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Nanny Nightmare – Review

Nanny Nightmare – LMN – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Nanny Nightmare

Lauren is running her own started up while taking care of her two children, Carter (teen) and Riley (baby).  She doesn’t feel her husband James is picking up the slack.  For several days, Lauren has asked James to fix the front door.  She tries to deal with his absent-minded behavior until Riley almost walks out the front door.  Luckily she was caught by Owen, a former neighbor.  After Owen completes several tasks around the house, Lauren suggests to James that they should hire him as a nanny.  Lauren used to babysit Owen, and Owen used to babysit Carter.  So it just seems like a great fit.  Owen cooks cleans and installs baby cameras for Riley.  This is a dream come true for Lauren, it’s James worst nightmare.  Soon James is sent a sexy text from his assistant, forced out by his wife, and his assistant dies.  James needs to get to the bottom of this before he loses his family and his freedom forever.

This movie starts off crazy and keeps it there.  The entire time you watch this movie, you know who the dangerous person is but you don’t know why he is doing it.  You will not know until the last minute.  So hang in there.  The set designer did a great job of creating a creepy lair.  You will have goosebumps on your arms.  Now this movie does have dumb cops and one naive spouse.  However, rest assure the naive spouse becomes aware within an hour.  That’s when the movie gets really good.  For some, the ending may feel like a twist, but not really.  It is Lifetime.  DVR this movie and watch it when you can.  Don’t cancel plans.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Don’t be obscene – Carter

I can’t be the only one trying here – Lauren

I’m not the one who wanted this – James

See you soon mommy, bye – Owen

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Menendez: Blood Brothers – Review

Menendez: Blood Brothers – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Menendez: Blood Brothers

Eric Menendez is hoping to become a tennis pro but is just lost his latest match. After the loss, his father Jose decides Eric should quit tennis and go to business school locally. This way he can stay home. His mother Kitty agrees because she wants to stay close to him. However, Eric knows his father wants him to stay so he can continue molesting him. Eric has kept this secret in for years but when his brother Lyle comes back from college, Eric tells him about the molestation, his father’s change in plans for his life, and the guns. Lyle believes this is evidence that his parents want to kill him. He convinces Eric to kill both of their parents. Eric believes once his parents are dead his life will get better. However, once the murders are complete, he is haunted by his mother and his father for his actions against them. Eric tells his therapist what he and Lyle have done. At first, Lyle is angry but he understands there is a confidentiality agreement. So Eric goes to Tel El Viv for a tennis tournament. It is there that he learns his brother has been arrested and the police are looking for him. Eric returns and turns himself in. Now Eric and Lyle must face a jury to determine their fate. Even though the world knows they did it, it’s the “why” that people really want to know. This case comes down to do you believe it was abuse, money, or both.

This movie is told from Eric’s point of view.   While the family presents itself as the all-American family that came from nothing and made a fortune through hard work and determination; Eric’s life inside their home was a nightmare.  Eric is trapped by his father’s abuse, his mother’s neglect, and his brother’s persuasion.   He tries to convince his brother that they could run, but Lyle says his father will just find him.  Lyle convinces Eric that their parents will kill them in a few days, so they must strike first.  Lyle is displayed as the true killer and, later, labeled as another abuser.   Viewers will instantly feel a sense of pain for Eric and believe he doesn’t deserve life in prison.  Kitty is displayed as a mother who is desperate to keep her marriage going, even at the cost of her children.  Jose is the task master, abuser, and manipulator of his family.  Lyle is a younger version of his father that loved to spend money.  And as Eric is going through his trial, he talks to his deceased mother to get advice, share members, and ask for forgiveness.  This is a good movie to watch, and hopefully, it will become a case study for abuse and parricide.  And be prepared, the murder scene holds nothing back.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Well I guess you win some you lose some – Jose

You’re my son. You’re supposed to love me – Kitty

What I’m trying to say is Eric can’t live here anymore, with you – Lyle

I love you all – Eric

Are you ready to stop being a victim Eric – Lesley

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The Perfect Bride – Review

The Perfect Bride – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Perfect Bride

Two years ago, Molly, a marriage counselor, was left at the altar. After eating her pain away, Molly decides to start working out. It’s then she gets the idea for bridal boot camp. She would help women workout to fit into their dress but she would also invite their grooms-to-be to work out relationship issues before they get married. During a client/friend’s wedding reception, Molly is forced to dance with Nick.  Nick is a handsome wedding photographer that quickly connects with Molly.  Molly leaves and quickly starts to dream of her and Nick in a relationship until the next day.  Molly takes a last minute student named Jenna.  And Jenna wants to prepare for her perfect wedding to Nick.  Yes, Molly’s crush Nick.  Molly tries to hide her feelings for Nick.  Even as Molly sees that Jenna and Nick are having problems, she tries to help them through it.  However, Molly has no idea how far Jenna will go to “win” at her wedding, she will even steal.  Molly wants to help Jenna create the perfect bride, but who is the perfect bride for Nick?

Get ready to laugh out loud and be shocked at Jenna’s actions.  Molly isn’t a homewrecker.  She tries to help Jenna and Nick work through their issues, but even her students can see that Molly is a better fit for Nick than Jenna.  As Molly tries to help her sister Lisa prepares for her wedding, she is constantly haunted by her wedding that never happened.  Molly must learn to take her own advice while advising others.  This is one of the best movies Hallmark has to offer in their June wedding series.  DVR and watch over and over.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

To set up your cot in the back – Daniel

Oh yeah, relationship goals – Lisa

Well, this wedding is about to get way more interesting – Nick

Don’t look at me – Brandon

I think the only thing that was missing was the medicine ball – Elizabeth

The night is young – Molly

You danced with my fiance? – Jenna

This boot camp thing is really cool. Should I call you Sarge or something – Renny

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