#ACinderellaChristmas – Review

A Cinderella Christmas – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Cinderella Christmas

Angie runs her uncle’s event planning business, while her cousin, Candace, takes all the credit. Angie knows her uncle, Otto, is ready to retire. All Angie wants for Christmas is the run the business … alone. Angie is willing to buy her uncle out. Hearing this, Candace gets to her father first and convinces him to give all 4 of his small businesses to both of them. This idea makes Angie sick to her stomach. So, Candace offers Angie a side deal; they run the business as always and Angie can buy her out … by working it off. Angie agrees. While planning the Christmasquerade Ball, Angie and Candace meet Nickolaus, their client. He loves Angie’s ideas … that Candace takes credit for, especially the stocking exchange. Nickolaus, smitten with Candace, gives her an invite and ask her to come. But with a series of mishaps, Angie goes instead. Nickolaus and Angie pick each others stockings and have a moment. But Angie knows her cousin will call at midnight make sure Angie didn’t go to the ball and is working. Angie runs from Nickolaus before he has a chance to get her name.

After a string of bad relationships, Nickolaus’s mom, Victoria reminds him that in order to get his inheritance, he must get married. She believes he is irresponsible and a wife will get him back on track. He thinks it’s irresponsible to get marry just for money. But after the ball, he believes he has found the one. He makes an announcement that he will marry the girl who left the stocking on Christmas, if she reveals who she is. Candace discovers that the girl was Angie. She convinces Angie to tell Nickolaus its her instead. If Angie goes along with the plan, Candace will give Angie her half of the business … free of charge. Now all they have to do is fool Nickolaus until the wedding. That doesn’t seem so hard.

Whew!!!! This story has a lot going on. It is a mix of Cinderella, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Mean Girls (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The only similar parts to Cinderella is an overworked orphaned girl, a gorgeous blue dress, and a large search for a mysterious guest. This interpretation does away with the mice, fairy god mother, evil step sisters and mother, and the “charming” prince. Now, replace the stocking with a slipper and you have a new adventure. Cinderella may have been the base, but this movie is a unique story. It does get a little boring in the middle as Candace manipulates Nickolaus and there are no laughs, but hang in to see Angie explain and get over her meekness. This is DVR worthy but don’t cancel plans to watch. Also it is family safe. Be ready to fight the urge to slap Candace.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I would feel bad for you, if you didn’t make more work for yourself – Candace

The same way you run them together now, you can run them together … forever – otto

At your service – Angie

Helping me is helping you – Candace

It’s easier to respect someone who is mature and stable – Victoria

I’m sick of this cycle, what am I doing wrong – Nickolaus

The woman of your dreams, maybe a little deeper in the crowd – Max

I am just a girl trying to be brave – Angie

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