#StalkedByARealityStar and #MyDaughterWasStolen – TV Reviews

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Stalked by a Reality Star – Review

Stalked by a Reality Star – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Stalked by a Reality Star

Kendra has a standing date with her mom to watch their favorite reality dating show with their favorite star Brad.  So when her friend presents her with fake IDs and tickets for a charity bash, Kendra says no.  However, after catching her mom with a new man, Kendra is furious and leaves her mother to go to the bash.  It’s there she meets Brad face to face.  They talk and hit it off.  She agrees to go on another date.  Things start well but when Brad snaps at the wait staff and won’t take no for an answer, Kendra reveals her real age: 17.  But Brad isn’t deterred from his assault until his manager walks in the room.  Kendra tries to forget the assault.  That is until she goes to school and sees him teaching her drama class as a guest instructor.   Now Brad will stop at nothing to see her.  He goes so far as to track her phone, install cameras, and even date her mom.

Ready to be annoyed?  If so, this is the movie for you.   First, you are annoyed by Kendra naivete.  Then, you are annoyed with the manager’s lack of concern.  Next, you are annoyed with the oblivious mother.  Then you are annoyed by the police.   Finally, you are annoyed with Brad.  The end of this movie is like the relief of having an obnoxious relative leave your house.  You welcome it without hesitation.  Everyone in this movie has a huge lack of judgment and it’s too much too bare.  Even with a twist ending.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Recovering just fine. Thank you – Kendra

Aw but you hate it though – Brad

Yes, it ends with a real damn wolf – Lynn

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My Daughter was Stolen – Review

My Daughter was Stolen – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

My Daughter was Stolen

Jackie has had a nagging feeling her mother Kayla wasn’t what she seemed.  She was abusive, keep dead bodies in the house, and an alcoholic.  When Kayla falls into a drunken stooper, Jackie removes a key from her neck and open a locked door.  Inside she finds news clippings about a kidnapped girl, a search, and the parents who lost their child.  Her memories come flooding back to her 4th birthday because that’s when Kayla kidnapped her.  She leaves the house, trapping Kayla inside with a blazing fire.  She heads for the police and informs them of her real identity.  If you think you were told the whole movie, you are wrong.  You only have the first 20 minutes.  As Jackie adjust back into her life, she learns her birth parents are divorced, her step-family hates her, and her birth mother is an alcoholic.  And to make matters worse, she is seeing Kayla everywhere.

This movie picks up where others leave off.  Usually, once the child is found, it’s a happy ending.  But this one talks about the after effects of a kidnapping.  While it doesn’t get too preachy like “based on true story” movies, it just gets creepier as Jackie keeps seeing the kidnapper in the shadows.  This movie is ok but Lifetime has done better.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Um, I’m resourceful – Sadie

I don’t even know you – Alicia

I love you momma – Jackie

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    • Ok, so this movie was a mixture of bad acting and bad writing, some actors were good, i.e. Karynn Moore, but uh, some were questionable, but its hard to tell because of some bad writing, there are some scenes where your just like…yea that makes no sense, for example in one scene Jesse uses a workers cell phone to call her mom, when she calls her mom she doesnt speak,and somehow her mom knew it was her, plus the caller ID said the name of restaurant, yet she used the workers personal cell phone…so just some stuff completely noticeable that wasnt good, I would like to say there was a good movie buried beneath this bad one, plus the title is a little whack too, but whatever you know


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