#TheLastBid – Review

The Last Bid – LMN – 2 hours 0 minutes

The Last Bid

Annette is looking for something new in her life, after she quits her job and gets dumped by her fiancé. She and her best friend, Molly, decide to buy storage lockers and flip them for a profit. They think they have hit it big after winning a locker with jewelry, wedding dresses, and other antique items.

Dayton is a wedding thief that steals important wedding items just days before the wedding. However, during his last heist, he killed the future bride. He put the wedding items in a storage locker and headed home. On his way home, Dayton is stopped by a cop and they discover his car is stolen. He serves 18 months in prison and gets out with one thing on his mind … get my storage locker. That’s when Dayton learns that Annette and Molly now own his locker. Just getting it back isn’t enough, this is a cat and mouse game, and you will learn why.

This is a good movie. The characters are developed and bodies are dropping before the 1st hour ends. You will get a chill seeing Dayton’s interactions, punches, and good-looking charms. It’s easy to fall for his smile. Casper Van Dien plays creepy all too well. You will wonder, “why doesn’t he just break the lock and steal what’s inside”. First, where is the movie in that; and second, there is a reason for everything. Sit back, be shocked, and watch. The only reason to DVR this one, is to skip the commercials and get to the good part.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars

You’re sick. I quit!!! – Annette

You gave them a month free rent. And you didn’t get their address – Dayton

That’s how I feel about birthdays too – Molly
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