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The Wrong Neighbor – Review

The Wrong Neighbor – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

The Wrong Neighbor

Lisa family is falling apart and she is taking it out on everyone.  She is pushing her best friend Penny aside, ignoring her boyfriend Steven, and is at odds with her mom, Heather.  Her father Jim is her hero since he played the role of Mr. Mom in her life.  She blames her mother for the separation and sticks by her dad side.  While visiting her dad, Lisa runs into his friend and neighbor, Jamie.  Jamie quickly tries to become Lisa’s best friend.  But when she oversteps her bounds, Lisa cuts her out.  Jim tries to accommodate Jamie, but when she puts his new business at risk, Jim wants her out too.  Jamie doesn’t like being pushed out and will do anything to protect “her family”.  Even kill them.

This movie hits every Lifetime cliche’ (divorcing parents, bratty team, crazy acquaintance).  It’s hard not to laugh at scenes that were meant to shock you.   Even the Lifetime twist is predictable.  This movie feels like a future filler for a “The Wrong …” marathon.  Now it does start off interesting but quickly loses steam as it falls into the typical pattern.  This is a background noise movie.  It does not require your full attention.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Spoken like a true lawyer – Lisa

Like half the kids in school, no need to drop your friends over it – Penny

Yeah, I am just having the worst day of my life. How are you? – Jamie

It’s complicated – Jim

Now I’m going to politely ask you to walk away – Heather

What exactly is it that you need Mrs. Sutherland – Patrick

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Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery – Review

Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery

Emma Fielding and her students are working on an archaeological dig to uncover a lost civilization. They were given a few weeks to complete the dig, but if they are successful, Emma will prove her father’s theory right. After her first day digging with no luck, Emma goes to the local bar. Emma runs into her old flame William and has a drink. After a while, she leaves but is confronted by Auggie. He is furious about her digging in his town. He stumbles off drunk and leaves. Emma chooses to ignore the encounter and focus on the job at hand. The next day, Emma and her students can see the dig site has been disturbed. They go to check each section and find a body. It’s Auggie. Emma tells the police about the confrontation and she unknowingly becomes a suspect. Soon items go missing and more people die; at the center of it all is Emma. Emma must clear her name and finish proving her father’s theory before her project and freedom are shut down.

Based on the book, Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery by Dana Cameron, there are a lot of misdirects and unfortunate coincidences for Emma (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). At every turn, Emma is a suspect to each crime. She and her students know she is innocent, but can they get the evidence before Emma is arrested.  It does get confusing because characters are added to misdirect the story not deepen the overall plot.  You don’t have time to get to know a character before they are a suspect or dead.  For regular fans of the series, these characters are well known. But for new watchers, it’s overwhelming.   The strong lead character is wonderful but the story is a bit cluttered.  You may need to watch twice to keep up.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You wanna see the best tool in an archeologist kit – Carrie

Hey, you have no business here – Auggie

You’re an angel on caffeinated wings – Emma

You’re more like Fielding every day – John

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The Perfect Soulmate – Review

The Perfect Soulmate – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

The Perfect Soulmate

Sarah Miles writes her poetry online, but it’s been years since she had her book published.  Although her abusive marriage as the inspiration for her poetry, she wants to leave.  However, her husband Daniel uses his money and custody of their daughter, Megan, to keep her under his controls.  She tries to settle into this life when she gets a call from Lee.  Lee wants her to do a book reading to drum up new business for a bookstore.  Sarah is pleasantly surprised and agrees to go.  After a successful reading, Lee invites Sarah to coffee.  Lee expresses admiration for Sarah and her work because she knows abuse too.  The two strike up a friendship.  Sarah speaks to her publisher and is offered another book deal.  With this confidence, Sarah looks into getting a divorce.  Daniel soon finds out and hits Sarah, Lee is watching through the window.  The next day, Daniel is dead and Sarah is a suspect.  While the investigation into Sarah heightens, so does her friendship with Lee.  But Sarah doesn’t know the truth about Lee and her past.  And when she does, it will be a battle of the wits.

Lee takes crazy to a whole new level.  And you will like it.  Lee’s always one step ahead of Sarah and the police.  But the first 10 minutes of the movie is getting you emotionally attached to Lee.  You understand her pain and why she is desperately looking for a friend.  The next 10 minutes connect you to Sarah.  She is isolated from anyone who can help, so she needs a friend.  The connection with these women is necessary for them, but it’s insanity that will pull them apart.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You really have it tough here – Daniel

Where the hell else would you be – Marlene

You should have been nicer to me – Lee

I’m not feeling this was one of those times – Chris

I can’t do this – Sarah

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Destination Wedding – Review

Destination Wedding – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Destination Wedding

Ellie is helping her sister Mandy plan her destination wedding to the last detail.  And one thing Ellie has planned is to stay far away from the best man Greg, who is also her ex-boyfriend.  With a week until the wedding day, the groom and bride don’t make it to the airport.  Ellie calls Mandy, who tells her to continue to the destination and they will make the next flight.  Once they land, Ellie and Greg get awful news.  Ellie and Jason and broken up and want to call off the wedding.  Ellie believes Mandy has cold feet from stressing out about the wedding.  She decides to keep the guest at bay until she can convince her sister and her fiance to make up and get married.  Each day Greg and Ellie work together to keep up the ruse, is another day they are forced to communicate.    While Greg is accepting his love for Ellie, Ellie is focused on her boyfriend Alec.  If love wins, who’s love will come out on top.

All hail Grandma Goldie and Javier.  The two comic reliefs steal each scene they are in.  Grandma and Javier are the puppet masters for this family with sage advice.  While the overall set up of 2 people hating each other and fall in love is a common theme, the end is quite a treat.  The cinematographer had a field day with the amount of scenery they had to work with.  Also, the music supervisor integrated the perfect songs with each seen.  This is a good movie to watch, but don’t open a bottle of wine to do it.  Tea is enough.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Will you marry me – Jason

Ellie, you have to help me – Mandy

What we have is perfect – Ellie

You’re a terrible liar Ellie, which means raised you right. Yea! – Dad

Just for fun, can you tell me he was super awful – Alec

Sounds like a plan to me – Greg

I’m getting good at this – Javier

The past is not prologue.  Just a matter of timing – Grandma Goldie

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