#HeavenSent – Review

Heaven Sent – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Heaven Sent

One night two people made different prayers about the same situation. Marie prayed for the strength to let go and Billy prayed to hold on. After a few strange events, Marie meets Billy at their old house to sign divorce papers. Then a little girl, Taylor, just appears and she looks just like a picture Billy drew. After an eventful call to Child Protective Services, Marie and Billy decide to keep Taylor and raise her as their child. Taylor, however, won’t tell them where she is from because it would “break the rules”; but she is where she belongs. As Taylor spends time with Billy and Marie, they start to reconnect and doubt their divorce, selling their house, and selling their business. But who is Taylor, is she too late, and who is following her? Good things (or answers) come to those who wait.

Get ready to laugh, cry, and fall in love with a cute kid. It’s easy to see how the to characters welcome the sweet loving little girl with Shirley Temple curls into their home. This movie will have you rethinking the decisions we make out of anger. A fair cry from a Lifetime movie, with the depth of a Hallmark movie. Although not a classic, it is good movie to warm your heart. Put down the wine and get the cocoa.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I realized, to all the other people in the world, I am the other guy – Billy

You don’t have to be so mean, you know – Maire

Do we have any Almond Silk, I am horribly lactose intolerant – Taylor

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  1. It was a movie made over a year ago and was going to be in theatres and I’m glad Lifetime picked it up. I thought it would be on UP TV.


  2. I loved the movie. The casting was amazing. Billy and Marie couldn’t have been any better and the precious Tara/Taylor was perfect. We need more movies like this. I loved hearing Christian Kane sing. Makes me want a Christmas album from him.


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