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Four Christmases and a Wedding – Review

Four Christmases and a Wedding – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Four Christmases and a Wedding

Chloe works for a party planning company and every year she, Stephanie, and Ted work together to create the Fairmont Christmas Fair.  Chloe just swore off dating, when a slip on the ice puts her face to face for Mr. Right aka Evan.  When she sees Evan with a woman and child, she assumes he is taken.  Later, she learns that was his sister and niece.  The two find a dog, watch a movie, and dance.  But everything is put to a halt when Even learns he has gotten a job that will send him to Norway for months.  He decides to take the job and leave.  The next year he comes back.  For Chloe, the flame burns hot and bright.  Evan feels the same spark but he has a new girlfriend, Rachelle.  It will take 4 Christmases to pull this love together.

This movie follows the path of love, but it doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes 4 years for this couple to get it right.  They have several missed opportunities because of work, relationships, and an engagement.  This couple, who obviously love each other, just can’t seem to get it right.  While this movie is honest and an interesting concept, it just doesn’t grab your attention.  You do need to pay attention to each jump in time but you know how it will end, even for the subplot couples.   Keep this one in the background while doing other things but don’t cancel plans to watch.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Come on Randy! Time to go. Chop, chop! Let’s go – Stephanie

The man of my dreams, who’s apparently taken – Chloe

These are my walking shoes, I’ll be fine – Rachelle

Well, that was quite a duet – Evan

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A Wedding To Die For – Review

A Wedding To Die For – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Wedding To Die For

While saying ‘I Do’, Helena watched her dying groom say is final words, ‘cupcake’.  She laid on top of his body and cried in front of their family and friends at the altar.  Now, she is engaged to Charlie and anxiously awaiting the arrival of her future sister-in-law Becca.  Helena is doing everything she can to impress her future family since she has none of her own.  She hopes this will be a new start for her life.  When her future mother-in-law Nancy suggests they hire a baker, Helena is shocked.  Helena, a baker in her own right, believes she can handle it.  But when the baker recognizes Helena from a past convention, it could derail her plans of creating the perfect family by exposing her darkest secret.   Helena must do anything to keep her new family and get married to the man she loves.  And she will do anything including poisoning, injuring, and killing.

This is a typical “when will they figure it out” Lifetime movie.  It tries for a twist at the end but nothing comes of it.  Now Brittany Underwood does a great job of having that ‘tick’.  When she changes from sweet to psychotic, it’s unmatched.  Her smile to the light in her eyes change.  It’s evident Underwood loves to play crazy.  Since this film falls under the typical Lifetime umbrella, it doesn’t require your full attention.  It can be background noise.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I see you at the guillotine. Sorry, I mean alter – Glen

Cupcake – George

You’re right George, your little cupcake is right here. I hope it wasn’t too sweet for you – Helena

Why do you always look so disappointed to see me – Becca

Nothing is ever perfect – Charlie

Sometimes you have to keep an open mind and a closed mouth – Nancy

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Angry Angel – Review

Angry Angel – Freeform – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Angry Angel

Megan died leaving her husband Patrick behind.  In death, she learned that she was not good enough to go to heaven, yet.  With a change in appearance and name (now Alison), she must do acts of good to earn her way into heaven.  She was very close, but miracles have slowed down and she has been waiting 9 years to go.  She is ready to leave earth and performs one final miracle to put her over the top.  Alison believes she can go straight to heaven but due to the holidays, she has to way for 2 more days but be on her best behavior until then.  If she does anything displeasing, she could be stuck on earth longer.  As she is contemplating watching the Real Housewives for 2 days, she sees Patrick with his new girlfriend Jill.  Now, Jason Biggs (an angel who was a 98-year-old man) warns her that contacting anyone from her past can get her access to heaven taken away.  But Alison can’t help herself.  She must win Patrick back and still make it to heaven.

