#AFirehouseChristmas – Review

A Firehouse Christmas – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Firehouse Christmas

Mary, a gold medalist ice skater turned author, is told by her publisher that her new book will not sell. Her book gives marriage advice but she is divorced. Her publisher wants her to have a man on her arm to sell the book. Mary has just the man in mind … Tom … her ex-husband and former hockey player. There are just two problems. First, he is dating Jenny, a firefighter. Second, they are in a custody battle over their daughter Sadie. So Mary tells Tom, that if he goes to 3 promoting events on her arm, and pretend to be working on their relationship, she will give him shared custody. Otherwise, she will get full custody and move Sadie to a boarding school in London. Tom hates being in this tug of war and fears losing Jenny. But will playing along keep the peace?

This movie is what happens when Lifetime and Hallmark get together and have a baby. And if you watch closely you can see 3 parent relationships.

  1. Sadie and her parents – custody battle
  2. Mary and her father, Jay – helicopter dad
  3. Parker (Jenny’s coworker) and his dad – estrangement

This movie doesn’t just show Sadie’s struggles as her parents fight, but it shows the potential aftermath in Parker’s relationship. Love doesn’t have to be a fight. It should be a compromise. So sit with your family … even your ex’s … and watch to learn.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

It’s ok. You were too busy saving people – Sadie

Somethings are more important than others – Jay

Ah Jenny, don’t you have a fire to put out or something – Mary

And you married her? – Jenny

You wanna play, let’s play – Tom

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