#IKnowWhereLizzieIs – Review

I Know Where Lizzie Is – LMN – 2 hours 0 minutes

I Know Where Lizzie Is

Finally, Martin and Judith Holden are making co-parenting work … much to the chagrin of their daughter Lizzie … Elizabeth. She attempts to turn them against each other to go to a party, but when the two form a united front, she blows up at her mother and leaves the house. She talks to a friend, who convinces her to go home and work things out with her mom. Then, Elizabeth is kidnapped. Martin, Judith, and his new wife, Rebecca, are distraught. This emotion fuels Martin to offer a $2 million reward for the safe return of his daughter. That’s when a psychic, Tracy, tells them she knows where Elizabeth is and wants to help. And Gale Chambers, an ambitious reporter, is willing to listen. Will Elizabeth be returned? Who did the kidnapping? Why was she kidnapped? All will be reveal … some answers sooner than others.

“Enthusiastic” reporter, questionable boyfriend, crazed parents, and dumb police makes a good Lifetime movie. Experienced Lifetimers will figure out the kidnapper; and that’s why the kidnapper is revealed within in the first 30 minutes. The question you should ask yourself is “Who will be the hero?”. Tracey Gold plays a familiar role of the concerned mother and other Lifetime favorites shine in this movie. This movie provides plenty of characters you will love to hate. So sit back and enjoy, but don’t cancel plans to see this movie. DVR is enough.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Try harder – Judith

She’s always mad at me – Lizzie

Down boy. Curb your enthusiasm – Gale Chambers

Because it’s always been my dream to help people – Tracy

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