#ADreamOfChristmas – Review

A Dream of Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Dream of Christmas

Penny and Stu have a full house with Penny’s sister, Nikki and her family living under the same roof. For any other person this would be stressful, but it is welcoming to Penny. Often, Penny is alone because Stu’s job as a nature photographer makes him travel to far away places. While in line for Santa, Penny learns that Stu will be leaving again and could possibly miss Christmas. At this moment, Penny wishes for an unmarried life. With a misplace foot, her dream comes true. She wakes up to a quiet house, bright red jaguar, and her dream job. But when she sees her wish has affected others, she wants to fix it and go back to her old life with her husband.

This “It’s a Wonderful Life” movie seems the same on the surface but has on big difference (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Penny tries to connect to Stu in her new life. Jayne, Penny’s angel, tells her that she has broken the rules. The point of her wish was to see what her life would be like without her marriage … contacting Stu was wrong. She has to suffer consequences for this. And by this subtle change, this story has a little magic that saves it from being a complete knock off. This movie also has a great resolution with a great message. It is not complete background noise but work the DVR space.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t have time to breath – Penny

I was wishing for snow. Be careful what you wish for – Jayne

Are you ok? You look as white as a sheet and not in a good way – Paula

I like challenges – Andrew

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