#IllBeHomeForChristmas – Review

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Jackie is a tough ADA and mother that tries to keep everything running smoothly. But when her father , Jack, comes to town to mourn the lost of his friend, Jackie’s road gets bumpy. Jack only plans to stay for a day in order to make his fishing competition. However, when his tough negotiating granddaughter, Gracie, uses concrete math, he is urged to stay until Christmas. Soon both Jack and Jackie realized that even though they don’t get along, they will need each other to help solve a case and help keep the town’s shelter open.

Sigh. A slow build with a predictable ending equals a boring movie. With Hallmark producing so many fun movies, this one falls flat. It seems to rely on star power along with the angelic voice of Barbara Streisand to pull it off. The only highlight was Gracie. The cute precocious kid was wise beyond her years and the glue that brought them together. Once again, Hallmark knows how to cast kids. This movie can be skipped or just background noise to holiday decorating.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

It’s dad to you and don’t look so happy to see me – Jack

That’s not very grandpa like – Gracie

You know him, father – Jackie

Sound like you really decked the halls when jackie was a kid – Det. Kelly

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  1. How sad the reviewer equates predictable with boring. Did it end with it’s ducks all in a row. Yes! At least for me it did. Cast worked well togeather, was it Shakespearean? No, but it was sweet, loving, quirks were work out in a respectful way, and the whole family could watch with no-one having to dive for the remote controller. Thanks for a sweet enjoyable film.


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