#KillerCoach – Review

Killer Coach – Lifetime – 2 hours 3 minutes


Samantha Morgan cannot escape the pressure in her life. Her boyfriend, Lucas, wants her to apply for colleges he wants, so he won’t lose her. Her teachers want her to pass her classes, so she can stay on the swim team. Her coach, Gina, wants her to improve, so she can win trials. Most teens can escape this pressure by going home, but Samantha’s coach is her mother. She can only find one escape, the swimming pool at night. It’s during one of her nightly swims that she has a steamy introduction to the new assistant swim coach, Bryce. Samantha knows that this tryst was inappropriate and calls off any chance of a relationship. Bryce says okay but wants to continue a friendship with Samantha. Samantha believes he understands until sex tapes, steroids, text messages, flowers, and a baseball bat are thrown into the mix. What will it take for Bryce to get the message?

This is not the typical Lifetime stalker movie. It leaves out the lack of this country’s anti-stalking laws and gives you are a horror movie feeling. Each character’s back story is given and it doesn’t take too long to ratchet up the crazy. However, the storyline is predictable for avid watchers, it’s great to see the story updated for 2016. It’s hard to look away because a portion of the story is told through text messages. So, DVR this story and whenever you hear a familiar message ringtone, pay attention. This is fun to watch, but don’t break open the wine.

I give this 3.5 out of 5 stars

Is that what got you bronze – Samantha

Samantha. I got you now – Bryce

Yeah. Sure. I don’t want to smother you. I didn’t know I was – Lucas

There is something else going on with you that has got you this upset – Gina Morgan

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