#Indiscretion – Review

Indiscretion – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes


Veronica and Jack Simon are having their lives displayed in the media because Jack is running for office. Veronica, a therapist, is use to listening to other but feels like she is not heard in the marriage. Veronica attends a fund raiser and meets Victor. Victor, a sculptor, is funny kind, smart, and attentive. She decides to spice up her life by having brief affair with Victor. After the affair, Veronica wants to go back to everyday life but not Victor. Victor is in love and wants Veronica to leave her family and political life behind. Veronica is shocked by his request and says no. No one says no to Victor.

This movie quickly sets up the premise with an help of an interview. The love scenes between Mira Sorvino and Christopher Backus are extremely intimate and play well on screen. In this position, real life couples and collapse under pressure. This couple does NOT. You must watch this movie to the end and do not miss a second because you have no idea what is going to happen next. Lifetimers will jump to a conclusion based on past movie experience … trust that you are 100% wrong about this one. This must-see will keep you guessing and shocked to the end. The lighting choices did get a little distracting and took away from the film. Get comfortable, get the wine, and put the kids to bed and watch Indiscretion.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars

When I close my eyes I see it happen over and over again – Veronica

You two are boring. I never get to do anything fun – Lizzy

I am OK with that, but I am not OK with That – Jack

Why would you lead me on – Victor

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