#GoodWitch: Secrets of Grey House – Review

Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House

Cassie Nightingale and her daughter, Grace, are both enchantresses in the small town of Middleton. All is quiet in the town, until Jessica, a famous author, and her editor, Sean, come to town. Due to a bad cell reception, Jessica and Sean land at Grey’s House B&B for a place to stay. Once Jessica sees the grounds, she knows it’s the ideal place to have the 1st reading of her newest and last book in the series, “The Enchantress Unites.” Everything is working perfectly until the grounds can’t handle a cauldron fire, multiple boyfriend’s come to town, bad cupcake choices are presented, one passive aggressive reporter ruffles Martha, and an interesting use of a sledge hammer comes into play. Soon, Jessica is worried she won’t have a place to do a reading, Sean is trying to figure out if they can go back to NY, and Martha (the Mayor) is worried this will reflect badly on the town … and her. So can Cassie help everyone. Let’s see.

This movie is a part of the TV series, Good Witch, and serves as the 3rd season opener. But what makes this movie good is its ability to attract people who don’t watch the TV show. It quietly introduces the characters to new viewers without annoying fans with detailed back stories. However, its not explained that Cassie has special powers to make things happen. It may just feel like a string of coincidences to new viewers. It’s great that all items, words, and people tie into together like a bow. It would be great for the characters, Jessica and Sean, to become regulars on the show. Hallmark fans and Good Witch fans will be happy with this movie but sad to have to wait until 2017 for season 3. Let the binge watching being.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Oh, you must get really good reception – Cassie

Me neither. I’m waiting for the movie – Abagail

As soon as people stop needing a doctor, maybe I will – Sam

Maybe life can imitate art one of these days – Sean

Someone said you got married. I just thought they were making it up – Meredith

oh yes … still not hearing it – Martha

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