#HanSolo: A #StarWars Story – Movie Review

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Solo: A Star Wars Story – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 15 minutes

Solo: A Star Wars Story
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Han is considered another scrumrat on the planet Corellia.  He and his girlfriend Qi’ra want nothing more than to leave the planet and live by their own rules.  One day, Han steals something that he knows will buy his and Qi’ra’s freedom.  However, in order to gain that freedom, he has to betray Lady Proxima. Lady Proxima is the leader of Corellia and sends Han on missions to steal things for her.  When Han and Qi’ra run with her loot, she sends her henchmen to find Han and Qi’ra.  Once on the edge, they see stormtroopers and the henchmen.  Just as they are about to escape, Qi’ra is grabbed while Han makes it through.  He promises to come back for her.  He will apply to the Imperial Navy as a flight cadet, get a ship, and fly back to Corellia.  That promise will remain his top priority for 3 years.  He will beg, borrow, steal, and join a gang of thieves to get Qi’ra back.

This is the story of how Han Solo got his name, got the Millennium Falcon, and met Chewbacca.  In the beginning, he is a risk-taking, insubordinate kid that just wants to save his girlfriend.  But with each person he meets on his journey, he learns about the cruelties, the disappointments, and the survivors in this world.   This movie does what Star Wars is known for in the past.  It gives strong action sequences, nail-biting moment, and plenty of laughs.  As the story winds down, it does seem to drag a little.  Also, there is a lot of foreshadowing that takes away from the biggest reveal in the entire movie.  While this is a great IMAX movie, don’t bother with 3D.  The lights glaring in the Millennium Falcon is extremely distracting.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Go. I’ll be right behind you – Qi’ra

Sure, go that way and die – Tobias

I’ll say it. I don’t care. This kid’s growing on me – Rio

They got me pinned – Val

I can feel you watching me – L3-37

I don’t like it but I’ll accept it – Lando

Let’s eat less, drink more, and talk in private – Dryden Vos


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