have to give Jessie an option to buy before anyone else.  If Jessie can’t come up with $125,000 in a few months, they will sell it.   Jessie knows how much this center helps people get back on their feet.  Whether they had medical issues, job issues, or depression, the center is there to help.  Overhearing the issues, Kenni wants to help but Jessie is too proud.  She has to convince him that she can roll up her sleeves and get dirty to save the center.  Luckily, she has Celine to help her win Jessie over.

This movie delivers a strong message about helping others without pointing a political finger.  It does touch on heavy subjects like medical cost and job loss without blaming one party or the other.  It’s proof that Jessie just wants to help.  His biggest problem is his heart.  He helps others without taking their money so the center is falling apart around him.  However, his faith keeps him going and it rubs off on Kenni.  This hometown girl has lost her faith in others while riding the wave to success.  With every message, the standout performance is Towanda Braxton.  You can’t help to laugh every time she is on screen.  Her over-the-top, wannabe, church first lady performance is something you will never forget.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Are you one of those new side pieces of Jessie – Celine

She needs to have her own kids – Dione

Don’t let the designer labels fool you – Kenni

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Love for Christmas – Review

Love for Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love for Christmas

Bobby, a naval navigational specialist, has left the military and is not sure where to start is civilian life.  With the help of his family, he is able to get a job but he still feels like a boat with no rutter.  To help clear his mind he takes a walk on the beach and a dog finds him.  The dog belongs to Heather.  When they were kids, Bobby had a huge crush on Heather.  Then one day, he finally got the courage to ask her out and she turned him down.  He has never gotten over the heartbreak.  With his most recent breakup, he has decided to stay away from relationships for a while.  Heather feels lonely in her relationship.  So, she breaks up with her boyfriend Roger.  Although he hears the breakup, he doesn’t believe her.  He feels like she is just stressed out about her interview and gives her a day to cool off.  Heather interviewed for a theater in New York.  It has always been her dream to direct there.  She believes this will be an easy yes.  But with friends, family, love, and a proposal on the table, Heather starts to think twice.

Score another movie for the kids.  The best moments of this movie are with Mira.  She gives some sage advice to all the adults while dealing with her own love life.  She even works with Heather’s best friend Julia to get Heather and Bobby together on a secret date.  This young girl is wiser than her years.  The rest of the movie falls in step with all holiday movies but Mira makes this one watchable.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Smile, you’ll look better – Roger

When’s the best time to break up with someone – Heather

No, taking their gifts and doing it after is mean. But it’s a thought – Julia

A very wise person told me, home is where the heart is – Bobby

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Running Out of Time – Review

Running Out of Time – BET – 2 hours and 10 minutes

Running Out of Time

Clarence Harper was the youngest chief of staff and worked for the Governor for 11 years.  So, his heart attack and subsequent death was a blow to Washington and his family.  His widow, Brenda decides to get away and go to the family’s ranch with her daughter Kristen and mother Dolly.  Brenda tries to soothe Kristen while looking out for her mother.  As they turn in for the night, Brenda hears a knock at her door.  She sees Clarence’s friend and colleague Cain at the door and lets him in the house.  He tells her he is sorry and to do whatever they tell her to do.  She hears another knock.  Brenda opens it and two masked men barge in.  They tie up Cain, Kristine, and Brenda.  They find Dolly in the bed next to a bottle of pills and whiskey, so they label her as safe and leave her in the bed.  Brenda learns the masked men are not after money nor jewelry.  They are looking for papers.  But she has no idea what paper’s they are talking about.  Cain informs her that Clarence found information that proves the Governor is corrupt.  And he took the documents and hid them somewhere.  Brenda’s home in Atlanta and DC have been checked and the ranch is the last one the list.  Brenda has to find the folder and documents before her entire family is killed.

This movie doesn’t take long to kick off the danger.  However, you don’t feel the urgency to save this family.  But don’t give up just yet.  There are two significant twists that will make you pay attention.  And while it does talk about government corruption, it does not politize it.  This is a good movie to DVR and to watch when you are ready, but don’t cancel plans.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Please don’t make this harder than it really is – Brenda

You can do this. I got you – Dolly

I didn’t even say I love you and I always say I love you – Kristen

We survive – Cain

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Christmas Wonderland – Review

Christmas Wonderland – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas Wonderland

The former painter, now an art dealer, Heidi has the candle burning at both ends.  Her boss needs her to plan a Christmas party and get items ready for a gallery showing.  Her sister and brother-in-law, Megan and John, were asked to speak at a national realtor convention at the last minute.  So they need Heidi to watch their children, Tom and Katie.  And she will need to take over Megan’s duties for the high school Snowball dance.  Heidi believes that taking care of two kids for two days will be easy.  However, Megan didn’t tell Heidi that she would be working with Chris.  Chris is Tom’s history teacher, Tom’s hockey coach, and Heidi’s ex-boyfriend.  At first, Heidi has everything under control.  But with two leaks and a computer outage, things will get out of control fast.  It will take Christmas love to bring it all back together.

Kids save the day.  The two kids in this movie make it funny and enjoyable for the whole family.  Tom has a problem with history and girls.  Typical for a teenager.  Katie is worried about singing in front of her school.  A normal problem.  However, they aren’t bratty or yell.  They express their emotions properly and listen.  It’s a perfect example for children and teens alike.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Sounds cozy – Julia

Yeah mom said it was totally fine if I threw a party – Tom

Relax I got it. I can take care of two kids for two days – Heidi

And that a high school relationship would actually work out – Chris

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