#BabysittersBlackBook – Review

Babysitter’s Black Book – LMN – 2 hours 0 minutes

Babysitter's Black Book

Ashley is thriving in her high school business class and excelling at her assignment. She started a babysitting service that includes several girls. Three of the girls are her best friends.

  1. Janet: the jock
  2. Gilli: the artist
  3. Rachel: the strong-willed do it all

All 4 girls are applying to colleges and see a bright future ahead of them. Then, Ashley gets the bad news that her parents’ store is closing. And to make ends meet, they must use her college fund. She tells her best friends about her problems and Rachel has a solution. Sleep with the dads of the children they watch and charge them more for “services”. Janet is all in, but Gilli doesn’t want any part of it. Ashley is wary, but after she does the math, she sees no other choice. She joins the prostitution ring. Everything seems to go fine until the real consequences hits them like a brick. Soon the school, town, and even the law knows what the girls have been doing. Can the girls, their dreams, their future, and their freedom survive?

Inspired by real events this story is a tragic tale of “easy” money and the lure of the world’s oldest profession. This story is different because not every girl is gung-ho about the idea and it slowly snowballs into a problem. The conclusion isn’t far fetched, unlike other sex ring movies in the past. You will see the ripple effect of this “victimless” crime. This movie is well acted and honest. Don’t cancel your plans but watch with your daughters.

I give this 3.5 out of 5 stars

I know your dad and I haven’t done right by you … but maybe Saint Michael will – Mrs. Gordon

My life is exactly the way I want it to be. Yours could be too. – Rachel

Have I done something to offend you? – Linda

My biggest nightmare is that I will be stuck living my parent’s lives – Ashley

This is not a choice. This is a nightmare – Janet

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