Angry Angel lives up to its name.   And getting to heaven maybe Alison’s goal, but is not the goal of the movie.  The goal is to speak on true kindness and helping each other.  Now be prepared, it does go places other Christmas movies won’t (i.e. speaking on prejudice, Gandhi, and faith).  But that makes it refreshing and a great change.  Now, understanding that they don’t focus heavily on these issues, they bring them up in just.  It’s a quick laugh in a tough moment.   Also, this movie connects with its audience with the “Heaven App”.  It keeps track of Alison’s points and alerts her to nearby miracles.  This is a great movie with just as much heart as it has laughs.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You lit the spark, might as well keep the fire burning – Alison

Most celebrities are really angels in disguise – Jason

Did he just check his pockets to see if I robbed him – Leonard

You think it wouldn’t be that hard to get to Nebraska – James

He taught me that life is for living – Jill

We’re from Nebraska. This stuff doesn’t happen, not even in Omaha – Patrick

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Snowmance – Review

Snowmance – ION – 2 hours and 2 minutes


After having her snowman destroyed by her crush Dean, Sarah sat and cried.  Nick sat beside her and told her she was wonderful and Dean was a jerk.  He helped her rebuild the snowman and gave the snowman all the qualities she wanted in her dream man.  Nick and Sarah decided to keep the tradition every year on December 12th.  They meet, make a snowman, and Sarah gives it the qualities she desires.  Eighteen years later, Sarah is still left with a melting man and no prospects.  After making a snowman with Nick, it disappears and Cole shows up on her doorstep.  Cole has everything she wants but with a few quirks.  Cole is weirded out by cooked carrots, sweats like crazy around the fire, and loves snow.  Nick thinks Cole is an online stalker but Sarah is falling head over heels for him.  As Sarah and Cole’s relationship grows so does Nick’s frustration over their romance.  He has been in love with Sarah ever since they build their first snowman.  He wants to tell her how he feels but can’t do it.  But he better hurry, Cole has a trip of a lifetime planned for Sarah; she may never come back.

At the last 5 minutes be ready to scream “Finally”.  This movie packs a lot of laughs with Nick’s drawings and the pettiest snowball fight ever between two grown men.  The hint of Christmas magic is implied although it is never revealed to be fact or fiction.  You are left wondering if Cole is truly real or the snowman come to life.   This movie would be a “regular Christmas love story” if it wasn’t for the comic reliefs.  Isabelle and Cole are hilarious with the quickest wit and sideline commentary.  Come for the love story, stay for the comedy.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Did you make me into your snow boyfriend – Dean

Nick, who cares about the snowman – Sarah

I love the effort little guy – Cole

I guess her dream man’s human after all – Nick

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A Joyous Christmas – Review

A Joyous Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Joyous Christmas

Rachel Kennedy is back in her hometown to promote her book “Me First” with an Inspiration Celebration Seminar.  Her manager Stuart has booked top notch, yet local, producer Jack.  Jack wants to incorporate Christmas, togetherness, and charity into Rachel’s seminar but Rachel doesn’t feel that Christmas is her thing.   While shopping for her brother David, Rachel is saved by Joy.  When Rachel offers to pay, Joy told her to help others.  This sentiment struck a chord with Rachel.  She follows Joy to the community center and gets involved.  Soon Rachel learns that the community center has lost its funding and will close without help.  Rachel offers her seminar as a platform to raise money.  But when Stuart notices the change in Rachel, he feels it will hurt her brand.  So he uncovers Joy’s past that will change everyone’s future.

A Joyous Christmas is a typical holiday movie with a good plot.  While the subplot is obvious, it’s nice to see it unfold.  However, once you know this is a Scrooge type of movie, your mind starts to drift.  This movie will remind you what Christmas is truly about but with 12 new movies this season, it’s storyline is lost in the weeds.   The only standout in this movie is Jack.  He isn’t a hometown guy for whom Rachel falls in love.  He is from Boston and had is own company.  He moved to town for a change.  Rachel is the hometown girl who comes back to promote her book.  This is the only true difference in this Hallmark movie.  So record, watch the 1st 30 minutes, and the last 20 minutes.  The rest of the movie is background noise

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

My you were busy yesterday – Stuart

If you can’t give time, give gifts – Rachel

You can help someone else who needs help – Joy

Work never complains about my commitment issues – Jack

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Switched for Christmas – Review

Switched for Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Switched for Christmas

Kate and Chris are twins with ice cream, Colorado, and their looks in common.  Kate is a single Vice President with a healthy lifestyle and organized life.  Chris is a single mom of 2 (Gabe & Piper) who teaches art and has a 100%, all-in Christmas spirit.  Their dad Ed tricks and guilts the two into having a Christmas Sister Brunch and catch up.  During the brunch, both sisters reveal they have to unexpectantly plan Christmas parties.  Kate has to plan a big bash for her company.  The original planner fell through and since she is the most organized, her boss put her in charge.  This party is Kate’s top priority and her boss put all her projects to the side until after the holidays.  Chris has to plan a Christmas extravaganza for Littleton.  Even though they have a new financial backer, with big money, the school principal wants to keep everything the same.  Kate thinks Chris has it easy because she gets to wear sweats and throw a prepackaged party.  Chris thinks Kate has it easy because she has no kids and the freedom to throw any party she wants.  The two decide to switch.  Chris get to throw the party of her dreams with no interruptions from her children.  And Kate gets to throw a laid-back party while in comfy clothes.  Sounds easy, right?  Well if it was, then they wouldn’t make a movie.

