#HiddenTruth – Review

Hidden Truth – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Hidden Truth

Jamie’s life has not been easy. Her sister-in-law, Layla, was murdered and her brother, Pace, was the prime suspect. But without evidence, he was never arrested. However, the public opionion of the town and the sheriff have convicted him. Later, Jamie had to take in her niece, Zoe, after her brother’s drinking got out of hand. Now, on Zoe’s 17th birthday, she is murdered. The sheriff believes Pace killed his daughter just like his wife. Jamie, on the other hand, knows her brother is being framed and will stop at nothing to prove it.

You know the formula: sullen and ungrateful teen + absent father + dumb sheriff + determined protagonist female = Lifetime movie. It doesn’t take much to see the “countdown to Zoe’s life” or who will do it. The sheriff will make you scream and roll your eyes. The sympathy for Jamie will grow with every passing minute of this movie because she is struggling from all angles. Lifetimers’ will know this movie in and out but its good to pass the time. Plus the picturesque mountains makes for a great backdrop to depict the loneliness of Zoe and Jamie abandonment by the town. Don’t cancel plans but definitely DVR for later.

I give this 3.5 out of 5 stars

Oh, but I do – Zoe

Are you threatening me? – Michael

I didn’t touch her … at least not that night – Pace

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