#Mid90s – Movie Review

Mid90s – Budget of Unknown – 1 hour and 24 minutes


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Stevie admires his older brother Ian but his constantly ignored, belittled, and abused by him.  No matter how hard he tries his brother doesn’t accept him.  This lack of acceptance causes Stevie to self-harm.  His mother has nothing but love for both of her sons.  However, she believes Stevie more than Ian.  After another violent run-in with his brother, Stevie rides his bike around town.  Near Motors skate shop, he sees a group of kids who don’t take crap from anyone.  He walks inside to get to know them more.  He trades all of his video games for Ian’s skateboard.  Stevie goes behind the store and sees all the guys.  Rubin introduces himself and the other guys.

  • Ray – the unspoken leader of the group and most likely to go pro
  • F**k S**t – Ray’s closest friend and a great skater, but his vices are bringing him down
  • 4th Grade – the group’s verbal punching bag, quiet, and an aspiring movie maker
  • Rubin – an abused kid who was the lowest on the totem pole until Stevie joined

Stevie will bend over backward to be a part of the group.  While their acceptance is earned, it comes with hard life lessons about drugs, dreams, friendship, jealousy, and sex.  These skaters are the brothers and father Stevie always wanted.  But at what cost?

This movie doesn’t paint these skaters as villains or heroes.  The kids run from the cops but take the time to talk to the homeless.  They are a bunch of lost kids trying to connect to anyone.  As the movie develops, each skater’s pain will be revealed to Stevie.  Stevie learns one lost his brother, another was diagnosed with ADD, and another is poorer than any member of the group.  With this reveals come misguided lessons.  They try to teach him about manhood but they are still boys.  And that’s the sad truth of this movie: Lost boys are trying to teach a boy about what it takes to be a man.   If you are a true 90s kids, you will see the music, art, fashion, and games that bring nostalgia.  This movie is worth the price of admission.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You know you don’t have to do that, right? – Ray

What kind of noises – Stevie

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