#PrettyRosebud and #Betrayed – VOD Review

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Pretty Rosebud – Review

Pretty Rosebud – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 21 minutes

Pretty Rosebud

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Cecilia Santos works hard at a PR firm, attends church regularly, and spends time with her family.  However, when she comes home, life is different from the perfect one she portrays to the world.  Her husband Phil is out of work but not actively looking for one.  And he refused to take any job he considers to be beneath him.  He is spiraling into a depression that he fills with fun and friends.  And always at Cecilia’s expense.  He wants Cecilia to work less and spend more time with him.  Cecilia’s parents and Phil’s parents remind her every day that she should have children.  Her father believes her work ambition is keeping her from having a family.  Cecilia is angry at her husband’s lazy, entitled ways.  She is annoyed by her parents and in-laws constant pressure on her marriage.  She decides to relieve this frustration one affair at a time.

This ‘coming of self’ movie show how self-destructive a person can become when they ignore their own happiness. Cecilia spends so much time worrying about what others will think, she forgot what makes her happy.  But instead of voicing her feelings, she turns to sex to provide a release.  With a religious upbringing, she knows her affairs are wrong.  She just doesn’t know another way to cope.  It’s tough to see her reach out for guidance and only receive judgment, even from herself.  As she gathers strength from people she loves, she will finally stand and speak for herself.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Phil hates my work but he won’t work – Cecilia

Distance? How about some distance from work – Phil

You gotta put you first – Scott

I’m confused. I thought we had an agreement – Frank

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Betrayed – Review

Betrayed – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 38 minutes


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Mayor Alderman is losing control of his city.  He allowed the Russian mob and the Cartel to work as long as it didn’t cause waves to his campaign.  But Mikhail, Leader of the Russian Mob, has kidnapped 2 young women and 3 teens from the city.  Now, the people want answers after this crime spree.  Mikhail tells Alderman he has no intentions of stopping because the money is too good.  So Mayor Alderman tells the Cartel that he will put an end to the mob without starting a war.  The Cartel agrees to help the Mayor.  On the other side of town, the Mayor doesn’t know that Mikhail has a plan in motion.  He will track the Mayor’s daughter, Marie and kidnap her until the Mayor gives him what he wants.  As soon as Mikhail gives the orders, Marie and her friend Krissy walk into his club.  Later, they are joined by their other friend Det. Sandra.  Mikhail orchestrates a distraction and grabs Marie.  And Sandra knows something is up when she can’t find Marie or never gets a call from her the next morning.  Sandra calls Mayor Alderman and he quietly panics.  Det. Sandra tells him not to worry because she will work the case.  Nevertheless, Mayor Alderman is not waiting. He calls a few goons to get things done without any restrictions.  Now, Sandra and the goons are looking for Marie.  Mikhail has trapped Marie with several kidnapped and traffic girls.  And the Cartel is after all of them.  And the Mayor has to keep a straight face to the public.  This will end with blood.

This movie starts as a tale of sex slaves but turns into a gangster/corruption movie.  The premise is strong, it feels a bit forgotten.  In fact, the case focuses on the women being used as drugs mules more than sex slaves.  While important statics are provided to the viewer, it’s lost in the overall plot.  With that aside, the movie has a strong story with lots of compelling characters.  It does get gory but it’s done for the sake of the story.  There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you entertained.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You don’t understand. I have to answer for this – Mayor Alderman

I will do what I do no matter if you take the money or not. What will you do? Go to the police – Mikhail

You have the city dad, that’s your true baby and you know it – Marie

You do realize how bad that sounds – Sandra

I have to face him – Darryl

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