This is a fun switcheroo movie but it doesn’t show the immediate family as imbeciles.  The children and father know the sisters have switched however they play along.  Their love ones believe that the switch is good for them.  And it makes them appreciate each other.  They learn that while their sister has something wonderful, they are still missing out on something great.  While they try not to affect each other’s personal lives, they affect their own.  This is a good movie with great camera work and a strong message: Appreciate what you have but leave room to grow and love.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I shouldn’t have to – Kate

Wow, that’s a really big foot – Chris

Hazards of being an architect who likes to do things the old fashion way – Greg

We would have known. You’re twins, not clones – Gabe

There is no way we would miss this – Piper

I’m your father. It’s literally my job to tell you two apart – Ed

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A Very Merry Toy Store – Review

A Very Merry Toy Store – Lifetime – 2 hours and 4 minutes

A Very Merry Toy Store

Connie and Will are toy store owners who’ve continued their fathers’ feud.  After a bad business partnership, Connie and Will’s fathers parted ways and Connie’s father opened a rival toy store.   Now Connie runs Forrester Toys and Will owns DiNova Toys.  Forrester Toys has not turned a profit and if they don’t, will not make it to Christmas Eve.  DiNova store is doing well but his personal life is not.  He is trying to buy back a home he lost in the divorce but he is coming up short.  He needs $80,000 to beat out the other buyers.  With both in desperate need of money, they are looking forward to the sales boom from the holidays.  That’s when they learn that Roy Toys, one of the biggest toy stores on the East Coast, is opening a location right outside of town.  Connie and Will know this will be the end of their businesses.  So they decide to create an alliance to take Roy down.

While the romance between Connie and Will is predictable, the battle between the toy stores is not.  Just when you think Connie and Will have a leg up, Roy is up to the challenge.  You wonder how low Roy will sink to corner the toy market in that small town.  Will the duo stoop to Roy’s level to keep her store and get his house?  This movie can be DVR to fast forward past the love story and get back to the cutthroat business.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Don’t make me laugh while I’m drinking Joe. Pianos are expensive – Pam

Oh yeah, how is skid row these days – Connie

So I mix my metaphors a little. Sue me – Will

Let me say this for the record, I hate this story – Joe

What are you talking about, I told you I had no horse in this race – Roy

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The Christmas Train – Review

The Christmas Train – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Christmas Train

Hope begins when you stand in the dark and look out at the light

Director and screenwriter, Max Powers, believes in his script doctor Elenor.  He believes she should be writing scripts, not just fixing them.  So, he booked a train ride from DC to LA.  It will take 4 days and they will get to LA by Christmas.  He hopes she finds inspirations in the stories she hears on the train and writes a great screenplay.  Tom has strayed from being a war correspondent to writing puff pieces in magazines.  He hopes his time on the train will allow him to write a story about Christmas.  As everyone settles in, it’s not long before Tom and Elenor cross paths.  But this isn’t the first time they met.  Elenor tells Max that she and Tom dated for 6 years.  However, she wanted to start a family and leave on-the-scene reporting behind them.  He decided to stay on the road and broke her heart.  Now they are trapped on a train for 4 days, together.  When they get to California they would have witnessed a wedding, found a thief, worked with a psychic, and read a script.

Based on the novel, The Christmas Train by David Baldacci, this is a Hallmark love story but with a twist (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  And this twist is what makes this movie worth watching.  So hang in for the last 10 minutes for a big reveal.  While you know what happens in the end, it’s how it happens that is the true focus of the story.  You must dedicate your full attention for 2 hours or you will miss out on a lot.  Danny Glover and Joan Cusack are in top form for this movie.  It’s obvious that they read and respected the original book.  This is one of the best of the season.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

No, it’s not. This is bad luck, that’s all – Elenor

Too many stops you might say – Tom

He put me on one when I was 16 and said don’t come back until you make something of yourself – Max

No secrets on a train, especially a Christmas train – Agnus

Don’t be so sure you don’t need it either – Roxanne

I’m tired of being casual. I want the whole package – Leah

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