#TrappedChild – Review

Trapped Child – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Trapped Child

Sandra was on the way to her mother’s house with her son, David, in tow. She is driving the world’s safest car, the Monolith (a.k.a the Lilith). Her husband, Carl, even installed an app that she can use to control everything in the car. But when she suspects Carl of cheating, she decides to drive to LA and see him instead of seeing her mother. On the ride, she gives David the phone to keep him calm. And to keep herself calm, she smokes a cigarette. The car senses smoke and gives her a warning. She decides to put the car in manual mode to avoid the sounds. Its at this point that she hits a deer and leaves the car to investigate. Once out of the car, David locks her out (using the app) by putting the car in “Vault Mode”. Now with David trapped in the car, in the heat, in a bear costume, on a road with no one around. Sandra has to do everything to save them.

To all the moms and dads, take Valium before watching this movie. Seeing a kid trapped in a hot car while a mother walks away is too much to take. Seeing her sit and smoke/drink when her child in dire straits will make you pull your hair out. This movie will only suck you in out of anger and frustrations. Be ready to hate both parents and call CPS for this child. The point of this movie is that we rely to much on technology for help, entertainment, and safety. Maybe? DVR so you can get through the stressful scenes, which is all of them, and the commercials. And cross your fingers for little David.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

David look, we have a talking car – Sandra

You shouldn’t let him play with your phone – Carl

I get the phone – David

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