#TinyHouseOfTerror and #WeddingMarch2: Resort to Love – TV Reviews

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Tiny House of Terror – Review

Tiny House of Terror – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Tiny House of Terror

Sam has fallen into sadness when her husband Kyle goes missing after climbing and is presumed dead.  With the help of her family and friends, she tries to resume a normal life but when her home security system starts going haywire, she can’t take anymore.  She finds plans her husband created for a tiny house community.  He wanted it to be a surprise because he was going to ask Sam to work on the landscaping.  She learns that one home has been built and decides to live in it.  While it’s only 300 square feet, the tiny home is built will state of the art appliances and eco-friendly material.  She settles in and is inspired by the small, yet beautiful, town of Gravity Hill to finish Kyle’s landscaping plan.  However, while living in the home, Sam is frightened by a spider infestation, flying knives, crying baby dolls, and a bloody shovel.  And as time goes on, she remembers that before Kyle’s disappearance, he felt watch and noticed things were missing.  She starts to wonder if Kyle really had an accident or was it something more.  Kyle’s business partner Mark, her best friend Lindsay, her sister Jackie, Kyle’s former protest buddy Ben, or the county board member Darren; with so many suspects, who can Sam trust?

Wow.  This is a fantastic movie.  If you miss 5 minutes, you will miss everything.  DVR this movie so you can rewind and rewatch.   You will not believe what you saw.  It has OMG and WTF moments.  It even throws suspense on Sam.  You will start to wonder if she is losing her mind and imaging things because of her grief.  Keep track of each person and their motives because this movie gives every person a reason to kill or be killed.  It even gives a reason for Kyle to disappear on his own.  This is the way a mystery should be done.  The lead actress is not just a victim, she is a fighter.  Even in her grief, she focuses and starts to rebuild.  Sit back and watch this with your full attention, a glass of wine, and maybe with the lights on.   Great job Lifetime.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

We are living the dream my friend – Mark

Host turn off. Please turn off. Why won’t you turn off – Sam

You tell the whole world yet – Kyle

Well, that’s why we have online dating – Jackie

I’d give you the tour but this is it – Darren

Good news. I found the bottle opener. It was inside the cheese grater – lindsey

Sure. Anything for my little sister – Jackie

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Wedding March 2: Resort to Love – Review

Wedding March 2: Resort to Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Wedding March 2: Resort to Love

After giving up her business and home, Olivia is ready for her next adventure.  She goes to visit her ex-boyfriend Nick at his “Wedding” Inn.  However, she waits until they are face to face to inform him that she will be his new silent partner.  Nick is shocked because he thought she was coming back to rekindle their romance.  But within 10 minutes, Nick finds out that Olivia does not understand the “silent” part of the silent partner.  She decides to infiltrate to competition and poach one of their happy couples.   Corinne and Chris plan to get married in a few weeks, so when their resort lost their wedding date, they were so happy Olivia and Nick (mostly Oliva) step up to help them.  Corinne’s concern isn’t her wedding but beating her sister’s wedding.  She wants everything to be perfect, unforgettable, and magical.  Olivia is happy to help but Chris and Nick are cringing.  Chris is worried he will never be enough for Corrine.  And Nick is worried that is hope for a relationship will not survive their partnership.  Will both relationships last?

This is one to watch.  You will laugh and be shocked at all of Corinne’s and Olivia’s antics.  Corinne takes bridezilla to another level and all with a smile.  You will shout at the TV as her demands get crazier and crazier.  Before you can blink, she has requested a drone, doves, and personal ice sculpture.  The connection between Corinne and Chris will keep you captivated as they learn the true meaning of love and marriage.  As these two grow, Olivia and Nate’s romance take a back seat.  But this is deliberate because they learn about each other by watching Corinne and Chris.  Their story is Nate and Olivia’s story.  And don’t forget to check out all the side eye Nate gives to his daughter’s new boyfriend.  Classic. The only reason this wasn’t given a 5, it needs to be longer!!!

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Oh yeah, she’s staying – Nick

It’s going to be amazing. I know it– Olivia

Talk about stacking my cards against me – Wyatt

You don’t have the platinum package here – Chris

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